Season 1 Episode 14

Blind Date

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 09, 2000 on The WB
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Maria enters Liz in a blind date contest. Max and Kyle commiserate about their shared feelings for Liz. Meanwhile, Michael and Isabel send a signal to the fourth alien.

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  • A few good story lines beginning to really develope.

    Looking back and counting the amount of episodes before Liz and Max finally got together, I am surprised that it took almost half a season. The fourteen episodes did bring us to the finally seeing Liz and Max together. I like how the writers included a third option in the Love triangle between Liz Max and Kyle. The effects of alcohol with Max was an interesting touch, not only we see a first time teenager getting drunk but first time alien. The serious part of the episode was dealing with the other trying to contact the fourth alien. Michael being considered not as smart as the other two figures out how to make contact.moreless
  • Max gets drunk and Liz gets a tall dark exotic man.

    This episode is really light hearted and funny. It is also quite romantic to see Max letting go and even though he is drunk he is being honest. It is also really nice to see Alex and his band because they are so geeky and hight school in this episode. Unrelated note here, but Maria's cloths in this episode are so heinous that it is amusing. She is normally dressed weirdly but this episode it is taken to a new level. I really enjoyed watching her sing and the last song that she does is really good.

    Kyle and Max are great in this episode getting drunk and being dudes together. The scene with the four of them in Liz's bedroom is really funny and cute. Max is also great when he asks what is so great with normal.

    Then at the end when he kisses her and then the next moment he doesn't remember it is really sad and brings everything together.moreless
  • Liz has a date, but not with max.

    Talk about a switch up; Liz has a date with a mystery man from a contest Maria entered her in. Max ends up getting drunk for the first time, and spending the night hanging out with Kyle, and following Liz around.

    Max eventually gets Liz alone and he tells her how he feels.

    There is a really good scene where they are walking through the town and he touches each parking meter and they all light up and shoot out sparks.

    The contest people eventually catch up with Max and Liz again.

    When Max kisses Liz in front of a crowd of people she has flashes and visions again. Max however begins to loose his buzz, and doesn't remember the entire night.

    Oh how bittersweet.moreless
  • Although there wasn't as much 'alien' stuff in this episode it portrayed all the teenagers as teenagers with teenager like problems. Alos drunk Kyle and Max were hilarious!

    I loved Liz's expression when she found out she won the radio blind date, just after saying how ridiculous it was! Then she tried to hide herself, due to embarrasment from winning said contest at school with dark clothes, sunglasses and a hat. I never understood why people did that, in my opinion it makes them stand out more! I loved how Maria was playing to get into Alex's band, shes soo cute! But throughout the whole episode i was wondering if we ever actually get to hear her sing. It makes the ending awesome though! Kyle describes Liz as a 'Maneater' I know this show was aired years before but the Nelly Furtado song came in my head then! Liz's dream man is a 'serious dark haired mystery man from an exotic place' 10 points to whoever can guess who that is!! :P Anyway my fav part in the whole episode was watching drunken Max and Kyle - racing to the mail box, getting Liz back and Kyle trying to work out how they could share her...

    It was so obvious Liz and Max have to get back together eventually and i love that he wrote ME + L.P in a lover heart! :D Anyway it was a perfect episode even without all the alien stuff - tho micheal is getting slightly obsessive and those footsteps at the end were creepy yet pivotol.moreless
  • Max gets drunk and reveals insight as to how he really feels about Liz to Kyle, while Liz goes on a blind date Maria won for her through a radio show.moreless

    This episode is def at the top of my favorite episodes! It was so funny to see Max and Kyle together. Although one scene really did not make sense to me, when Max was on Liz's balcony and he "vandalized" her wall by writing "M.E + L.P", he showed Kyle and he didn't even say anything! I mean wouldn't you be curious as to how he did it? Most humans don't have red paint on their fingers! Kyle wasn't drunk so its not like he wouldn't notice...they should have made Kyle question Max, it would have made this episode more interesting! But there were some really funny moments like when Max changed Liz's picture of her, Maria, and Alex! Kinda on the creepy side but funny none the less! And when Kyle called Max a "wussy" and Max says "did you just call me a wussy?" :) all around it was a good episode, just wish they would have made Kyle more of a threat.moreless
Jason Behr

Jason Behr

'Max' Maxwell Evans

Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby

'Liz' Elizabeth Parker Evans

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Isabel Amanda Evans Ramirez

Majandra Delfino

Majandra Delfino

Maria DeLuca

Brendan Fehr

Brendan Fehr

Michael Guerin

Colin Hanks

Colin Hanks

Alex Charles Whitman (Season 1-2)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • TRIVIA: Majandra Delfino (Maria) actually sings "In the Air Tonight" in this episode. The year this episode aired she released her own album, "The Sicks".

    • On the rooftop outside Liz's bedroom, Max explains that the alcohol isn't wearing off. Liz sighs and looks down, then suddenly is looking back at Max.

    • In the closeup, the burning picture curls forward, but in the wider shot as Nasedo drops it into the flames, it is warped backward.

    • When Max is drunk on Liz's balcony, he draws a heart with his and Liz's initials in it. Then he lights it with his hand. Later, while Maria's singing, they show a flashback of him lighting it with the opposite hand.

    • While Liz is talking to Maria and Alex she does not have rubber gloves on while mopping the floor. When the radio station enters the cafe, Liz is all of a sudden wearing the gloves.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Max (points to mailbox): Do you see that mailbox? I'll beat you to it. (Kyle agrees) On your mark... Go!
      (Max runs off, Kyle runs after him)
      Kyle: Get ski, you said, you skipped get set!

    • Alex (to Maria): We are high school geeks and we like it like that.

    • Isabel: Michael needs his hope. It's the only thing that keeps him going.

    • Michael: Fine. Both of you sit here with your cherry colas and your high school fantasies.

    • Kyle: Okay, I'll tell you if you tell me. How far did you and Liz get?
      Max: We saw into each other's souls. How about you?
      Kyle: Second base.
      Max: Well, we can't win them all.

    • DJ: Look at these guys, you've got them hanging on by a string and I think you owe it to them and the KROZ listeners to choose your Valentine here and now. Will it be Doug, the dream man we chose for you, the ex-boyfriend Lyle-
      Kyle: Kyle!
      DJ: Or Max, who kidnapped you and vandalized your home. What do you have to say for yourselves, men?
      Doug: I thought you just wanted a normal date?
      DJ: Okay, go for it Kyle.
      Kyle: Hey, I'm just happy to be nominated…and I think I'm gonna puke.
      DJ: Well, convince her, Max.
      (Max kisses Liz)
      DJ: Well, it looks like we've found our winner!

    • Announcer: Hey, what's runnin' through your mind right now Liz?
      Liz: Oh umm... yeah, nothing I can say on live radio.

    • DJ: It sounds like we've gotta find you a serious, dark-haired, mystery man from an exotic place by Friday night! Is Liz Parker's Mr. Right listening out there?

    • Max: Now Liz, before you jump to any conclusion, I think you ought to know, that we are really, really drunk.

    • Liz: This can never be normal, Max.
      Max: What's so great about normal?

    • Kyle: Boys, you listen to my friend Max. He knows how to evade the law.

    • Liz: Wait, Max. Max. Did you really mean everything that you said when we were alone tonight?
      Max: I don't remember. What did I say? I didn't mean to ruin your night.
      Liz: You didn't.

  • NOTES (1)