Rosemary's Baby

Season 1 Episode 1

Part 1

Aired Unknown May 11, 2014 on NBC
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Part 1

When young couple Guy and Rosemary Woodhouse arrive in Paris seeking a fresh start after Rosemary's tragic miscarriage, Roman and Margaux Castevet take them under their wing and provide them with a prestigious apartment in their building, La Chimere. Guy gets a well-paying job and everything seems to be going well... until Rosemary discovers that La Chimere has a haunted past.


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Olivier Rabourdin

Olivier Rabourdin

Commissioner Fontaine

Guest Star

Francois Civil

Francois Civil

Jacques Pascale

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Rosemarie La Vaullee

Rosemarie La Vaullee

Victoria Plasir

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    • Julie: We'll perfect a couple of gourmet dishes and then make it for Guy, and get him off his obsession with macaroni and cheese.
      Rosemary: Umm.
      Julie: Umm?
      Rosemary: I already did that. He's been banned from them.
      Julie: Seriously?
      Rosemary: Um-hmm.
      Julie: How did you do that?
      Rosemary: Pastrami sandwiches.
      Julie: Yeah, we really need these cooking classes.
      Rosemary: Absolutely.

    • Margaux: You're an absolute angel.
      Rosemary: No.
      Margaux: American? I love Americans. You're so honest and open. Everything can be seen on the face.

    • Rosemary: We'll take shifts, then. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I get the room. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, you get it.
      Guy: Well what about Sundays?
      Rosemary: We stay in bed naked all day together.
      Guy: Whew. Can we make it Sunday every day?

    • Margaux: In honor of my guest, Rosemary Woodhouse, this night of festivities will now be conducted in English only.
      Rosemary: No...
      Fontaine: Of course. Americans are known to speak just one language.
      Margaux: And French are known to be arrogant pricks.
      Fontaine: I have been called much worse.

    • Margaux: We have an empty apartment at La Chimere.
      Rosemary: No, I don't think you realize how much an English professor makes in a month. But we couldn't even afford your building for a weekend.
      Margaux: We own it. We charge whatever we want.
      Roman: It's simply waiting to be burgled. You'd really be doing us a favor. You can pay the same rent you pay now, we don't profit. It's a win-win.
      Julie: That's insane.
      Rosemary: Julie. What she means is it's very generous.
      Julie: Yeah, that's what I meant.

    • Guy: Yeah, I speak like a writer. I think like a writer, but... I can't actually write my own words.

    • Roman: You want to know the secret?
      Guy: To what?
      Roman: Success.
      Guy: Yeah.
      Roman: In order to be a success, everyone needs to find the two special people. My first was Margaux. She made me whole.
      Guy: Yeah. That's what Rosemary does.
      Roman: I know. The other was my benefactor, made me who I am.
      Guy: Benefactor? Who's that?
      Roman: Doesn't matter who it was. Yours will be a different person. You have to find them, and to ask them. They can guide you, help you realize all your dreams. 'Cause they are all possible, Guy. All of them. And you deserve it, don't you?
      Guy: I really do.

    • Guy: Roman really loved it to, he said he was going to take it to his publisher.
      Rosemary: You gave it to Roman?
      Guy: Yeah. I mean, I had to. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have written it, right? He's practically my muse.
      Rosemary: I've been replaced by a man.
      Guy: Hey, I'll still think about you in my private time.

    • Rosemary: You got Guy to finish his book. He told me you were his muse.
      Roman: I wish I had that kind of power. No, inspiration's a mystery. You know what inspired Napoleon to propose to Josephine? That restaurant we were just sitting in. The very booth. With Guy, who knows? Maybe it's the new apartment or the smell of your sweet breath on his pillow.

    • Rosemary: I want this to be the most romantic, perfect night of our lives.
      Guy: No pressure, then.

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