Rosemary & Thyme

ITV (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Enter Two Gardeners
      Rosemary's cousin Charles is an actor in an amateur production and she and Laura are working on the garden of its open-air theatre. Then one of the actors shoots himself during a rehearsal, and the police find the gun was loaded with live ammo instead of blanks. It seems there's a murderer at work. Is someone out to sabotage the play, or is some other motive at work?moreless
    • Racquet Espanol
      Racquet Espanol
      Episode 6
      Laura's son Matthew is on holiday at a tennis camp in southern Spain owned by Ray Parfitt, while Laura and Rosemary are working at the camp to create a trophy garden for Ray's pro-am tournament. Then one of the players is found dead after a night out, and his death is seen as a drunken accident - but the two gardeners suspect foul play. Meanwhile, Rosemary rediscovers the thrill of motor scooters, while Laura finds the local bull-ring a threatening place. Is the value of local property the force for evil in this idyllic, sun-drenched holiday resort?moreless
    • The Gooseberry Bush
      Rosemary and Laura are helping Penelope Braxton to create a garden. Penelope is remarrying her former husband, Tim, and the garden will be Penelope's wedding present for him.

      To their amazement, Rosemary and Laura find a baby boy abandoned under a gooseberry bush in the garden - and they have to look after him while they try to find out who the mother is. And then events take an even more dramatic turn when neighbouring artist Sir Carlos Potter is found murdered. Is his death connected with the foundling? Meanwhile, Rosemary is enchanted by the child the stork brought.moreless
    • Three Legs Good
      Three Legs Good
      Episode 4
      Rosemary and Laura are hired to help re-create a plantation in an old Avenue garden in Regent's Park, London, originally created by the Victorian designer William Nesfield. But they are constantly interrupted by a stream of characters for whom the central London park is part of their daily life, including joggers, tramps, students and nannies who have lost their children. Then what little peace there is in the Avenue is shattered when a three-legged dog called Holly leads the ladies to the body of her late owner, Pavel Volkar, a Harley Street psychiatrist, who has been murdered. Rosemary and Laura adopt the dog, who must have witnessed the killing and who seems to want justice. And it appears that the story of the accident in which Holly lost her missing leg may be the key to solving the murder of her late owner.moreless
    • Agua Cadaver
      Agua Cadaver
      Episode 3
      An old boyfriend of Rosemary's called Neil Spicer invites her and Laura to visit his house in the hills behind Malaga in Spain to help him restore an Arabic garden. But while they are there a local resident is found murdered, and Luis Mendes, a mysterious landowner, emerges as the prime suspect.

      Rosemary has to deal with Nicola Spicer, the jealous wife of her old flame, while Laura finds clues in the history of local aquifers. Was water the motive for murder?moreless
    • Seeds of Time
      Seeds of Time
      Episode 2
      Caroline Pargeter, the grand-daughter of the famous botanist Edwin Pargeter, is selling her house and has asked Rosemary and Laura to re-organize a seed museum created by her late grandfather. Then a mysterious South American is found dead in Caroline's back garden, and it appears that there is more to Edwin's seeds than meets the eye.

      Rosemary consults a friend who works for the Royal Horticultural Society in Kew to help identify some pine seeds, before they can fall into the wrong hands.moreless
    • In a Monastery Garden
      Rosemary and Laura are asked to restore Wellminster Cathedral's old herb garden in advance of a royal visit. Then Trish, the daughter of the Custos, is found murdered, and the green-fingered amateur sleuths realize that they too could be in danger.
    • The Cup of Silence
      With growing interest in English vineyards, Laura and Rosemary are pleased to be invited to see Ben Blackton's Crickle Valley Vineyard. Unhappily, weeds are choking his vines, and the gardeners are asked to find a horticultural solution to the problem.

      Meanwhile, Ben is at odds with his brother Stuart, who runs a hotel alongside Ben's vineyard, over the future of the property - a rivalry made worse by the murder of Ben's girlfriend and the death of a visiting wine writer in mysterious circumstances. Luckily, the detective work of Rosemary and Laura not only unmasks the killer but also rescues the future of the Crickle Valley Vineyard.moreless
  • Season 2
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