Season 3 Episode 17

Four Aliens and A Baby

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 07, 2002 on The WB

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  • The once queen of Antar has returned, with the king's son.

    Although I thought this was an overall good episode, I felt like alot more could have been done with it. For instance, towards the end when they say one week later Max decides to give up his son, I would like to have seen how the group acted towards baby Zan. I would also have liked to see thier reaction to Tess killing herself, more of the Evans' reaction and def more of Tess and Liz talking. I liked the fact that Tess told Liz about being able to "see" him thinking of Liz, it made me somewhat proud of her.
  • Evil in their midst.

    Do sinners deserve to be forgiven or to be punished? Do people become evil out of choice or could it be how they were brought up? These are the revolving questions in this episode as it finally puts closure to the revolving lost son plotline but also resolves with relief the relationship between Max and Liz. What's interesting about this story the most is the Tess character despite a bad guy she's also a human being. At times she still comes off with her usual bad qualities, deceptive, selfish, insensitive to others, and many others things you can think of. But also seems to have more of a concious about her actions after all she admitted she was guilty not just of killing Alex but betraying her everyone around her. And we see she is not proud of it and has suffered; from being rejected by the enemy race she sold out to, but mainly psycholgically. Plus she also wants to do what is best for her son, give him a good life she can never give him. Another intersting moment is when she states a possible reason for how she came to be when she brings in the issue of upbringing. It is a possible reason, being raised with the wrong kind of parental figure instead of a loving family. Despite all this we don't feel sympathy for her, yet you also can't help but feel conflicted about whether it's right for the characters to waist her or not. Sort of like trying to put a rapid dog down, it's sick and a danger to everyone but it was once a regular dog like any other.

    And the reactions to her return are very honest. Kyle feels he lost a sister. Michael feels a trust agreement he had with her was broken. Maria and Isabel harbor so much hate for Tess they wouldn't mind if she died. Liz and Max are the more conciousious both of them harber anger and some hate to what Tess did not just to Alex but almost destroying their love relationship. And yet both also have a strong sense of moral code of ethics they must honor, whether they want to or not it's just their nature. There's a moment when they all have to vote on what to do with her. The result of the vote as well as what happens afterward is supprising. And these questions don't really have answers their really up to both of the characters and ourselves.
  • Tess is back with Max's baby.

    Since this was the main story-arc this year was Max's baby they had to conclude this before the series' cancellation. So Tess is back with Max's baby, now called Zan. She gets out of the military base and kills about 20 people. This leads the military to search the whole town to find Tess and the baby. Meanwhile, Max's parents face him and Isabel with the recorded tape from the previous episode. This is also the conclusion to something that started 3 years ago. They finally tell the truth to their parents and they decide to help them.

    In this episode, they bring back something from season 2. Tess claimed the baby couldn't survive on the planet and Max felt it. She tells him it was a wind warp (another) and that the baby can live on earth. In fact, that's why she's there. The baby is 100% human and was rejected by Kivar on Antar as the heir of the throne.

    This episode also shows everyone's reaction to seeing Tess again. It's what you would expect, everyone's reaction make sense and aren't out of place. Michael and Isabel want her dead. So does Maria. Kyle tells Tess she's the only alien he knows that doesn't have a soul. And Max... well he's pretty upset. As for Liz, well she uses her power on Tess and wants to kill her herself. One of her lines ''get up b****'' is a classic and a fans favorite.

    Seeing she has no reason to exist, she goes sacrificing herself by blowing up in the military base. Hoping it would stop the search for her and the baby. What it actually does it the opposite. In the following episode they retrieve Max's parents tape of Isabel and start an alien hunt in Roswell to kill them all.

    The problem with this episode is regarding its role with the rest of the season. Max and Liz have spent to much energy and time (and episodes...) trying to find a way to get the baby back. And finally this whole situation solved itself... on its own, in one episode. It kind of betray the whole season. But maybe this was rushed because the author thought about solving the Max's baby situation in a fourth season. Which they sadly didn't get.
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