Season 1 Episode 12

The Monday Thru Friday Show

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 24, 1989 on ABC

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  • Dan and Roseanne have conficting ideas as they plan their long-lost honeymoon on their fifteenth wedding anniversary. Becky is adamant about having to dissect a frog in biology class.

    Another really, really comfy episode: Roseanne and Becky are still cultivating a close mother-daughter relationship, and each playful barb that Dan and Roseanne exchange oozes with how much they truly love and are committed to each other. Two examples:

    1) Roseanne: (to Dan about never having had a honeymoon) It's the one missing piece in an otherwise picture-perfect romance.

    2) Dan: I'm a hopeless romantic. Roseanne: Well, you're hopeless.

    I love how they remind viewers that humor is the glue that keeps a marriage (AND a family) together.

    And, this episode is one for the history books for me! It marks the birth of the fantastically funny "Roseanne" tag! (The previous installment, "Canoga Time," should probably be considered the actual birthday of the "Roseanne" tag, but watching Roseanne and Dan destroy their living room wasn't my idea of "entertaining" entertainment, so I'm going to have to discount it for that reason.): Trying to set the mood of the "honeymoon," Roseanne, at the kitchen sink, asks Dan if he would prefer a rippling stream or the waterfall effect as she turns on the tap. The "waterfall falls." "Watch out for the mist," Roseanne mischievously warns. Then Dan does something we'd all like to get the chance to do with a bottle of the bubbly. As I remember seeing this episode for the first time, as soon as he started to "think geyser," I was already excitedly anticipating what might be in store for the following week's tag. From that point on, I didn't know what I looked forward to more-- watching "Roseanne," or watching "Roseanne" tags.

    An episode truly worth watching, even for the tag, alone!
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