Season 2 Episode 17

Cry Your Name

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

Alex on the phone telling Isabel he had a great time at prom, too. She asks what he's doing tonight, and Liz and Maria shake their heads. They are Alex's coaches for his relationship with Isabel, and they're positive he needs to play it cool. He says he can't meet Isabel because he's got a killer final to study for. She says if he changes his mind, she'll be at the Crash Down. Maria and Liz say at least he's got the upper hand for once. Maria and Liz have to go to work, but they tell Alex to stay strong. The Thai food Alex ordered arrives, and Alex suddenly gets really depressed, saying he's sick of everything and everything is always the same, completely baffling the delivery guy. In his room, he looks at his picture of him and his Swedish girlfriend, Leanna.

That night Valenti is driving to the site of a car accident; a car and a semi collided. There is one fatality. Valenti goes to check out the flipped car.

Everyone is at the Crash Down. Max and Michael debate which is better: Matrix or Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Max says he will not allow Michael to prefer Keanu Reeves to Michelle Yeoh. Liz is running numbers while Isabel, Kyle and Tess are looking over pictures. Maria takes some broken dishes to the back and sees Valenti. She asks him what's wrong, then screams "no" and runs out to the front. She's hugging Liz and crying when Valenti tells them that there was an accident and Alex is dead.

The gang goes to where Alex's body is being taken to see if Max can heal him. Valenti distracts the driver so that Max can get inside the van. Isabel narrates. Max will use his powers to open the doors, then he'll put his hand on Alex's chest and bring him back to life. Alex will sit up suddenly, and Max will jump back, and the whole wagon will shake a little. Instead, Max comes back out of the van alone. Valenti says they should all go home now. Michael takes a distraught Maria home, and Max looks at the blood on his hand. Tess tells Max to go after Isabel, who has run off, and Max turns to Liz instead, who angrily tells him the same thing.

The next day, Kyle's alarm goes off, but he's already awake. He begins his daily pushups, then stops. Valenti tells him that it's not a happy day, but that Alex died yesterday, not today, and he doesn't want him remembering it as having happened today. He then wishes Kyle a happy birthday.

At the Crash Down, Alex walks in and goes to Isabel, who hugs him and tells him everyone thought he was dead. He tells her it was a big misunderstanding. She tells him she thinks she's going to stay and graduate with the rest of them because she wants to stay with him. He kisses her goodbye and promises to see her later. Isabel's mom wakes her up from her dream, and Isabel cries again.

At the Delucas, Michael is taking care of Maria and Amy. He even answers their phone. It's Sean on the phone, and Michael tells him Alex was killed. Sean has to stay in Albuquerque for court a few more days and asks Michael to take care of his family.

The Parker phone rings, and Liz's mom answers, asking if it's Sean. It's Max. He asks how Liz is doing, and Mrs. Parker says she's not doing so well, that Liz might be in denial. She says Liz just needs space. Liz is, in fact, at the junk yard, examining the car. She finds Alex's picture of himself and his Swedish girlfriend, but someone has cut his head out of the picture.

Valenti is interviewing the semi-driver involved with the accident, and his story checks out. The driver gets defensive, saying the cops are trying to pin this on him, when Alex deliberately swerved into his lane.

At the Evans, Isabel is blaming herself for Alex's death, saying that if she hadn't invited him out, he would have stayed at home. Mrs. Evans says it's an accident and she wishes she had some sort of special powers to make it all better. Isabel says that special powers don't help. She says she needs to get out of Roswell, and tells her mom that she's graduating early.

At school, Liz looks like a zombie. Maria finds her at Alex's locker, and Liz tells her just to get through the day and to keep moving forward. Maria asks how Liz is, and Liz insists she's fine. She produces the picture from Alex's car, which freaks Maria out. Liz insists that the picture means something.

Valenti questions the guy who delivered the food, who tells him that Alex acted like it was the end of the world. Deputy Hansen (who is the acting sheriff but still defers to Valenti) brings him a file and says that he talked to Alex's teachers. Looking back on his behavior since returning from Sweden, he was moody, sometimes cocky, sometimes sullen. Valenti quips that it sounds like every teenager he's ever met. The Deputy suggests Alex killed himself, and Valenti tells him he's wrong.

There's an altar being set up for Alex at the football field. Under the bleachers, Max tells Tess about trying to heal him. He says there was so much blood, and he didn't want to touch him. Max starts crying. Michael, Maria, and Isabel join them. Michael says that the school has brought in an official grief counselor, who has all their names. Maria asks who all these people are at the altar because none of them were his friends. Kyle shows up and says that Mr. Whitman called the house and asked if Kyle, Michael, and Max would be pallbearers for the funeral tomorrow. Isabel tells them all she's graduating early and going to college in San Francisco. Max tells her it's not the right time to be making snap judgments. She says it's her life, and Max yells at her. Michael, suddenly the voice of reason, says that it's not a decision they have to make right now, and Isabel tells him that it's not a decision "they" have to make because she's already made it.

The food guy is telling a dramatic story about Alex, as Liz addresses him. She says she has some questions and tells him if he remembers anything unusual to come find her at the Crash Down. She takes the photo to Valenti and tells him she knows it means something. Valenti tells her to go home. She tells him she knows it wasn't an accident, and Valenti says that it's looking like a suicide. Liz wants to know why Alex would do that. Liz takes her picture back and storms out. On the streets, she doubles over and hyperventilates. Max is trying on his funeral suit when Liz comes to his window. She tells him she doesn't want to be alone and wonders if she can stay with him that night. Liz is rants about Valenti's theory. Max doesn't believe Alex killed himself either, and promises he won't let it be declared a suicide. Liz is quiet and her stomach growls, and Max asks her when she ate last. She doesn't know, and Max goes to make her some food.

At the Delucas, Michael brings Amy a mixed drink to help her sleep. He says his foster dad taught him to mix drinks before he was old enough to ride a bike. Amy says this is probably the most time he's spent in her house. He says he can leave, but it's nice to be around people. She tells him she meant to say that he's really been great to her family, especially to Maria, and as far as she's concerned, he's always welcome in her house...on the couch.

Isabel is at the Crash Down with Alex. She tells him he's not really here. He says she's talking in her sleep. She tells him she's sorry, and he says he is, too. He assures her that she and her crazy life had nothing to do with his death. He says that if he was really here he would tell her she's full of crap and she knows it. He says he needs to go because he's not making things any better for her. She begs him not to go. He says he's already gone and this is just a dream. She asks if she'll ever see him again, and he says that depends on her. He says he wouldn't want himself to be there if he were alive. He kisses her and leaves. She tells him she loves him, and he says he loves her, too. Isabel is crying in her sleep.

In the Evans kitchen, Max and Liz are talking about Alex and how his teachers love him. Max says he overheard one teacher, whose seat Alex electrified as a prank once, telling another teacher about the incident at the prom. Liz snaps back to angry, and tells him she saw him and Tess kissing. She says it's ok, that they're moving on. She goes to leave, and then asks him to always be her friend.

The next day, Maria sings Amazing Grace at Alex's funeral and everyone seems very sad. As Liz is leaving, she sees Max arguing with Valenti about whether or not Alex killed himself. Valenti hands Max the file to read.

The wake is at the Whitmans, and Liz talks to Alex's dad. She asks him if she can sit in his room. She's trying to find something that will help her take the next step in finding out what happened to him. In his Robert Frost book are concert tickets. As Max and Valenti enter the Whitman's house, Tess grabs Max and says that Liz has something to tell them. Liz tells them that Valenti and Deputy Hansen are about to declare Alex's death a suicide, but it's not true. Max says he's not so sure, having read the file. Angry!Liz is back with a vengeance. Liz shows them the concert tickets that he bought the same day he died and says that you don't plan for a future if you're going to kill yourself. Michael the peace-maker says it was an accident. Liz says he was murdered. Max asks who would murder Alex. Liz throws out the possibility that it was an alien, and that nothing is ever what it seems. Liz points out that a key member of the alien conspiracy just died under suspicious circumstances. Michael asks why an alien would kill Alex, and Liz says that Kevar, Isabel's lover from her past life, would have motive. Isabel and Max are getting very heated, and Max says she doesn't know what she's talking about. She tells him he doesn't want to believe it's murder because that would mean Max was responsible. The aliens all leave, even Michael, who sides with them over Maria. Kyle points out that it's humans versus aliens now.

That night, Liz puts in a CD Alex made and tries piece the puzzle together. She has pictures of him from prom, and remembers his striptease for Isabel's birthday and other fond memories. She begins crying, and is interrupted by the guy who brought Alex his food. He remembered something weird, after all, and gives Liz the credit card receipt. He says the company kicked it back because of the way it was signed. It's signed in what looks like binary code: 1s and 0s.