Season 3 Episode 5

Control (2)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2001 on The WB

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  • Langley: I destroyed my life for you tonight, all for nothing. Because of you, everything I've worked for is gone. It's how you've always been, your majesty: Selfish and ungrateful.

    Pretty much everyone was being annoying in this episode except Isabel. I really liked Isabel in this episode and I felt really bad for her because I think that she has finally found her chance to be happy and no one will allow her to. Her mother's action were quite unreasonable and I think that even if her mother does not agree with her choices she should still want her daughter to be happy. With that said I hate how Max just tells her over the phone that it's a bad idea and she can't make any plans. As Isabel said he can clearly do what ever he wants and Micheal pretty much does the same. Langley was really great in this episode and I just wanted Max to leave him alone and let him have his life. I really don't care for how selfish and ungrateful that Max is and people kept telling him that the ship wouldn't work and he didn't want to listen. I do like at the end how he realizes that his search for his son is at the expense of everything he loves and his human side.
  • I really was disappointed in this episode. I did not like that Max was so hell bent to leave Roswell,ummm helloooo why would you leave the one you love if you say "sleeping with the enemy was the biggest mistake"?? Then he went crying to Liz...ugh

    Max was waaay tooo controlling in this episode, just what was so wrong with Isabel getting married, I mean she wasn't threatening their existence. Ugh Max was really upsetting in this episode. And Liz....waaaay to forgiving, I mean don't get me wrong Max is pretty adorable when he cries but he really shouldnt have blown off their phone date to ruin someone elses life.
  • As Isabel makes the final preparations for her wedding, Max forces Langley to reveal the location of the spaceship to Antar.

    Max has control over Langley, he has to do everything he says. What I wonder is, why didn't he had this kind of power over Nassedo? Or didn't he know about it? Is Nassedo different? Did Langley knew Nassedo was a traitor? Tons of questions we'll never know the answer to. I also ended up wondering in this episode what Isabel does for a living. Since the start of the season we never see her doing anything. She mentions college at some point during the season but that's it. Anyways, her joblessness is the least of her problems as her wedding is drawing close and her parents don't want to have anything to do with it.

    I didn't like the ending. Max feels bad to have used his control over Langley. He says he lost everything he worked for. Does that mean he won't have human senses anymore? Because on-screen he sure don't look like he lost much. He still has his huge mansion, his film producer appearance, his fortune. Then what is he crying about? He's a murderer! How come Max feels bad about him?