Season 2 Episode 17

Cry Your Name

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 23, 2001 on The WB

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  • She Cries Your Name

    I'm probably one of the few people on here that actually watched Roswell when it was live instead of recently discovering it on Netflix and Hulu...

    I remember this episode pretty clearly from the first time around and I was really shocked when I just rewatched it on DVD is that Beth Orton's "She Cries Your Name", which the episode was named for, is clearly absent from the episode

    I know a lot of the times music gets altered from broadcast to distribution because of licensing fees, which I'm guessing is what happened here (It also happens in the episode "Meet the Dupes"; the song that originally played was "With You" by Linkin Park as the Dupes came out of the subway in the teaser) but its more upsetting to me than other instances because 1) the episode is named for the song and 2) it really made a strong emotional statement.

    The song originally played at the very end when Liz goes through all those picture of Alex and finally cries; I don't know what the song that replaced it is, but you should mute it and play the Beth Orton instead to really get the full emotional weight of the scene...its heartbreaking.
  • Alex is no more...

    This is one of the most emotional episodes of the whole series. From when scene when Valenti comes in and Maria is the first to find out, to the last moment this episode is pretty intense. When Liz goes to Alex's car, part of me really believed that she was crazy as she would be called later.
    Jason Dohring was also great in this episode (I loved him in Veronica Mars) and when Liz rips into him on the field it is really classic. The saddest part comes from Isabel whose dreams of Alex are so bitter sweet and your heart breaks for her when she had just gotten on track with Alex and then he dies. She is heartbreaking in this episode. The funeral scene is so sad and Maria doing Amazing Grace was really touching.
    Then in Alex's bedroom when they divide between humans and aliens it is so reminiscent of the first season, that you know whatever comes next is going to be great.
  • "The woods are lovely dark and deep, i have promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep"

    In this episode the viewers are faced with the death of one of the beloved characters Alex, who has seemingly been killed in a car accident, However Liz believes different she soon comes to the conclusion that it was not a simple accident, but something more sinister, she believes Alex was murdered.Liz goes to an entirely different place that the other characters, she skips the grief and heads straight into finding out the truth! The only outpouring from Liz happens in the final moments of the episode when she is looking at the prom pictures taken in "heart of mine" and finally comes to the realisation that her best friend is no longer alive and no matter what she does she cannot bring him back, but she believes she owes it to Alex to find out what really happened!
    The moment that gets the tears flowing for me everytime is Alex's funeral where Maria sing Amazing Grace and its is just so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time when you realise the impact his death will have on these characaters...
  • "I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep..."

    Well, this is right at the top of my favourite episode list. It's so heartwrenching to watch, but nonetheless a really brilliant episode.
    Finding out that Alex was dead was enough to make me cry, but a whole bunch of other things thrown in really made it worse. Such as, when the gang follow the Coroner's van to the Mortuary, for Max to try and heal Alex. Isabel is 'narrating' this scene and hoping that "the whole van will shake" as Alex is brought back to life and they can laugh it off... But as her voice trails off, we realise that it is too late for Max to help.

    The emotion displayed here, was hard to watch and immediately opened the gates for the floods of tears.

    The consistent solemness throughout this episode adds to the sorrow you feel whilst watching.

    Just as you think you can't possibly cry anymore, the funeral starts and Maria sings 'Amazing Grace' as flowers are thrown onto the coffin as a mark of respect. The words of the song made me shiver, as it fitted so perfectly to such a sad moment.

    Liz finally breaking down in the Crashdown whilst looking at the photographs at Alex was saddening, but a relief to see that she had accepted that Alex was gone. A knock at the door interrupts her break down and the mood takes a more sinister turn when we get back onto the idea that Alex could have been murdered. The show ends on the line "It means: I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep...." Liz looking shocked and determined that she will find Alex's murderer.
    A great end to this really sad, tearjerking episode, which still gets me every time.
  • I was doing just fine until Maria started singing "Amazing Grace". And then the floodgates opened...

    Oh, it was just so sad!!!! I know Colin Hanks was very busy with other projects at the time but Alex didn't really have to die!!! He coulda just moved away to a foreign, I know Alex's death was integral to the overall story of the show but still!!! I was crying like a little kid, cause he was such a sweet guy and I felt sooo sorry for Isabel. It was totally not her fault!!!! I hate Tess. She is Evil. Evil evil evil evil. Oh, and how cute was Micheal in this episode. I love him. Just thought I'd throw that out there.
  • this is just so sad

    alex who was in most of season one adn some of season 2 died ibn this episode and it was very very very very sad i remember when maria was singing amazing grace her voice was all shaky and it was heart breaking. the alex dying bit was good but it was also good when the mystery thing came into it when we didnt know how he died and when max and liz were fightin and it become like the aliens vs the humans it was just great after this episode it was so hard to wait for the next week to cum you just wanted to watch them all in a row thankgoodness they on dvd now
  • this was really a great episode

    i really liked alex because he was really funny
    it's a shame he had to die

    it was really a great episode en i dropt some tears now and then

    the flashbacks of alex where really touching at least to me
    well i am watching the show episode for episode so i don't now what wil happen next but i think it's going to be really exciting so what will it be an exident a suicide or murder !!

    liz was totally weird on this episode well everybody deals whit grief on his own way

    i hope we will see alex again one day !!
  • Even tho Alex wernt my fave character i was still crying like a baby

    Loved this episode, Alex i no was popular with the fans but i was more interested in the other characters rather than him, but when he died, i was reeeeeele upset lol. And im a 16 year old boy and i dnt usually cry at stuff but i had tears in my eyes. The main bit that got me was wen Liz was looking at all the photos and the music played was awesome. Im tlking bat the dvd version "Silence" was an awesome song and reeeeele made it sad. Overall a rele good epo
  • Like being slammed in the chest with a sledgehammer.

    After the relative loveliness of the prom episode, despite the uncomfortable character stuff, this comes as a total shocker.

    I would put in a spoiler warning, but the episode summary gives the game away anyway.

    Alex, lovely, slightly geeky, dependable, funny, sweet Alex is killed in a car crash, seemingly either accidentally, or perhaps as a suicide. Everyone is completely crushed.

    Cue some great acting from all involved and another story trail starting. I'm watching these on DVD in order, so I don't know what happens next, but I'm intrigued. Katherine Heigl does a great job of complete grief and guilt. Majandra Delfino is terrific as a completely wounded Maria - how she could get through singing Amazing Grace I'll never know. But here's where Sheri Appleton becomes Braveheart Liz - nothing is going to stop her and she's suddenly not just the slightly feisty one, but a girl on a mission, calling the shots and not taking any rubbish from anyone. Even though she alienates (!) people, including the ones she cares about most, she's determined that Alex's death is neither accident nor suicide, but murder. And we the viewer begin to think she might just be right.

    It's a great episode. As someone who doesn't know the story and is taking it an episode at a time, even four years after the show finished, this really does prove a high point, and a terribly tragic one at that. I was longing throughout the first season for Alex to be brought in on the secret and play a bigger role. Just when he's coming into his own, wham, he's gone.

    Great stuff.
  • Tragedy strikes Roswell, one of theirs die in what appears at first to be an accident...

    ... but soon the evidence points in another direction. This character I won't name until I write the next review, so I won't spoil anyone, seems to have commited suicide. His friends can't believe it and with good reason, he's never shown any signs he wanted out of this life until the start of the episode. His death is one of the biggest surprise in Roswell.

    While the evidence points that it's suicide, Liz is totally in denial and she makes her own investigation. Speaking of her, she is a bit freaky in this episode when she finally claims ''it was murder''. Only time will tell if she's just lost it or if she is actually right.

    This episode is about everyone's way to deal with death. People cry, some others feel responsible. The flashback montage of the dead character is quite good and serves its purpose.

    Also in this episode you can see a young Jason Dohring, Logan on Veronica Mars, who is a delivery man. I was quite surprised to see him there and to see how different he is from Veronica Mars.

    So Liz's claim about the murder splits the group. She wants to do her own investigation while the others think it's just crazy talk. With these next few episodes, Roswell will never be the same.
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