Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Liz has a precognitive flash of a Crashdown customer's imminent demise while touching her when settling her bill. She and Max follow the customer into the alley outside the restaurant in time to foil what could have been a lethal robbery. Later while making out with Max, Liz has another future flash of the three hybrids and herself being slain. Calling the gang together to strategize against this latest threat, Max proclaims himself no longer King and lets each individual decide for themselves how they are going to handle the situation. The general consensus is now that the government knows who and what they are, the aliens should leave Roswell. Jesse, who has just gotten a high-powered job in Boston encourages Isabel to go with him. Maria is torn between being forced to become a fugitive and being left behind. Kyle is uncertain about his future in Roswell as a mechanic and resistant to his father's entreaty to enter law enforcement. After having a second more detailed flash of their impending massacre, the Pod Squad agrees to flee right after graduation. Michael, who has failed to graduate, leaves before the ceremony after a teary goodbye to Maria when he finally tells her he loves her. The rest of the gang attends the ceremony only to discover they have misread Liz's prophecy and that it is at the graduation ceremony itself that they are to be executed. In a desperate attempt to buy his fellow fugitives some time, Max mounts the stage and gives an impassioned speech about belonging and alienation. During this diversion the others sneak out of the darkened auditorium. Max however is trapped on stage in full sniper's view until Michael comes roaring into the auditorium on his motorbike and rescues him. A final meeting in the desert is the scene of a sorrowful farewell between Jesse and Isabel and Kyle and his father. Max, Isabel, Michael, Liz, Kyle, and Maria all hit the road together in a van. The final scene is of Max and Liz's wedding day. We hear Liz reading her journal while witnessing the joyous scene. We then see that it is Liz's father reading an account of his daughter's recent nuptials and an explanation for her disappearance. Liz asks her father to pass her journal on to her mom and Mrs. Deluca, (Maria's mom), before burning it in the desert near the Pod chamber where her husband was born The teens leave Roswell, Liz and Max get married and her parents find out the truth.

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