Season 3 Episode 16


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Episode "Crash"
Orig. Airdate 4/29/02
Written: David Simpkins
Directed: Patrick Norris

After arguing with his fellow Pod Squaders, Michael motors out to the desert where he sees a plane collide with a UFO. Reaching the site before the authorities, he uncovers a pilot's flight helmet but finds no body. Later after learning that the world assumes the pilot was killed, Michael shows the flight helmet to the pilot's enlisted daughter. She won't believe in Michael's tale of government conspiracy until being nearly assassinated by its perpetrators. Michael enlists the help of Max to penetrate the military base where the pilot is being held. While rescuing him Michael acquires proof that the accident was caused by an alien craft. Meanwhile, with Jesse and her father out of town on business, Isabel stays over at her parent's house to keep her mother company. What she fails to realize is that her mother is under her father's influence and has set up a video surveillance of Isabel without her knowledge. In a moment of frustration Isabel uses her powers in a dramatic fashion. Mom gets it all on tape and it isn't long before dad is in on the secret too.