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    JoshSutton wrote:

    jrsgalaxy wrote:
    I also read somewhere that apart from the other stuff mentioned before Smallville also played a part in the demise of was something well Smallville is new and it has alot of hype already and the execs believe it was gonna be huge so they just decided to get rid of Roswell so the focus could be on Smallville alone.. something along those lines i dont remember the exact quotes..

    I hope thats not true cos in comparison Smallville sucks! The actors are completely wooden and the story-lines are ridiculous, id take Roswell over Smallville in a heartbeat!

    WEll now it sucks compared to the first few seasons. When it first came out it was a huge thing. An ultimate like universe for Superman , add that to the fact that no new Superman Show had been made for over four years and there it is. Lois and Clark was an awesome show but he was already Superman by the end of the first episode, so this presented fans with something new. A pre Superman vision, no suit and no flying. It seemed pretty interesting at the time. Then it got all soap opery and wishy washy. But compared to Roswell it had higher ratings and that is all that networks execs care about. They don't care which show is written or acted better, they just care about the bottom line : which show brings in more viewers and money.
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