Season 3 Episode 14

Chant Down Babylon

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 26, 2002 on The WB
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Michael, Jesse and Valenti call on a discredited doctor to help the wounded Isabel. Also, Clayton Wheeler undergoes an amazing transformation and soon finds himself drawn to Liz; and Jesse quizzes Michael about Isabel's alien roots.

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  • Brilliant.

    This episode was one of my favourites. I won't go into the whole storyline of this episode too much, as I'm sure many people already have. But I just wanted to share some of my feelings and opinions on it.

    To start, I really love the way Kyle comes accross in the episode. You get another chance to see his sensitive side, when he tries to heal Isabel, but to no avail and starts to cry. I thought that was a real pivotal moment for his character.

    I also admire that Liz takes a more focal role over Max (when her tear drop heals Max and ultimately saves his life). That was really good to see for a change.

    In summary, this episode was full of drama and emotion and I absolutely loved it. It was so well played out.

    It is also episodes like this that stick with me and make me even more sad than I already am that Roswell is over.moreless
  • Liz and Max are the best couple!

    They love each other so much....their love is very strong and very very sweet... and I love this couple for that reason. The last scene is very sad.. with Max and Liz falling down and Max having these flashes about their relationship...then Max saves her life and fortunately the history has happy end with them together!

    I recommend this episode because is beautiful!
  • Seriously one of the best :)

    In this episode we get to see just how deep Max and Liz are connected, first she can feel that Max died and then was proven right. Then she kissed him and brought him back from death. Seriously this episode had me in tears, it was wonderful. Max and Liz's love is such an inspiration, I mean all the things theu have been trough together and so willing to sacrifice themselves at any given moment for each other, wow. I also really liked that when that woman was trying to have sex with him all he saw was Liz. hamoreless
  • IN this episode Max who is no longer Max goes to Vermont to see Liz, while Isabel is dying in Roswell

    This is an all around excellent episode. Morgan Fairchil was really great as her role, and even though she is old was still pretty hot. The scenes with Liz and Maria were really good and how Max comes to her at the end was really sad. When they fall out of the window together and he saves her and comes back is really sweet. Also the scenes with Jesse are sad in their own way, becasue at the same time that you want him to be accepting of the fact that aliens exist he responds logically and he does have every right to be mad at his wife for lyingmoreless
  • Max is held captive as he is demand to save the life of Clayton, who is a man that is dying from old age. Isabel is shot as she and michael try to save Max.moreless

    This episode was outstanding. What more could you ask for? In this episode there was death, heartache, revulations and tearjerker moments. In the end I'm glad that the love between Liz and Max was able to defy all odds. It was so cute when Liz said that they where now even as they had both save each others' lives. I do feel sorry for Jesse as he was only take they were aliens when his wife was dying. But hey his reaction was classic. Looking back it is so funny. Then there is Michael. This is episode reveals the path that the next episode will take as we find out that Michael has inherited Max's power's.moreless
Jason Behr

Jason Behr

'Max' Maxwell Evans

Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby

'Liz' Elizabeth Parker Evans

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Isabel Amanda Evans Ramirez

Majandra Delfino

Majandra Delfino

Maria DeLuca

Brendan Fehr

Brendan Fehr

Michael Guerin

Nick Wechsler

Nick Wechsler

Kyle Valenti

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