Season 9 Episode 19

The Miracle

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 1997 on ABC

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  • Touching episode that has Darlene in the hospital giving birth to a baby that is 2 months early.

    When Darlene is rushed to the hospital at the end of the previous episode, we find out that she is having contractions, and they are trying different drugs on her to try and stop them. They all seem to work for a few hours, but then they quit and she begins having them again.

    The entire family is scared because there is a good chance that the baby will die since it is too premature. The birth goes okay, but the baby is hooked up to machines that are helping it breathe, and survive.

    Lots of great acting in this episode, this is the most down-to-earth you will ever see Darlene, and the scene between Dan and David is very powerful, and had my eyes watering (not a common thing with sitcoms, this is the only episode besides Crime and Punishment that moved me so much.)

    There's not a lot of laughs in this one, but the Conners are able to keep their sense of humor throughout most of the bad times. This is probably the best episode in the last season.