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Submission Guidelines & Forum Rules

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    Updated: April 6, 2007.

    FYI you can check out's Guidelines Center where they list their submission rules and pretty much anything else you wanted to know about



    Please use HTML coding for the proper areas. BOLD the speaker's name, but not the colon ( : ). Make sure the colon is put after the bolding, unless there's some sort of action listing next, in that case, put the colon after the action listing & it's HTML coding. Actions belong in brackets, if they're referring to something the speaker is doing or talking to someone right then but if the action is between quotes, no need for brackets. All actions should be listed in ITALICS. Do not include paragraph or break codesin submissions please just use the enter key. Yes this shows up strangely in the preview, but believe me, it goes to the normal format once approved. Please remember to close all HTML coding tags with a " / ", otherwise the bolding or italicizing will continue on for everything. I will edit quotes if I have the time, but if I'm in a particularly cranky mood, expect a rejection. Check out the's Guidelines Center for examples and further details on the formatting.

    Length/Types of Quotes:
    Quotes should be short and sweet, and word-for-word from the episode. Don't paraphrase and don't rehash a whole scene. Any quotes not following this guideline will be rejected or deleted. The More

    Quotes section: only has so much space on the main page for quotes, if you look closely at the bottom of the displayed quotes, there's a link for MORE QUOTES where the rest are listed. Please don't submit duplicate quotes, check first.

    Don't post anything starting with "in response to...". If you can dispute something and want it removed, use the edit button, click on DELETE THIS BLURB and type (in the User Comments), the reason why it's wrong and should be removed. Do not just edit the blurb adding your reasons why in the actual submission box.

    Make sure you use the appropriate section for your submission and please do not personalize submissons (for example they should not start with "I think", "we saw", etc). Here's a brief listing:

    Episode Allusions
    is the section where you list episode title references or a pop culture mention in an episode. For title references please use the same format as listed below. Use an HTML break mark after the title.

    Title: Dead Man Dating

    The title is a reference to Dead Man Walking, the 1995 film starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn.

    And if your episode allusion has to do with a quote, use the quote format to list the quote (by bolding the speaker's name, etc), then use the html break mark, and list your reference on the next line. Please use italics to list episode titles, film titles, book titles, TV series titles, etc.

    Episode Notes are for off-camera tidbits about an episode. They should contain off-camera events that deal with a show's production, or ratings, and should not deal with on-camera events or trivia. Alternate episode titles and airdates (if it aired in another country before the originating country) are acceptable. Do not list "Shannen Doherty did not appear in this episode" for example - that is what the cast listings are for. Instead, you can uncheck her box in the Show Stars section of the particular episode. A good rule of thumb for determining what belongs in Notes is - if you didn't see it or hear it on screen in an episode it should go in notes.

    Episode Trivia is for general trivia/factoids on the episode, on-camera events, and also the correct section for goofs & nitpicks. If you're listing a Trivia blurb please put "TRIVIA:" in front of it, just to differentiate between the Goof listings and the Trivia blurbs.

    TRIVIA: Phoebe develops a new power, empathy, in this episode.

    Please note some plot points can be listed in the trivia section, but I'd recommend that the spoiler warning should apply for recent episodes. A good rule of thumb for determing what belongs in Trivia is - if you saw or heard it on screen in an episode it should go in notes.

    Please use proper punctuation & grammar for every submission. However I will edit submissions if necessary, for small errors, but if it's too filled with lots of errors or a continuous occurance it will be rejected.

    Normally I will list in the Moderator Comments, the reason why your submission has been rejected. Sometimes on a particularly cranky day, I may not. I apologize in advance. Please note that I won't just automatically reject something cuz you forgot a comma, I will edit some submissions and approve them nonetheless. But if there are several errors (grammatical or not) I may reject it, and then tell you why. Also FYI I usually sign all my moderator comments with my name, however on occasion I won't sign my name if I'm approving/rejecting a bunch of your submissions in one sitting.

    It's a tad confusing, but here's how to find the area to contribute crew info. On the episode's page you wish to add this info to, the main page is on the SUMMARY section. Click on the button listing CREDITS and then the next button that says WRITERS & DIRECTORS (or CREW, if it's not a writer or director you wish to add) and then click the ADD button. Follow the instructions listed from there onward.

    To add cast listings to an episode you click on the CREDITS button, then click on ADD. There you can check or uncheck the boxes of the show's main stars, and it's recurring characters. Then use the Step 2 Guest-stars section (about halfway down the page) to add the guest-stars (follow the listed instructions there). There's a glitch that if you attempt to edit/correct a cast's character's name that's already listed, you cannot do it in one submission. Firstly, delete the actor's name that says "unknown" or the wrong character name. Then in a second, separate submission, delete the actor's name and then add in the new listing with the proper names. In your user comments, list STEP #1, and STEP #2 to correct it. That way the editor knows which one to approve first. This will allow the deletion of the wrong listing and add in the corrected one. It's a tad complicated but it seems to work alright. Same goes with CREW listings too.

    Some people seem to be confused about this section. When you add a submission there's a mandatory section called the User Comments area. That section isn't for comments on the episode or the series in general, it's for comments about your submission. Basically the reason why your submission should be accepted. Usually it's a good idea to list your submission there as well, or some other notation for your own reference as to the submission, just in case it's rejected incorrectly. If it's for a deletion or correction, please use it to list your reasons why it should be deleted or corrected.

    9. AIRDATES: lists the original airdates for episodes, meaning the first network to air the series and the airdates of the episodes on that network. Any other networks to pickup a series and air the episodes after do not get listed in the airdate section. However I will accept them in the TRIVIA section. Plus any network to air an episode before the original network can be listed in the NOTES section (such as "This episode aired March 5, 2006 in Canada"). Please note that this is why some episodes are called unaired despite airing on TV at some point - it means the original network did not air this episode. If it aired later, as stated above, you can submit it to the TRIVIA section.

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    ForumRules - Please Read Before Posting!

    First and foremost, if you're new to the website please go check out the NEW USERS forum to learn about the site.


    Questions & Search Forums feature:
    Before asking your question, please use the Search forums box at the top of the forum and type in the episode name, character name, actor name, etc and it'll show you all threads about them. Try the episode titled threads first or the threads specifically designed for the actors/characters, and if you still cannot find anything related, go ahead and start a new thread. Certain topics don't need their own thread, please be mindful that it might just be better to post your question in the General Discussion and FAQ thread.

    Episode Threads:
    Please keep any discussion regarding characters and/or storylines of episodes in the specific episode titled threads. There is one for most episodes and you can use the Search Forums feature as mentioned above, but if you cannot find one please use this format to create one. The title of the thread should be the episode number and the episode title. For example: Ep 8.16 - Engaged and Confused.

    On Topic/Off Topic:
    Please keep all threads on topic. Anything off topic will be deleted, especially if they're in a thread designed for one specific topic. Mostly anything not Charmed related just isn't appropriate for this forum. Discussion of and forum policy is off-topic on the Charmed discussion forum since they don't concern this TV series, characters, storylines, etc. Feel free to discuss any appropriate off topic issues in the Off-Topic forum.

    No arguing! People are allowed to give their opinions and just cuz you don't agree doesn't mean they're wrong. Everything is speculation until it happens. A healthy debate and/or constructive well-thought out arguments/opinions about storylines/characters is allowed, but outright negativity isn't helpful, nor needed, in this forum, and if I feel a post is designed to stir up trouble, I will delete it. If you don't like the series in general, then don't waste anyone's time by posting here.

    Guest-stars (and their characters) do not always deserve their own threads but some exceptions have been made for recurring characters. However it may be easier to discuss certain characters or actors in the episode threads that they appear in or in the General Discussion and FAQ thread. Most stars of the series have their own threads and the links to their respective threads can be found at the bottom of this page.

    Games, Fan Fiction & Other Copyright Issues:
    Game threads and fan fiction are not allowed in this forum, asgames don't meet's definition of "on topic" threads, and fan fiction borders on ablurred line of copyright violation and violates's Terms of Use. You are free to post that kind of thing in your personal blogs or's Fun & GamesForum. Terms of Use also appliesto users posting stuff that isn't theirs. In terms with copyright protecton and the fact that some websites don't like their work being posted on other sites, it would be better when posting "news" to list a brief excerpt and post a link to the actual site for more info.

    Downloading TV shows is illegal and there will be no discussion in this forum about it. Any posts regarding this will be immediately deleted. Discussion about taping the episodes is alright (for personal use only), however no discussion on selling tapes (or any other illegal merchandise) is allowed.

    We have the very frequently used threads pinned to the top of the forum.

    If you have a problem with someone on the forum or want to ask why I deleted/locked your post, PM me by clicking on my user name, or you canemail me at not post messages to me in this forum, they will be deleted.Also has a specifically designed system for reporting abuse, on the bottom of the post you can find a drop down menu that says Report Abuse to Moderator and this will be sent to the staff.

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