Season 3 Episode 8

Behind the Music

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2001 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
      -Love Is The Key by The Charlatans
      -Lies To Me by 54-40
      -Apple Bed by Sparklehorse
      -Carousel by The Lift
      -Only When You Go by Majandra Delfino
      -Hell and Bliss by Majandra Delfino
      -Breathing On My Own by Majandra Delfino

  • Quotes

    • Michael: Will you come back to me?
      Maria: I don't know.

    • Maria: Michael, I don't think I've ever been in. I mean, this girl you've known for the past 3 years - Maria - it's just not me.
      Michael: Of course it's you.
      Maria: No, it's not the me I used to be.

    • Liz: I think you've been trying to remember who you used to be for a long time. Say it.
      Maria: Sometimes I just feel like I've paid this huge price for knowing Michael and knowing these aliens. It's like... God, I didn't think I'd end up here dealing with this crap every day. I mean, I love Michael, and I do sort of love this ridiculous soap opera, but I can't take it anymore.

    • Billy: I was given some advice one time. Decide what you want in life and live it.
      Maria: That's terrible advice.
      Billy: You gave it to me.
      Maria: That explains it.

    • Michael: My powers are slightly out of whack.
      Max: "Out of whack"?
      Michael: I've been blowing things up all day.

    • Liz (to Michael): You know that you really suck at small talk? Why don't you just tell Dr. Parker what's on your mind?

    • Billy: Look past the somewhat flammable hair and see what I see... Dreams. Look. This girl has beautiful dreams. And she makes beautiful music. So, what happened to her?
      Maria: Nothing. She just grew up.

    • Kyle: Michael, Michael, Michael. Let me explain something to you. Here on the planet Earth we have this thing called jealousy.

    • Maria: So he didn't take it well, huh?
      Liz: Alien Defcon 5.

    • Maria: Nothing ever changes.
      Liz: Maybe you don't really want anything to change.
      Maria: Maybe. Or maybe neither one of us is strong enough or crazy enough to break the cycle.

    • Liz: Maybe sometimes, you have to go after your dreams. But who am I to tell you to just give him up, because without your dreams, you're just me.

    • Liz: Everything is going to be fine between you and Maria. Trust me.
      Michael: She cooked him Italian food last night.
      Liz: Oh.
      Michael: I knew it. It's a problem.
      Liz: No, it's not a problem. It's just, um, it's food.
      Michael: No, Liz. It's Italian food.
      Liz: Michael, please don't do anything stupid. Or alien! Or both! Please!

    • Max: We still need your healing stone.
      Michael: I think it's at Maria's.
      Max: You think it's at Maria's?
      Michael: Yeah, I don't know. Most likely.
      Max: I bet if it was one of your Metallica CDs, you'd know where it was.
      Michael: Hey, you wanna bring that up again? The reason I got pissed is because you put "And Justice For All" before "Master of the Puppets".
      Max: Yeah, in alphabetical order.
      Michael: They go in order of the release date.
      Max: And you don't know where your healing stone is?
      Michael: Do you still wanna sleep on my couch?

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