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I wish that it roswell carried on for longer

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    The roswell tv show is really great it is a show that you cant forget after you have watched it, the first 2 seasons are great and are intresting but the 3rd gets confusing.

    My favourite episode is season 2 ep 10 "Roswell christmas carol" for reasons such as it shows sadness and their is a great story behind this episode. Some parts of season 2 I dont like, most of the episodes are when Tess starts to betray everyone. If you have ever seen roswell then you know that she is one of the main characters during season 2.

    For anyone who has never watched Roswell then my recomedation is that you watch the first few episodes and you will either love the show or hate it, you have to like sci-fi shows t understand it. I wished that Roswell had never ended the show was great and to be honest the final episode wasent that great it seemed like they dident really think it though because i dont believe they would just be able to leave and never be hunted again, that why i think it should of continued.

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