Season 5 Episode 16

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 1993 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Joan : Hello I guess I'm a little early
      Bev: I'm Beverly Harris.
      Joan: I know
      Bev: You must be Joan.
      Joan: Yes we finally meet.
      Bev: What a shame we don't have some sort of flavored coffee to celebrate this moment in our lives.

      Joan: I understand how you feel about me
      Bev: Do you?
      Joan: Well I think I better go inside
      Bev: Not yet I have waited a long time for this moment and you will not rob me of it.

      Joan: All right go ahead.
      Bev: I think you should be shot. I long for the days when we could brand someone like you with a Scarlett Letter leaving you a lonely miserable outcast and if you ever contract a incurable and very painful disease I will not be able to stop myself from dancing a jig of glee! Now that being said I would like to sell you my burial plot.

      Joan: Are you serious?!
      Bev: You love him so much you spend eternity next to the man
      Roseanne: Mom?
      Bev: Hello dear we're chatting go away.
      Roseanne: Mom do I have to remind you we can only afford 'one' coffin today.