Season 4 Episode 3

Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Oct 01, 1991 on ABC

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  • Jackie's spotted her old boyfriend Gary and his new girlfriemd and ended up getting drunk and sleeping with Arnie. Roseanne tries to get rid of an unwanted dog.

    Show opens with Jackie waking up from a night of hard drinking( her bf Gary dumped her)to find that she slept with Arnie.
    Meanwhile, D.J.traded his comic books for this gross flea-bitten dog. Roseanne keeps trying to call Lorriane, the previous owner of the dog to get her to come over and get her dog.Lorriane keeps making really dumb excuses why she can't get the dog.(the excuses are hilarious.)( example- Lorriane pretends she can't speak english.)
    I like this particular episode. I like how Roseanne confronts Arnie and threaten to tell his fiancee if he blabs it all over about him and sister. (I never seen Arnie so freaked in his life.)
    I also like how Dan is a little worried about what kind of conversation he will have with Leon,(Roseanne's gay boss)
    and it turns out he's not effeminate t all . He's pretty regular guy. ( i liked hen Leon like this when he was Roseanne's no nonsense boss.)but they turned him into a toal queen, which was completely unneccesary.
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