Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2001 on The WB

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  • Here is an episode where you just don't like Max!

    In this episode Max & Liz hold up a convience store with Liz holding a gun on the attendant while Max breaks into a hidden door which goes down to a secret storage room where the alien space craft has been stored.

    As the name implies, they get busted. In flashback we see that the whole thing was arranged by Max. He decided on the stick up, gave Liz a gun, and let her expose herself to serious problems with the law so he could break in. It is just so out of charector for Max to not only allow Liz to take such chances - but to in fact dream up the plan himself.

    We're glad to see Max and Liz back together again, but this is just not the Max we've known.
  • Max and Liz are arrested for armed robbery, while looking for the 1947 crashed spaceship.

    When I say 'out of character' I don't mean the episode is out of charcter. Personally, I think that its pretty hard for Roswell to have a plot-line or story that is out of character because its a show open to so much.

    However, I felt that Liz in particular seemed out of character in this episode. It felt like personality wise, and even to a degree her dress-sense, had done a 180 from the last season. She started acting out against her parents, breaking rules much more radically than she ever had done before and simply in general seemed much more agressive than she had done in the first two seasons. Perhaps all of this is as a result of of Alex's death, and its a way for her to adjust, I'm not sure, I just didn't feel like it worked out.

    To a lesser degree, like I said before, her dress-sense changed quite a bit since last season. I'm only mentioning this because I feel that dress-sense is often representative of the character. Going with her new personality Liz is wearing sexier clothes and more make-up. I did enjoy the episode overall though, especially the flashbacks to how Liz and Max got together again- I loved their date at the wharf, up until Max's drowning scene that is. That scene also confused me with 'new' Liz- in that scene she's still the Liz I'd come to love in the first two seasons, yet in the present day she seemed completely different. As to whether or not I like the 'new' Liz, I'm not sure yet. Will have to watch more of the season before I can make up my mind.
  • Looks like they were getting back to what really made the show special.

    The thing I really liked about this episode is that it finally got back to a nice combination of Max and Liz as well as the scifi element. You can definatly see the style differences from season two and season three. Coming back and watching these episodes a few years later after I they were produced and having seen them when they were first put out, you can see appriciate them in a completely different manner. In this specific episode I really like that everything seems unified again. As well as the fact that they don't use linear story telling. You just get bits and pieces of the story through the hour, and finally all comes together in the end.

    Great episode.
  • What a way to start a new season...

    The episode is a bit confusing to begin with, but by the end of the episode everything makes sense. The episodes switches to flash backs and present day. And the flash backs help make the present day more understandable.

    The episode starts with Max and Liz in Utah, holding up a convenience store - how uncharacteristic! And of coarse, they are soon arrested. The reason for their wild streak soon becomes apparent: Max is after the space ship that crashed in 1947. He wants to use it to go home to save his son. As the episode progresses we learn a couple of interesting things: Max and Liz are a couple again, Isabel is dating an attorney who just happens to be her fathers assistant and who is 8 years older than her, and Michael takes a job as a security guard working very strange hours. Of coarse Max and Liz can not stay in jail for very long, this show is called Roswell not Prison Break! Isabel and Michael look great, and more mature with their new hair styles.

    This is a great episode, and sets the standard for the rest of the season. What a great episode it was indeed.
  • After getting a vision from his newly born baby, Max decides to pursue his search to find a way to save him from Antar.

    This season didn't start the way I thought it would. First off, Max and Liz go Bonnie and Clyde and commit a few crimes in order to find a spaceship that could help Max retrieve his son. They are then arrested after a faked armed robery and are warned by mysterious secret agents who warn them to stop their investigation.

    This episode is divided between flashbacks from before the armed robery, which are shot normally, and the scenes from the present that were shot with some kind of grainy effect on the picture. It's kind of cool, but I thought the whole season would be this way, it's not the case. It's just the style of this episode.

    There is a new character in town who will serve both as a new love interest for Isabel and as well as a replacement for Colin Hanks who played Alex in the previous season.

    Two things only annoyed me in this episode. First, now Max and Liz are back together. But, the whole situation with Future Max has been completely forgotten and it's just too bad. The other thing is Isabel's wig in the flashback scenes... just too obvious.

    It's nothing major and this episode deserves to be in the 9s. The end of the episode sets one of the major intrigue for season 3 which is Max's father investigation on his son.
  • Max and Liz do their best as Bonnie and Clyde

    This is probably my favorite episode from the third season because of how illogical it is. It begins with Liz and Max doing something completely out of character which kind of sets up the rest of this season which features big changes in everyone that aren't necessarily good ones. Max and Liz are really at their best in this episode where their love isn't annoying or overbearing but romantic and the weight of their decisions is really felt. The introduction of Jesse as Isabel's love interest is well played and shocks every time I watch this episode. Yes, the heist was poorly planned, but all the making out that occurred on the path way was hot and I have to mention how hilarious I found Michael at the beginning when he is trying to get into Bio 101.
  • Liz and Max are finally back together! Max and Liz get arrested for armed robbery!

    When Max discover that a government storage facility is under a convenience store, he holds to find the ship or something that can help him get back home to find his son. Max and Liz hold up the convenience store. Which is hilarious because Liz and Max are like the most responsible people lol. After a long car chase they get busted and jailed. Thier parents want to know why they would do this. Max and Liz get put to trial. Meanwhile Isabel is dating a new guy, Jesse. After Max and Liz get out of jail, Liz's parents want her to stay away from Max and Max's dad gets suspicious about Max. This is a great episode definitely a favorite!
  • Max and Liz together,finally!!!

    This episode is one of my favorites from S3....because I had waited a lot of time to see liz and max together again. I like that this episode is divided between flashbacks from the past and scenes from the present. This episode is totally Dreamer and I love it for that!