Season 5 Episode 16

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 1993 on ABC

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  • Great at times, rather weak in certain spots.

    It's not impossible to make a funny episode about a tragedy in someone's life. Anyone who's gone through the pain of losing a parent will recognise a lot in this special episode of Roseanne. There's the confusion as Darlene experiences it, not quite knowing how to react and feeling guilty over a lack of tears. There's Jackie's meltdown, which can easily lead to absurd and darkly funny scenes. (Quite a few funerals end in laughter.) Beverly remains stoic, angry even, but you sense that she's experiencing conflicting emotions. Dan's sarcastic remark about the undertaker's attempts to make Jackie buy an expensive coffin hits the mark perfectly. John Goodman's portrayal of a loving husband who tries to comfort and help Roseanne and Jackie switches effortlessly from touching to hilarious. Despite the heavy subject, all these scenes are funny. The fun stops when Roseanne gets involved. The scenes with the mistress and Roseanne speech at the end bring the episode down to the level of a soap opera. In the past the show has been able to deal with serious subjects in an interesting way. These scenes fall flat, however. And it gets very embarrassing in the final (post-credits) scene when Roseanne once again tries to boost the ratings of her husband's sitcom.
  • One of the best from the entire series.

    While every episode of Roseanne is absolutely hilarious this one is probably the best and one that stands out the most from the series 222 episodes. The writing and acting were simply amazing in this one. Roseanne truly deserved her Emmy for this one, and Laurie was beyond brilliant. The writing, in my opinion, was at its peak this season. I loved every scene. When Roseanne tells Jackie to wear a vale over her face while calling her hearing impaired aunt, which was one of the funniest scenes ever to grace television, to Roseanne's last goodbye to her father. For someone who has never seen an episode of Roseanne this would be the one I would have them watch.
  • Never a dull moment in the Conner household even when it deals with death.

    Even tho this subject is a sad one, Roseanne added that plus humor to this excellent episode. I cannot help but laugh thruought this episode. It is one of my faves. Jackie did a superb job in this episode. My two fave moments with her is the part where she is on the phone having to tell Aunt Barbara that her dad has passed on. That scene is just hysterical & the other scene that is my fave is when Jackie is picking out a casket & tells the funeral guy that if he tries to take advantage of her she is likely to pull out a gun & blow his head off. LMAO
  • One of the greatest TV episodes of all time

    This the best episode of Roseanne, of TV, ever. It has both comedy and drama. The acting is amazing. Laurie Metcalf was at her finest here. Roseanne, though, took the cake. Her performance deserved the Emmy and was amazing. The performances in this show, in general, were great for the first six or so seasons, but this is a highlight. I wish the writing stayed this good the entire run of the series. I guess everything has to come to an end, but when I think of this show, I think of this episode. The classic line is when Jackie is talking to an elderly aunt. The scene makes me laugh hysterically everytime I watch it.
  • Sad and funny at the same time (SPOILER ALERT)

    Although death is not to be taken lightly, Roseanne really came full circle in this episode, including humor in a time of sorrow. We learn that Roseanne's dad dies, and she is still filled with anger towards him. That is not revealed until she writes the letter in the end, but loyal viewers will know that she really did not have a good relationship with him.

    The greatest parts in the episode are when Roseanne calls the airport to see who will pick up her father ("not coach, try baggage"), when Roseanne tells Jackie to go get drunk after Jackie mentions his frequent flyer miles, when Jackie calls Auntie Rosemary (she is obviously deaf), when Beverly confronts the mistress and tells her she should be shot, and when Jackie has to go to buy a coffin.

    Of all the episodes, I probably put this episode in the top two of all Roseanne episodes, not including the Halloween episodes. This is a must see for everyone, including those who were not viewers of the show.

    For the episode \"Wait till your father gets Home\" on the timeless classic Roseanne it really displays the amazing cast and the impeccable way of blending tradgedy and comedy into one incredible script. Roseanne and Laurie Metcalf won emmy\'s for their performances in this episode and they deserved them. It tells about how their father died and the way they deal with all the problems they had with him and how the dealt with organizing the funeral. The best part was the end where Roseanne took out the note from her bra and read to her dad in the coughin what she felt and how mad she was at him and it was sweet, compelling and Ms. Roseanne took her acting to a whole new level in that episode. The last line was, \"Thank you for your humor. I love you and goodbye.\"