Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2002 on The WB

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  • This is the episode to look for as it is perhaps one of the most revealing episodes of season three. We finally get to see a reaction from Liz over the situation that has been plaguing her relationship with Max since the very beginning of the season.

    The episode prodominant storyline features Liz gaining alien abilities due to Max healing her from the pilot episode. During this growth process she ends up melting objects with her hands, mainpulating electrical devices and ends up with her entire body crackling with crackling with energy. Liz's powers are out of control and Max tries to help her by using alien touch stones to amplify his healing power and repress Liz's new powers. Unfortunately his plan fails due to the fact that Liz is unable to trust him due to his sexual affair with Tess. Liz finally expresses her anger at him for sleeping with her and is unable to understand him and is so distraught over his deeds with Tess that even when Max tries to comfort and touch her she is racked with pain. This is such a strong episode because of the fact that we finally get a reaction and insight into Liz. We are finally able to see what is going on inside of her and how she feels about Max's indiscretion. She isn't over it and she doesn't understand how Max could have slept with her and explains how much it hurts her that he shared something so personal and intimate with someone else while she saved herself for him. She is no longer able to sit back and pretend that their relationship is fine and this leads Liz to move to Vermont because she is unable to deal with Max's infidelity.

    Her outburst in the desert really shows how much Liz has been going threw this season. She hasn't confronted and dealt with her issues regarding Tess and Max. She just blindly kind of excepts Max and doesn't really think about what it means. It's clear that she feels betrayed and hurt by his intimacy with Tess and it comes out in a painful healing procedure which requires Liz to trust Max. But she is unable to because she is still irrevocablly hurt over what happened last year. Ultimately it's too much for her to handle and she ends up leaving for bording school. Max mean while is trying to find a cure to Liz's ailment and even goes as far as going back to the ground site and digging up the artarian site to find clues and information to what is happening to Liz. He even states that he will go to the FBI if they are unsuccessful in treat Liz's condition which aggrevates Micheal, but Max could careless and tells him as much that he doesn't care what happens to him as long as Liz turns out to be safe. We can clearly see Max's devotion to Liz and his love for her. The only sad part is that it takes Liz's life being in danger for him to notice and see how much she means to him. We have seen from the past few episodes this season that he has been overwhelmingly self centered with his quest to find his son. Ignoring Liz's phone calls, putting Liz in jail, isolating himself continuously while Liz seemingly just gives and gives. Asking for little if anything and mostly just supporting him and his search for his son. It isn't until Liz's life is in danger and he is faced with losing her that he shows that he cares very much for her. From a writing stand point it is a very real and sympathetic episode. All of the characters sound like themselves and you can truely understand where all of the characters are coming from. Other storylines include Maria being offered a record deal and she wrestle with her problems with being an artist and singing material that matters to her rather then settling for dance beats and shallow material. She feels unnerved that her work is losing it's integrity and struggles with the choice weither to sign.
  • Liz begins to experience changes, alien like ones,and Max tries to help her but he fails. Liz decides that it is best to stay away from max to keep herself from becoming an alien and she decides to go to the Winiman boarding school to ensure that.

    This episode was highly symbolic, it showed that Liz was in a way becoming one of the alien hybrids , and although she tried to stay away from max , it would never work . She and Max were meant to be together and they should be together FOREVER . Maria and Micheal's relationship also evolved in this episode when Maria decided to give up her would be music career and stay in Roswell with her friends and family and Michael and not sell out . Liz leaving for Winniman at the end of this episode was upsetting for me to see her leave Max and Maria and Roswell all together, but she was happy. Also towards the end when Max comes to Liz's window to try to help her, she turns him away even though both of them love each other, this was a truely heart breaking moment, it made me cry !!!!
  • A great start to a new storyline.

    WOW. ow season three is reallys tarting to pick up! Kyle is really starting to become one of my favourite characters and I love how he seems to be everyones go to guy for adive and support and he really gives that to people. Liz is being torn away from max beause of the alien thing...again! No isabel and Jessie in this one but it still rocked! Maria really needs to realise that he can't get away from the alien thinga and just give up on the music thing! She really need to be with Michael! They are meant to be! Hopefully the upcoming episodes are as good as this one!
  • Liz discovers she's now different.

    In season 2, the duplicate of Tess did warn Liz she was different now that Max healed her from a fatal wound. So a big yay to the authors, in my opinion there ought to be more continuation of season 2's storyline.

    Anyways, all of this freaks out Liz. She totally screws up her interview for Harvard and she starts feeling worse and worse everyday. Max then tries to use his power to remove Liz's power. This leads to a pretty dramatic scene. Liz tells Max she wants to stay away from Max that she is reminded of his infidelity everytime Max talks about his son. This is pretty weird. Because Max ended up with Tess because Liz faked being in bed with Kyle at the request of Future Max in season 2. Why didn't Max bring this up? What's wrong with authors? That would have never happened on Buffy.

    Meanwhile, Maria gets noticed by the music industry. It's quite ironic since the authors are using Valenti since the start of the season as someone who wants to be a music star. Those of you who watched Dawson's Creek will recognize Todd from season 5 and 6.

    Overall, this episode is good but could have been much better.