Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

Max and Liz are getting hot and heavy in his new convertible outside of a gas station in Utah at 2am. He asks her if she's ready and she says yes. They then put on ski masks and proceed to rob the place. Or at least, Liz points a gun at the guy at the cash register while Max uses his powers to disconnect the camera and cut a whole in the back wall. Outside, a man in a car calls in a robbery to the cops. Behind the wall is a big steel door, which Max opens to find a stair case. Under the gas station is what appears to be an alien space ship. Liz can hear police sirens, and Max attempts to turn on the ship with a huge diamond. Liz gets him and they make a run for it.

Max and Liz are now involved in a high-speed police chase, and Max melts the gun into the floor. Liz tries to outrun the cops, but fails, and Max tosses the diamond. Max and Liz are arrested.

We have a flashback voice over as Liz and Max are fingerprinted and processed at the Utah police station. Max asks Liz to start over.

We officially flash back to three months earlier, and Max picks Liz up for a date, bringing her a huge bouquet of white roses. He takes her to a pier and uses his powers to turn on all sorts of romantic lights. He tells her he just wants to put the past behind them, and she mentions that she would, too, if she had impregnated a homicidal alien who had murdered one of their best friends. She tells him he hurt her. He tells her he's over Tess and over trying to rediscover his alien past, and he just wants to be there for her.

Liz asks about his son, and he sadly says that there's nothing he can do about that because he's going to be born on another world that he has nothing to do with. He says he wants to make it up to her.

Back in the present, Max's parents have come to make bail. Max's dad tells him not to say anything to anybody and that right now, he is Max's lawyer, not his father.

In the next interrogation room over, Liz's parents are not so calm. Her father wants to know what Liz was thinking, and her mom asks if someone put her up to it. Liz replies with sarcasm and her dad demands to know what happened. Liz says she won't talk to anyone until she talks to Max.

Flashback: Back at the pier, Liz tells Max that she's broken her mom's rules regarding Max; she was supposed to ignore him and try to move on after he broke her heart. Of course, she tells him this while they're both lying on the pier holding hands. Max says that skinny dipping would probably be against the rules, too, and begins to strip. He jumps in the water in nothing but his boxers and socks against Liz's protests, and she finally consents. She's talking and being all flirty, as for some reason Max begins drowning. Finally in her skivvy's she notices that he's drowning, and somehow gets him out and to Michael's place, where Isabel is also waiting.

Nobody knows what's wrong, and Liz asks if there's something they can do with their powers. Michael slaps Max and tries to wake him up. Max finally explains that he was gripped by a vision of his son. His son is in trouble and reaching out.

Present: Michael tries to sweet talk a biology teacher. Apparently Michael wasn't big on the going to class, and now needs the class to graduate on time. Michael says that if he graduates this year, the teacher won't have to see him next year. The teacher agrees, asking Michael to promise not to miss a class. Isabel shows up in her sexy new brunette haircut and tells Michael she needs to talk to him. She tells Michael that they have to go because Max and Liz were arrested in Utah. Michael kisses graduating goodbye as they leave for Utah.

Daddy Evans introduces the new young (yowza hot) lawyer from his practice, Jesse Ramirez. Isabel says that it's nice to see him again. Daddy Parker asks about the situation, and Mr. Evans says that Max and Liz are first time offenders, and they're hoping to get a slap on the wrist at the arraignment. They'll only do jail time if it's tried in the criminal courts, which is unlikely since they couldn't find a gun and the guy Liz held up claims to have seen an otherworldly light, making him a bad witness.

Isabel and Michael go to see Max, who tells them there's an underground government storage facility under the gas station, holding their reassembled space ship. Isabel mentions that she thought they were giving up on going home, and Max says that that was before his son contacted him. Isabel points out that the ship he wants to use to rescue his son crashed. Max asks them to find the diamond he had to toss. He says that he and Liz stole it and it's not actually a diamond, but they need it to start the ship.

Flashback: Max finds a drawing of a gem in Tess's stuff. It's part of a letter Nasedo wrote her, telling her that the diamond is the only way to contact home. Liz says that this part of his life isn't over after all.

Present: Michael is on the phone with his biology teacher as he searches for the diamond, and it appears the poor guy is failing his charisma check. Just as he picks up the diamond, the guy in the car who called the cops on Max and Liz cocks a gun behind him. Michael says he'll call his teacher back. This strange Godfather-wannabe with the gun asks why Michael doesn't just get a GED, because he got one and is doing fine. He tells Michael to tell Max to stop looking because the person he works for will do whatever is necessary to stop him. Michael says "whatever, dude" and the guy shoots out a window behind him. He leaves Michael with two tips: don't be a smartass, and don't make him come back to Utah.

Maria finally arrives to the scene, whining about how she never gets to go anywhere nice to rescue the aliens. She brings Liz some pie and tells her what she's found out. The judge and DA in the town are under a lot of political pressure to catch criminals, so they're out for Liz and Max's hides. Maria then wants to know what happened to Liz taking it slow with Max.

Flashback: Liz comes into Max's bedroom, straddles him, and begins kissing him, wanting to know if he loves her. He says yes, then wants to know what's going on. She found a picture of the diamond Max has been looking for, which will be in Santa Fe in two weeks. She tells Max she wants to do this with him. They say the usual things: Liz doesn't want to lose Max, Max couldn't live with himself if Liz got hurt helping him.

Present: There's a knock on Jesse Ramirez' door, and Isabel comes in, thanking him for the meeting. He closes the door behind her, and then turns around and they start making out like crazy. Apparently they've secretly been dating for a while. Isabel asks what he and her dad aren't telling them, and Jesse says that last year there was a robbery that left a kid dead, and the prosecutor is out for blood. Jesse's phone rings; it's Daddy Evans (awkward!). Jesse has to go because the cops have found evidence.

Flashback: the diamond exhibit in Santa Fe. Max and Liz are posing as waiters. The owner of the diamond receives a drink from Max, who then flirts with her. Liz turns to see the woman flirting back and angrily confronts them. Max apologizes and Liz calls the diamond woman a bimbo. Security tries to get Liz under control, while she rants. Diamond woman pulls rank, saying that Liz doesn't have a clue whom she's speaking to, and Liz tosses a glass of champagne in her face. Security tries to step in, and Max pushes him into the stand holding the diamond of interest. It flies through the air, and Max jumps for it. In a show of gallantry, he presents the diamond to the woman, and Liz demands Max take her home. Outside, she asks him if he got it, and we learn that Max actually swapped out the diamond for a fake when he caught it.

Apparently a little theft does wonders for a relationship; Max and Liz are getting hot and heavy in the back of the Crash Down. She keeps yammering about how thrilling things were, while Max keeps trying to silence her. Daddy Parker catches them and busts them for being out until 2am. He asks her where she's been and what she's wearing and she responds with typical angry teenager answers ("nowhere, clothes").

Present: The Parkers were talking to the prosecutor as Daddy Evans comes up. The prosecutor was trying to persuade them to plead guilty. Mr. Evans runs him off and tells the Parkers that to plead guilty opens them up for a criminal trial in adult court and they're better off sticking together.

In court, Max and Liz plead not guilty. Mr. Evans asks that the matter be dismissed, since the only evidence they have are a few stray hairs from Liz, and previous cases have disallowed that evidence in under age persons. The judge sentences. He allows Max to go home, provided he doesn't return to Utah until he's 21. Because Liz's voice and height match the description of the gun holder, the judge remands Liz to the criminal court system for trial.

The Parkers hire their own lawyer, who advises Liz to make a deal by giving up Max. The lawyer asks if Max made her hold it and wonders where she got it in the first place.

Flashback: Max and Liz are in the desert, and Max gives her a gun. He tells her he did some research and found five government facilities around Roswell. They check it all out and wind up at the gas station in Salina, Utah. Back in the desert, Max tells her the gun won't be loaded, but they have to do it this way because he needs at least five minutes to get down and see if the ship works. She asks him what happens if the ship works and what will happen if he never comes back from Antar.

Max tells her that he just needs to see if the ship is a possibility, that he's not leaving yet. She says they can't get caught, and he says they won't.

Present: A guard approaches Liz's cell and opens the door. It's Max. He offers to bust her loose. She points out that they'd never be able to go home again and they'd be on the run. She tells him she's not ready to give up her home and family yet. He says he wishes they could change places, and she reminds him that he has a mission to see if his ship works and save his son.

In the hotel, Maria is asleep on Michael's bed when there's a knock at the door. He answers it and it's Max, who has come for the diamond. Michael says that the guy who threatened them really scared him and he thinks Max should leave it alone. Michael relents, and tells Max that if Isabel asks, he came in the room and found it himself. Maria wakes up and is apparently very upset with Max. She asks how he could make Liz hold the gun. Rather than answer, Max leaves. Once in the hallway, Isabel leaves Jesse's room and closes the door quickly to hide the fact that he's not exactly dressed for court. She says that she was just with Maria. Isabel distracts him, and Max goes to leave.

At his car, he is approached by Agent Burns from the FBI, who asks why Max chose the gas station. He warns him that if they weren't just bad criminals and they were looking for something else, being juvenile delinquents will be the least of their troubles. Max goes back to the gas station and breaks in to find that the space ship has been moved.

As he examines a pile of dust (ooh, dust!), a hand grabs his shoulder. Daddy Evans has followed him. He said he couldn't trust Max anymore and thought that he might be on drugs. Max says he can't tell his dad what's going on because it would put everyone in danger. Mr. Evans says he doesn't understand and goes to touch the dust pile (I'm still not seeing the appeal of touching unknown dust...) and Max stops him, saying it could be toxic. Mr. Evans says that if this is what Max thinks it is, then they may be able to help Liz.

The next day, Daddy and Max Evans meet with Agent Burns of the FBI again in the desert. Mr. Evans wants to know why the FBI is so interested in two teenagers robbing a convenience store. Agent Burns says they tested the pile of dust and it turned out to be laundry detergent. Mr. Evans is feigns confusion, because he had his own test done, which showed it was tetram (?). He wonders why the FBI is covering up such a dangerous chemical, and why the convenience store is on federally owned property. Agent Burns tells them they didn't see anything, and Daddy Evans says that it will be hard to forget everything while Liz is in jail.

Liz's parents come to get her from her cell and said that some improper conduct with the arresting officers and the charges were dropped. Then Daddy Parker tells Liz she can't see Max anymore.

Outside, Daddy Evans tells Max he knows they didn't do it for the money, or for the thrill. He thinks Max wanted to get into that room and wants to know why. Max doesn't want to lie, and Daddy Evans says that silence isn't acceptable. Max says he respects that and he'll move out. Liz and her parents walk by and Max goes to approach them, but they don't stop. That night, Max sleeps in his car.