Season 5 Episode 16

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 1993 on ABC

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  • Sad and funny at the same time (SPOILER ALERT)

    Although death is not to be taken lightly, Roseanne really came full circle in this episode, including humor in a time of sorrow. We learn that Roseanne's dad dies, and she is still filled with anger towards him. That is not revealed until she writes the letter in the end, but loyal viewers will know that she really did not have a good relationship with him.

    The greatest parts in the episode are when Roseanne calls the airport to see who will pick up her father ("not coach, try baggage"), when Roseanne tells Jackie to go get drunk after Jackie mentions his frequent flyer miles, when Jackie calls Auntie Rosemary (she is obviously deaf), when Beverly confronts the mistress and tells her she should be shot, and when Jackie has to go to buy a coffin.

    Of all the episodes, I probably put this episode in the top two of all Roseanne episodes, not including the Halloween episodes. This is a must see for everyone, including those who were not viewers of the show.