Season 3 Episode 8

Behind the Music

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2001 on The WB

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  • Maria receives at home an old friend of hers, Billy, who wonders why she stopped singing and playing music.

    Michael is now jealous of Billy and can't control his powers and starts blowing stuff up.

    There are some pretty good funny lines in this episode. One of them is when Max and Michael digs a whole to hide the alien artifacts and they have a fight about how Max put Michael's metallica discs in alphabetical order. Also when Michael learns that Maria had supper with Billy, Max tells him ''don't worry it was just food'' and Michael answers to him ''it's not just any food, it was italian food''.

    There are some good links with season 2. Phil tries to find where Max's jeep is. He thinks it could explain what Max is up to, and Phil then hires a private investigator.

    At the end, Isabel makes up some story about Max to stop Phil's crazy investigation. He doesn't buy it and puts Isabel on his list of conspirators.

    Another moment worth noting, Majandra Delfino sings in this episode.