Season 4 Episode 3

Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 1991 on ABC

Episode Recap

D.J. brings home a neighbors dog that he wants to keep, but neither Roseanne or Dan like the idea. It turns out that D.J. traded the dog for comics with the other boy, so Roseanne calls the other boy's mom Lorraine, but doesn't have much luck since she has a lame excuse as to why she can't take the dog back just yet.

Dan ruefully comments about the dog being an unwanted stray, which reminds Roseanne of Jackie, who called her last night upset about seeing her ex-boyfriend Gary with his new fiancee.

Jackie, who's just waking up from a drunken stupor, hears the phone, but doesn't get to it in time. She lays in bed, a hangover washing over her since she'd been stone drunk the night before. She sits up and spots the large mens' show by her bed. She wonders out loud what's she's done and senses that she's slept with some guy. She picks up the shoe, trying to remember what happened last night.

The bathroom door opens and to Jackie's absolute horror, the guy she slept with is no other than Arnie! Arnie is gleeful and chipper, brushing his teeth and still half-dressed. Arnie then tells Jackie that he'll need a ride home since he accidentally flushed his keys down her toilet and hints that Jackie was great with the sex last night, which almost makes Jackie throw up. Jackie shudders in revulsion and horror, still clutching Arnie's shoe.

Meanwhile, Roseanne is still attempting to get Lorraine to come for the dog, but with no luck. Lorraine continues to make excuses, including an alleged kitchen fire. Dan and Roseanne both know that Lorraine is lying and joke about it, then Roseanne adds that with the way Lorraine's luck is going, an irate mother of three will come and ram a "skanky" little dog down Lorraine's throat.

Dan invites Leon and a couple of other guys for a poker game in the Conner kitchen while Roseanne, Crystal, Bonnie, Anne-Marie, and Jackie go out to a movie, then go for a snack at Rodbell's where Roseanne and Bonnie work.

Jackie is still very embarrassed about the Arnie incident and fears what others will say about them once word gets out. Roseanne notices that Jackie seems unhappy and withdrawn and tries to draw Jackie out. Jackie admits that she's done something she's ashamed of, but will go no further at first.

The other women chime in with stories of things they've done that they're not proud of, including Roseanne telling about writing a bad check to the Jerry Lewis show to hear her name on TV and Bonnie confessing to robbing a liquor store when she was young.

Jackie then blurts out that she got drunk and slept with Arnie, which takes her friends all aback since none of them like Arnie. Roseanne then exclaims that people will be looking at her as the "sister of the woman who slept with Arnie," causing the others to gather around her. Jackie wonders where her support is and goes back to brooding over the Arnie incident and her life in general.

Meanwhile, at home at the poker table, Arnie's jabbering away about himself as usual and brags about sleeping with a "divorcee" not wanting to reveal that it was Jackie, since Dan is there and he knows Roseanne will hear about it. The other guys are not amused and blast Arnie since Arnie is engaged to Nancy.

Later Roseanne comes home after the poker game is over and is furious with Arnie. Arnie tries to flee, but Roseanne catches him and really tells him off! She threatens to tell Nancy if Arnie dares to breath a word to anyone since she knows Jackie would be absolutely more mortified than Jackie already is about this whole mess if it got around Lanford. Arnie definitely doesn't want Nancy to find out, so he pleads with Roseanne not to tell her. Roseanne then orders Arnie to get out.

The next day, Roseanne comes to see if Jackie is feeling better. Jackie seems to be and is cleaning out her bed, including spraying her bed and changing the sheets as if to get rid of Arnie's taint. Roseanne apologizes for her initial bad reaction and offers Jackie support.

Jackie admits that she needs to get her life going again and can't blame others for her mistakes. Roseanne ruefully jokes that maybe she could blame their mom. Jackie tells Roseanne that she's decided to become a trucker and plans to head for a school in Elgin to get the training she'll need. Roseanne encourages her to go for it and offers to give her a ride there. As they leave for Elgin, Roseanne jokes about tiny little Jackie behind the big-rig eighteen-wheel truck for a living.

The episode closes with Roseanne back home again and calling Lorraine only to have Lorraine dodge her calls again by pretending to be a non-English-speaking cleaning woman, then pretending that the phone connection is bad, but Roseanne sees through those schemes and shrieks at Lorraine to get the dog right away and not to try the security light trick either.