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  • Season 9 Episode 24: Into That Good Night (2)

  • In this episode, we learn Becky and Mark are expecting a baby, a fact that is only mentioned this one time and never revealed to Dan and Roseanne.

  • During Roseanne's closing monologue, we hear a clip of Dan's voice calling "Rosie? Roseanne?" This clip is actually from the episode "Happy Birthday" from Season 2 when the family has turned the basement into her writing room. In the final scene of the episode, Dan calls her name this way while looking for her, and he eventually finds her in DJ's room writing.

  • In the early seasons of the series (example: episode 2.24), the basement is accessed through a door in the kitchen. Later on (examples: episode 6.24, episode 7.02), the basement is accessed through the service porch [which is unrealistic, since Dan built that addition onto the house himself (see episode 3.21)]. Near the end of the final episode, the basement door is back in the kitchen.

  • Season 9 Episode 22: Arsenic and Old Mom

  • This is the second of two episodes that Dan's mom is in. The first is the Thanksgiving episode from season 2. In that episode Dan's mom is played by Ann Wedgeworth. In this episode, Dan's mom is played by Debbie Reynolds.

  • Writer Carrie Fisher is the actress known as Princess Leia from the "Star Wars" movies. Audrey Conner is portrayed by Fisher's real-life mother Debbie Reynolds according to There was an inside joke in the episode about DJ commenting on how hot Leia was, and Reynolds hitting DJ in the gut as a response to his comment.

  • DJ said that Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi was a 70's era Sci-Fi flick, but that movie was made in the 1983. Certainly a super movie expert like him wouldn't make that mistake, and even if he did, his girlfriend would correct him.

  • Debbie Reynolds revealed on Roseanne's talk show that while they were wrestling in this episode that Roseanne had accidently broke one of her ribs.

  • When Roseanne and Audrey are wrestling in the backyard, you can see Roseanne is trying hard to keep a straight face.

  • There's some questionable dialogue in this episode. In regards to Dan's mom:

    Dan: I think she's still mad at me for putting her in the hospital.
    Roseanne: That was over 20 years ago. I'm sure she's over it by now.

    The history behind Dan's mom is that in the episode from season 6, Lies my Father Told me Dan has, in the previous episode, taken his mom to a mental institution after he goes to her home to give her the money that his dad was supposed to give her and finds her sitting on the porch in the rain, not knowing who Dan is. He tells Roseanne she was institutionalized twice when he was a kid which both times, were caused by, what Dan thought, how his dad was treating her. Roseanne tells Dan that Crystal called her and told her some stuff about Dan's mom. She had been institutionalized a lot when he was a kid, but his dad told him she was visiting a relative so Dan wouldn't think bad of his mom. Also, Roseanne says that she was institutionalized before her and Dan's dad even met. I think what the dialogue was trying to portray was Dan was saying his mom was mad at him for once again putting him back in a hospital, and Roseanne was trying to say, why would she still be mad about being institutionalized all along when it first happened a long time ago. It's still not written totally correct and comes across, obviously as confusing. The first time Audrey, Dan's mom, was institutionalized had to have been at least over 45 years ago.

  • Season 9 Episode 20: Roseanne-Feld

  • In the season 7 episode Couch Potatoes, The Conner family couch breaks. Bev offers to give Roseanne her couch saying otherwise she'll give it away to her theater group who is playing Fiddler. She is getting new furniture. Roseanne accepts the couch. Dan picks it up. It is seen in the Conner family living room. Eventually at the end of the episode, Roseanne decides she wants to keep the old couch which is, at the moment, still in the garage. In fact, Dan and Roseanne joke saying they could sell the couch and not tell Bev. In this present episode, we see the same couch that Bev had given away, in her living room.

  • Season 9 Episode 19: The Miracle

  • Darlene tells David in the episode Another Mouth to Shut Up that they got pregnant at Disney World after the fireworks. The episode, Disney World War II originally aired February 27th, 1996. This episode aired February 25, 1997. Darlene has technically been pregnant for almost a year. Additionally it's said, the baby was born about 2 months early, which would have been 7 months.

  • At the end of the episode, we are shown shots of Harris recovering and living with a version of the song Blackbird by the Beatles playing in the background. The song is not on the DVD.

  • Darlene says that she's never smoked or drank, and only used drugs once. But she first smoked in "Bridge Over Troubled Sonny", and then she picked up smoking again when she was living with Jimmy. Also, when it was revealed Darlene had tried drugs, she had done it more than once since she admitted to using acid twice as an example.

  • Season 9 Episode 18: A Second Chance

  • In this episode we first hear of Lanford's "make-out spot," Lanford Leap. But in the season one episode The Memory Game, Dan tells Roseanne that him and Phyllis Zimmer went to Watchout Hill. Towns typically don't have two known "make-out spots" if any at all. This is also the smaller town of Lanford, Illinois. We also see Dan and Roseanne go to Lanford Leap, with them reflecting on being there as teenagers. I think this could be a continuity error, or it may just be changes reflected in the show from season one to season nine. Perhaps Lanford Leap should have been the first stated "make-out spot," but the show wasn't fully developed yet as that was the seventh episode from the first season.

  • Season 9 Episode 17: Some Enchanted Merger (2)

  • While talking to Edgar Wellman Jr., Roseanne says she worked at Wellman Plastics for 12 years. Roseanne had worked at Wellman for 11 years.

  • When Roseanne gets back home at 4:00AM and Jackie says "I was about to call all the hospitals!", Roseanne replies, "This is Lanford; there's only one hospital!". However; in "Labor Day" we learn that there are two known hospitals, the one where Jackie gives birth and County Hospital, which they were about to be sent to due to lack of insurance. Also in "The Slice of Life" Darlene has appendicitis and collapses on the baseball field. When the coach calls Roseanne to tell her, Roseanne asks "Which hospital?" insinuating again that there is more than one hospital.

  • Season 9 Episode 16: Lanford's Elite (1)

  • In this episode, 2 clips are shown from the season finale of the 1st season, Let's Call it Quits. Roseanne is recounting to Edgar Jr. how and why she quit working at Wellman Plastics, the factory she worked at with Jackie for 11 years.

  • At the beginning of the episode, Roseanne and Jackie are having a converstation in the bathroom, and Roseanne has her hair in curlers on the top of her head. But later, when they arrive at the country club, she is wearing a fur hat that shows none of her hair. Why would she curl her hair when she's not even going to show it?

  • At the beginning of the episode, you can see a microphone above Roseanne's head.

  • Season 9 Episode 15: The War Room

  • In this episode, after Roseanne finally comes out of her bedroom she decides to give the diner to Leon and Nancy. She tells them she wants them to feel the same way that Jackie and her felt when they started the diner. This doesn't totally make sense as Nancy was one of the 4 original owners of the diner and was there working through all the prep work with them. In fact, technically, Nancy came on board before Roseanne did. Originally, Roseanne told Jackie she couldn't do it after everything the Conners had been through with the bike shop closing.

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