Season 5 Episode 16

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 1993 on ABC



  • Allusions

    • Jackie: (winding down with Roseanne after spending the day at their father's funeral) Wanna watch TV?
      Roseanne: God, yes-- what's on?
      Jackie: I dunno. It's 9:30.
      Roseanne: Oh, hey! it's time for my favorite show!
      Jackie: What?
      Roseanne: You know, that guy-- that Shecky Thomas guy! Did you see that one with the monkeys?
      Jackie: Ohh, that guy! Yeh, did you see the episode where he had that woman stalker on? Man, she was scary!
      Roseanne: I didn't see that one.

      Roseanne and Jackie are making an allusion to Tom Arnold, Roseanne's real-life husband at the time, and his television sit-com, The Jackie Thomas Show, which he and Roseanne were producing together. It was in the 9:30PM time slot, right after Roseanne. When Jackie mentions the stalker woman, she is alluding to an appearance Roseanne made on his program. Roseanne is also making an allusion to comedian, Shecky Greene, considered by some to be the ultimate, consummate nightclub performer.