Season 4 Episode 3

Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 1991 on ABC

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  • Hilarious!!!!! I just about died laughing so hard, esp. at Jackie's latest mess!!!!

    I laughed so hard nonstop from start to finish!!! Jackie's horrified expression at finding out that she slept with Arnie is sooo priceless, esp. when Arnie comes out casually brushing his teeth and smirking at Jackie; I think he was amused at her horror and embarrassment. The scene just cracked me up!!!

    Jackie's always funny when she's drunk; I wish they could have shown her being drunk at the Lobo; Jackie knows how to drink herself under the table...or in bed, lol!

    The scenes when Roseanne is trying to get Lorraine to come get the dog is funny also; I like how Roseanne doesn't buy any of Lorraine's lame excuses and doesn't fall for Lorraine's nonsense.

    I laughed all over again when Jackie's still dreadfully embarrassed when she and Roseanne and their friends get together for tea and coffee and chat. I loved how Jackie just blurts out *I slept with Arnie!* Priceless! It was funny how when the others look at her in surprise, Jackie squirms and stoops under the table and confesses meekly to being drunk.

    It was touching and hilarious how Roseanne tells Arnie off for taking advantage of Jackie and orders him to *GET OUUUUT!!!*

    I liked the ending, how Roseanne came over to see if Jackie was feeling better and I laughed again at the sight of Jackie spraying and changing her sheets; I could see she was getting rid of the Arnie taint. I think Jackie was still very embarrassed, but was feeling better and it was neat that she decided to be a trucker.

    I could tell Roseanne was proud of Jackie, despite being amused at the idea of tiny, skinny, short little Jackie behind the wheels of a big-rig truck.