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Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2002 on The WB
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As their high school graduation approaches, the gang must come to terms with their expectations for the future, while joining together to thwart the FBI when they discover that several members of the group are under surveillance. Meanwhile, Liz begins exhibiting even more alien-like powers, that cause her to see visions of their future - including their deaths. Roswell's final episode.


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  • A dreary ending to a dreary season. At least the couples stayed together.

    Okay, first off, I just want to get this little bit out of my system: What the hell kind of crappy ending was that? It was as if they just wanted to run the show into the ground so that there was absolutely no way they could bring it back again. All throughout season 3, I just couldn’t care about the characters because they had changed so much. And, to be fair, that poor ending didn’t do anything to rectify that feeling.

    Was it really necessary to ruin Roswell for the dedicated fans that fell in love with the charismatic characters that the writers painstakingly created through season one and two? It seems like the writers, directors, producers – even the actors – lost their interest in the show and wanted to end it as soon as possible; while ruining it for the fans.

    Now that they have found Max’s son, life for the Roswellians returns to the norm of season one and two. These children are still school pupils but it seems like that was forgotten in all the alien mess. Even season two had drifted from the high school show that Roswell started out as and took a darker turn but at least then the storylines were believable enough that we didn’t really mind that particular blip on the radar.

    So what, you ask, makes Graduation a faux pas? Well, there isn’t really one particular thing – more of a slow building climax from the very beginning of the season that finally graduated into Graduation.

    While most pupils idea of a dramatic graduation is the school rebel mooning the head teacher, the Roswell fantasy is, of course, a little different from that. Not only have the FBI swarmed the school hall, but the shyest boy in all the school – Max Evans, alien king extraordinaire - takes a step onto the podium and uses his carefully concealed alien powers to black out the hall and allow his alien compadres to escape. Ah, a king to the end, eh?

    Michael choosing not to graduate and leave on his own is of no great surprise. What is, however, is the evolution of Liz’s powers – woaw! The girl can see into the future. Isn’t it a little strange that none of the pod-squad was able to and yet the power she gained was something that none of them had? Handy.

    For months, all Maria has wanted is to be free of the pod squad, and yet when she is given the chance, she doesn’t leave and becomes a hypocritical mess of tears and anger that she is being left out of the goings on of the alien abyss. Uh helloooooo, that’s what you wanted when you buggered off to NY to live your alien-free life!

    Even Max’s romantic proposal could not, in my opinion, pull this show out of the gutter for me. The writers thought they were giving the viewers what they wanted, but there is still too much stuff in the past between Max and Liz that would equate to them never getting married. What about the option of children? Was that ever addressed? I don’t think so.

    At least they took Kyle away so they could watch over his powers.

    And, it would seem, that the whole three series have been Mr Parker reading Liz’s journal… and I know it wouldn’t be a show without other people’s perspectives, but have the writer’s forgotten that Liz stopped writing in her journal for a while throughout season two? Hmm.

    And would Liz be allowed to tell Mr Parker about the Alien Abyss? How could the pod squad be sure that he wouldn’t reveal their true identities?

    But then, I suppose, Liz probably had a premonition that he wouldn’t.

    I wasn’t impressed with this ending as there were many storylines left wide open and too much of “Here this is what you wanted all along, enjoy” from the writer’s regarding the romantic couples (Liz and Max, Michael and Maria), characters (Valenti, Michael).

    Poor show.

    Song – Ash – Shining Light

    Look – Max as he says asks Liz to marry him

    Line – “I want to be with you Liz… forever… we’ll take those twelve days and we’ll live twelve lifetimes” - Max

  • Welcome to Roswell home of many things that can not be explained. So it all comes down to this. Life in Roswell with those aliens and humans. Our story goes like this Max,Isabel,and Michael are trying to fit in while being different. Alien Different.moreless

    Ive just finished watching Roswell again. All 3 seasons on dvd. It took about 2 weeks. I noticed something alittle differently this time around. In the 3rd season it looked to me, each character even the humans had more room to grow and to be more of themselves. I was kinda wondering what would of happened if they never would of switched networks for the third season. We all as fans may of never known. As far as there being only 18 episodes. I was really not mad but after reading around I managed to see it was either 18 episodes or no episodes. If this was true or not from the network we will never know. This show could of been so much more. I still in a funny way expect a tv movie outta this. To tie up all the loose ends cause it ended too soon. The 10 year mark is almost here. I also look at it this way atleast they ended it. It may of not been in a right way but how many great shows dont end right or end at all.moreless
  • Rushed because the series was ending prematurely. It felt like the characters were rushing to the expected conclusions before they it was time

    While I am glad that there was an actual ending to the show, especially since it's highly unlikely we'll ever get it back, I felt like they should have at least let the show end on a normal 22 episode season, giving them a little more time to create a scene in which everyone who has fought tooth and nails to stay in Rosewell would actually reach a point where they would not only leave, but would leave seperately as they actively plan in this episode. Maria being the only one who seems to have a problem with this idea. Also Kyle knowing in about a year he'll gain powers that may kill him if he doesn't have help is willing to just hang out in Roswell with no way to contact the people who might be able to help him. It all just seemed far fetched. While I loved Max's proposal I felt like they had just gotten back together and even though there relationship has always been over powering or not existing, it seemed like a stretch that she would agree to marry him so soon after truely forgiving him for what happened with Tess. Micheal and Maria went from barely speaking to Maria giving up her dream of singing for Micheal (again). Even though when she thought about it earlier he knew that he couldn't let her, because if he told her to stay she'd always blame him for stopping her from following her dreams. Yet this time it was ok? Don't those two believe in finding middle ground ever? The show as a whole was great but the finale was overly rushed to bring people into the relationships that the show had been cultivating since the first few episodes, instead of giving them a believable ending that should have been warrented from the series thus far. Almost the entire episode was rushed and it felt like everything was being forced into the place that it was suppose to be in, but without taking the time to make sure that everything fit together exactly right.moreless
  • Max and Liz got married,finally!

    One of my favorites episodes of the show and one of the best series finale's I have ever seen. This episode is sad and great at the same time.It´s sad because is the end of the show but it´s great because has a happy ending and I love that! Max´s proposal was beautiful and very romantic!In this scene you can see how much they love each other. I liked very much the end:all together travelling for the world, helping other persons.... And the last scene is wonderful...with Max and Liz married and she saying " I´m Liz Parker and I'm happy ". A very special episode for a very special series!moreless
  • And I won't go, I won't sleep, I can't breathe until you're resting here with me :)

    The episode was AMAZING. The ending really looks like an open one, but it is still great, it gave the show a real life prospective. Max and Liz were great. I loved them from the first minute of the pilot, through the whole show till the end of the series finale. Their relationship was amazing, and it was so great that they end up getting married. Michael and Maria astonished me as well. Maria has been great this season, she was the normal one and she had a lot of doubts about being with Michael, like any normal person would have. Abd it was great that they stayed together, despite everything. So… basically everything was perfect. And the whole idea of the team traveling through the country and doing good was pretty much amazing ^^ Oh I am what I am

    I'll do what I want

    But I can't hide

    I won't go

    I won't sleep

    I can't breathe

    Until you're resting here with me

    I won't leave

    I can't hide

    I cannot be

    Until you're resting here with me

Jason Behr

Jason Behr

'Max' Maxwell Evans

Shiri Appleby

Shiri Appleby

'Liz' Elizabeth Parker Evans

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Isabel Amanda Evans Ramirez

Majandra Delfino

Majandra Delfino

Maria DeLuca

Brendan Fehr

Brendan Fehr

Michael Guerin

Nick Wechsler

Nick Wechsler

Kyle Valenti

Winnie Holzman

Winnie Holzman

Madame Vivian

Guest Star

Patrick Kilpatrick

Patrick Kilpatrick


Guest Star

Bob Morrisey

Bob Morrisey


Guest Star

John Doe

John Doe

Jeff Parker

Recurring Role

Garrett M. Brown

Garrett M. Brown

Phillip Evans

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
      -Somehow, Someday by Ryan Adams
      -Call Me Again by Evan Olson
      -Here We Go Again by Riddlin Kids
      -L-O-V-E by Irving
      -Deep Love by Mandalay
      -Falling In by Amilia K Spicer
      -Breathe In by Frou Frou
      -My Sundown by Jimmy Eat World
      -Victory Parade by The Belles
      -Shining Light by Ash

    • In this episode Liz's alien powers develop more, she now gets premonitions, so she can see the future.

    • TRIVIA: Max and Liz finally get married in this episode and Liz's father also discovers the truth about the alien-hybrids, as does her mother, and Maria's mom.

    • TRIVIA: While shooting the finale Brendan Fehr broke his arm playing hockey and had to shoot the remaining three days with a cast on his arm. When they are all in the desert the first time making their plans to leave, his cast is just visible underneath his jacket.

    • When Max walks up on stage at Graduation, there are people sitting behind him. When Michael shows up on the bike and Max hops on, there is no one left on the stage and the chairs that they had been sitting in have disappeared.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Max: I won't make this decision for everyone. I'm givin' up the throne. I'm not a king. (to Michael) And you're not my second-in-command. (to Isabel) And you're not a princess. We're just fighting for our lives.
      Isabel: Well, then we need to start planning on how to fight back.
      Michael: I got a better idea. Why don't we get outta Dodge before they land on us? We leave.
      Kyle: And where do we go?
      Michael: Anywhere but here. I mean, let's face it. They know who we are. It's over. We leave Roswell. We leave fast and we leave as quietly as we can.

    • Liz: I can't tell you much more than that. It wouldn't be safe. For you or for us. I can tell you that we're far away and that we're all trying to avoid the law and do good in the world. Oh, and I guess I should tell you that Max and I did eventually tie the knot. Give my love to Mom. Let her read this journal too. Then, give it to Maria's mom, and after that, take it and burn it out in the desert by the ruins of the pod chamber, where my husband was born. So that's the end. Our life in Roswell. What a long, strange trip it's been. Will we ever go back? I don't know. Even I can't see everything in the future. All I know is that I'm Liz Parker... and I'm happy.

    • Max: Hi, I'm Max Evans. I thought I'd take this opportunity to say a few things on behalf of myself and the graduating class. Some of us are here tonight to walk across this stage and get our hard-earned diplomas and toss our caps in the air. But there's another group here tonight, a group of people who are here for another reason altogether. They're here to say goodbye. Goodbye to their high school lives. Goodbye to family and friends. You see, this group has been though a lot. And tonight is the night they've decided to call it quits. It's been a long, hard road for them. They have a lot of wounds. They've lost people. People that were close to them. They've had each other to cling to. But tonight that's all coming to an end. I'm a member of that group of...outsiders. I always knew I was different. And for a long, long time, all I wanted was to be another face in the crowd. But in the wasn't possible. I guess it never was. So from now on, I'll just concentrate on being who I really am. Some of you might not like that. Some of you might even find that frightening. But that's not my problem anymore. I have to be who I really am and let fate take care of the rest. So thank you, Roswell. Thank you for letting me live among you. Thank you for giving me a family. Thank you for giving me a home.

    • Max: A trick I learned from Superman. Let's see if it really works. (He takes a piece of coal and turns it into a diamond, then gets down on one knee)
      Liz: Oh, my...
      Max: Liz, they're taking our home from us. They wanna kill us...and they might. But when I look in your eyes I don't feel angry or deprived. I feel like the luckiest half-human on the planet. You're pure. You're true, and you're real. And right now that seems like the only thing that's important. I wanna be with you, Liz. Forever.
      Liz: 'Forever' may only be 12 days.
      Max: Then we'll take those 12 days. And we'll live 12 lifetimes. Liz Parker...will you marry me?
      Liz: Yes.
      (They kiss)

    • Michael: Well, I'm not graduating so, I guess I'll be the first to leave.
      Max: Michael, look...
      Michael: Ah, I'm traveling light so, you can have my Metallica CDs.
      Max: I know things between us have been a little ah...
      Michael: Maxwell don't. 'Cuz I can't.
      (Max hugs Michael as the others look on)

    • Valenti: I hear I missed quite a ceremony.
      Kyle: I don't think they're gonna forget the class of 2002.

    • Liz: They probably don't know anything about you, Kyle. You could still go back.
      Kyle: Even if by some miracle they haven't put me together with the rest of you guys, there's still the little matter of my latent alien powers. Someday, I'll be buzzing and crackling like tin foil in a microwave and I'd just as soon be with my own kind when it happens.
      Michael: Does he really get to start referring to us as his "own kind"?

    • Michael: Modesty prevents me from taking a bow.

    • Liz: The trouble with making plans for the future ...even when you can see the future... is that fate has a way of intervening and upsetting 'the best laid plans of mice and men'. Robert Burns, 1785. That was on the SAT, too.

    • Liz: I'm trying to handle the whole college acceptance thing with grace and aplomb.
      Max: ...'Aplomb'?
      Liz: Yeah... it's an SAT word that I can't get out of my head. It's slowly driving me crazy.

    • Maria: I thought you were leaving.
      Michael: I am... but I just wanted... I dunno.
      Maria: To say goodbye?
      Michael: I wanted to say that this thing has been screwed up from the beginning. You and me. Us. Just the whole long, stupid story...
      Maria: Thanks...
      Michael: But I wouldn't trade it for anything. It's meant so much to me, y'know. From day one, from the moment I kidnapped you and stole your car... I knew you were the girl for me. I never wanted anyone else...
      Maria: Michael...
      Michael: I still don't. Just... Wherever I'm going, whatever I'm doin', just know I'll always love you.
      (Michael puts his helmet on and starts his bike)
      Maria: Wait. No... wait. You - you can't just say that and then...
      (Michael rides off, leaving Maria looking after him)

    • Max: So from now on I'll just concentrate on being who I really am. And some of you may not like that. Some of you might even find that frightening. But that's not my problem anymore. I have to be who I really am and let fate take care of the rest.

    • Liz: We're all going to be killed.

    • Michael: I dream we get whacked every other night, why the meeting?

    • Michael: The current theory is that I'm gonna be dust.
      Madame Vivian: Dust?
      Michael: Yeah, dead, kaput, finito Michaelito.

    • Maria: What about that thing with Courtney last year?
      Michael: Those were extenuating circumstances, she was a Michael worshiper.

    • Max: I'm the luckiest half-human on this earth.

    • Michael: A team? Look at us it's ridiculous!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Max: I learnt this one from Superman.

      This is a reference to the infamous DC Comics superhero Superman, which has also been made in numerous films and a couple TV series.