Season 3 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 14, 2002 on The WB

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  • How I graduated the season finally.

    Jesse considered himself as being some kind of a threat to the alien existence. He wanted his cake and eat it too. He told his psychiatrist he wanted out. His allegory for his wife's brothers was "the mob". So, by that token, he shot an FBI agent to prove loyalty and provided the getaway van. But Isabel realized that if he went with them, it was never going to work. Her predicament dictated how this story would end. Jesse was a hardened lawyer with an adult view. Even telling him, from the beginning would have ended their relationship, which means she didn't want to. The request not to tell any other Outsider of their alien status was a good excuse. There were ways she should have shared with her boyfriend and didn't. However, this story was about being young and willing to take chances. I believe that the writers could see the difficulty of this relationship and had to present an alternative through Kyle, who discovers to us, that he is in love with Isabel. Having him along for the ride was inevitable. His father was healed too. Just because Max healed Kyle was not the real excuse for going with this group. After Jesse agreed with Isabel to stay behind, Kyle had a real chance for love. The fact the Max and Liz finally did tie the knot, the journal should have read: "All I know is that I"m Liz Evans, and I'm
  • A dreary ending to a dreary season. At least the couples stayed together.

    Okay, first off, I just want to get this little bit out of my system: What the hell kind of crappy ending was that? It was as if they just wanted to run the show into the ground so that there was absolutely no way they could bring it back again. All throughout season 3, I just couldn’t care about the characters because they had changed so much. And, to be fair, that poor ending didn’t do anything to rectify that feeling.

    Was it really necessary to ruin Roswell for the dedicated fans that fell in love with the charismatic characters that the writers painstakingly created through season one and two? It seems like the writers, directors, producers – even the actors – lost their interest in the show and wanted to end it as soon as possible; while ruining it for the fans.

    Now that they have found Max’s son, life for the Roswellians returns to the norm of season one and two. These children are still school pupils but it seems like that was forgotten in all the alien mess. Even season two had drifted from the high school show that Roswell started out as and took a darker turn but at least then the storylines were believable enough that we didn’t really mind that particular blip on the radar.

    So what, you ask, makes Graduation a faux pas? Well, there isn’t really one particular thing – more of a slow building climax from the very beginning of the season that finally graduated into Graduation.

    While most pupils idea of a dramatic graduation is the school rebel mooning the head teacher, the Roswell fantasy is, of course, a little different from that. Not only have the FBI swarmed the school hall, but the shyest boy in all the school – Max Evans, alien king extraordinaire - takes a step onto the podium and uses his carefully concealed alien powers to black out the hall and allow his alien compadres to escape. Ah, a king to the end, eh?

    Michael choosing not to graduate and leave on his own is of no great surprise. What is, however, is the evolution of Liz’s powers – woaw! The girl can see into the future. Isn’t it a little strange that none of the pod-squad was able to and yet the power she gained was something that none of them had? Handy.

    For months, all Maria has wanted is to be free of the pod squad, and yet when she is given the chance, she doesn’t leave and becomes a hypocritical mess of tears and anger that she is being left out of the goings on of the alien abyss. Uh helloooooo, that’s what you wanted when you buggered off to NY to live your alien-free life!

    Even Max’s romantic proposal could not, in my opinion, pull this show out of the gutter for me. The writers thought they were giving the viewers what they wanted, but there is still too much stuff in the past between Max and Liz that would equate to them never getting married. What about the option of children? Was that ever addressed? I don’t think so.

    At least they took Kyle away so they could watch over his powers.

    And, it would seem, that the whole three series have been Mr Parker reading Liz’s journal… and I know it wouldn’t be a show without other people’s perspectives, but have the writer’s forgotten that Liz stopped writing in her journal for a while throughout season two? Hmm.

    And would Liz be allowed to tell Mr Parker about the Alien Abyss? How could the pod squad be sure that he wouldn’t reveal their true identities?

    But then, I suppose, Liz probably had a premonition that he wouldn’t.

    I wasn’t impressed with this ending as there were many storylines left wide open and too much of “Here this is what you wanted all along, enjoy” from the writer’s regarding the romantic couples (Liz and Max, Michael and Maria), characters (Valenti, Michael).

    Poor show.

    Song – Ash – Shining Light
    Look – Max as he says asks Liz to marry him
    Line – “I want to be with you Liz… forever… we’ll take those twelve days and we’ll live twelve lifetimes” - Max
  • Welcome to Roswell home of many things that can not be explained. So it all comes down to this. Life in Roswell with those aliens and humans. Our story goes like this Max,Isabel,and Michael are trying to fit in while being different. Alien Different.

    Ive just finished watching Roswell again. All 3 seasons on dvd. It took about 2 weeks. I noticed something alittle differently this time around. In the 3rd season it looked to me, each character even the humans had more room to grow and to be more of themselves. I was kinda wondering what would of happened if they never would of switched networks for the third season. We all as fans may of never known. As far as there being only 18 episodes. I was really not mad but after reading around I managed to see it was either 18 episodes or no episodes. If this was true or not from the network we will never know. This show could of been so much more. I still in a funny way expect a tv movie outta this. To tie up all the loose ends cause it ended too soon. The 10 year mark is almost here. I also look at it this way atleast they ended it. It may of not been in a right way but how many great shows dont end right or end at all.
  • Rushed because the series was ending prematurely. It felt like the characters were rushing to the expected conclusions before they it was time

    While I am glad that there was an actual ending to the show, especially since it's highly unlikely we'll ever get it back, I felt like they should have at least let the show end on a normal 22 episode season, giving them a little more time to create a scene in which everyone who has fought tooth and nails to stay in Rosewell would actually reach a point where they would not only leave, but would leave seperately as they actively plan in this episode. Maria being the only one who seems to have a problem with this idea. Also Kyle knowing in about a year he'll gain powers that may kill him if he doesn't have help is willing to just hang out in Roswell with no way to contact the people who might be able to help him. It all just seemed far fetched. While I loved Max's proposal I felt like they had just gotten back together and even though there relationship has always been over powering or not existing, it seemed like a stretch that she would agree to marry him so soon after truely forgiving him for what happened with Tess. Micheal and Maria went from barely speaking to Maria giving up her dream of singing for Micheal (again). Even though when she thought about it earlier he knew that he couldn't let her, because if he told her to stay she'd always blame him for stopping her from following her dreams. Yet this time it was ok? Don't those two believe in finding middle ground ever? The show as a whole was great but the finale was overly rushed to bring people into the relationships that the show had been cultivating since the first few episodes, instead of giving them a believable ending that should have been warrented from the series thus far. Almost the entire episode was rushed and it felt like everything was being forced into the place that it was suppose to be in, but without taking the time to make sure that everything fit together exactly right.
  • Max and Liz got married,finally!

    One of my favorites episodes of the show and one of the best series finale's I have ever seen. This episode is sad and great at the same time.It´s sad because is the end of the show but it´s great because has a happy ending and I love that! Max´s proposal was beautiful and very romantic!In this scene you can see how much they love each other. I liked very much the end:all together travelling for the world, helping other persons.... And the last scene is wonderful...with Max and Liz married and she saying " I´m Liz Parker and I'm happy ". A very special episode for a very special series!
  • And I won't go, I won't sleep, I can't breathe until you're resting here with me :)

    The episode was AMAZING. The ending really looks like an open one, but it is still great, it gave the show a real life prospective. Max and Liz were great. I loved them from the first minute of the pilot, through the whole show till the end of the series finale. Their relationship was amazing, and it was so great that they end up getting married. Michael and Maria astonished me as well. Maria has been great this season, she was the normal one and she had a lot of doubts about being with Michael, like any normal person would have. Abd it was great that they stayed together, despite everything. So… basically everything was perfect. And the whole idea of the team traveling through the country and doing good was pretty much amazing ^^ Oh I am what I am
    I'll do what I want
    But I can't hide
    I won't go
    I won't sleep
    I can't breathe
    Until you're resting here with me
    I won't leave
    I can't hide
    I cannot be
    Until you're resting here with me

  • The Best Series Finale I have ever seen.

    This episode had it all: Action, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Tears, Great Acting, unbelievible acting, dead-on direction, humor, and awesome production values. From the very beginning you can tell that the creators knew that they weren't just making a season finale, that in fact they where making a series finale and it shows. Bring everyone up to their A game, "Graduation" is literally splitting at the seams with its storylines... With enough plotlines to successfully create 10 episodes it moves seemlessly through the 45 minutes making it seem like no time at all, and somehow in the making wraps up all the loose ends (a wonderful feat considering it is edited from from its original 95 minutes running time). Although the longer cut has never been released to the general public, this episodes still remains a classic episode, and marks a wonderful end to a extraordinary series. While people may argue that the shows ends on a cliff-hanger, it actually ends perfectly... And the last 4 minutes (which were added latter on, when it officially became "the series finale") Shows just how much these character have grown since we first met them, and everything that brought them to were they are. It is intersting to think that this episode was written and ended to tie everything up, but also to make room for a possible movie, which I still hear rumblings about every once and awhile...

    I am happy (and saddened) to report that Roswell left on top.
  • For anyone who ever loved a series, but saw it end badly, watch this show. This is one the best series finales for a show.

    For anyone who ever loved a series, but saw it end badly, watch this show. This is one the best series finales for a show. It gives us resolution and what we have always wanted to see. There is action and suspense. Finally the truth about the aliens is out. There is no turning back for Liz. In the end, she has to choose between her friends/boyfriend, and her family and home. When she chooses to stay with Max, he becomes her family and we get to see the wedding we were afraid would never happen. I'm also impressed that we got to see a conclusion to Liz's diary writing and that her family is left with some comfort. The only thing that even remotely spoils this episode for me is the fact that Isabelle had to leave Jesse behind. I guess not everyone can have a happy ending.
  • What kept me hooked was the plots between the couples.When alex died was the worst.The episode with his funeral,im a grown man and i cried like a baby.Call me girl or whatever you like, but i will tell anybody that this is the best series that i have ever

    I just started watching it in 2005 because back in the day i told myself that naaa its a girl soap opera show.Boy was i wrong.I wish i would have started watching it when it first came out.In my opinion, i would say about 99 % of the episodes where outstanding.Then there was that 1% when max and liz went on there wild and crazy run around.It's painful to watch because it was the last episode.When i watch it over and over i know that there is no more.To tell you how good the show is, that if a 25 year old man can get hooked on it then it must be really disappointed that there was not a season 4 or a movie.i read that some actors wanted tp persue their acting careers.i respect that and their decision to move on.Any time they want to come back im all for it.

  • This is Roswell's finale... or is it?

    Some complained about the fact that a lot of things were left unsolved. Future Max's warning about the importance of Tess, the war going on in the Antar system, Langley and so on. But the thing is, ''Graduation'' concludes this series much better than what we could have seen in other series. As for exemple, Buffy and Angel had pretty bad conclusions. Not because the episodes itself were bad. But because the the number of things left unsolved was ridiculous.

    The episode starts off with Liz writing in her journal about Roswell feeling a bit normal again, Tess gone, Max's baby safe... It's quite good that they bring back Liz's journal back into the mix because that's how the show started. It started with ''Hi I'm Liz Parker, the other day I died and after things got really weird'' and it ends with ''Hi I'm Liz Parker and I'm happy''. I thought it was a nice touch.

    Liz's powers grow and she can now have visions of people in danger. A bit like Cordelia on Angel. With this, Max has a new purpose on earth, one that includes Liz: helping people. Max decides to ask Liz to ber her wife and she accepts. The scene is well written and much better than the episode when Jesse asked Isabel.

    Liz has a vision of she, Max, Isabel and Michael dying. This is do to the special unit searching for them to eliminate them, they're quite upset about what Tess did in the previous episode. Taking this into consideration, the gang decides it's now time to leave Roswell for good. The special unit sets a trap at Max and Liz's graduation and to save them, Max walks up in front of everyone and produces an awkward but quite revealing speech. When doing this he closes all the light except for the spot pointing at him. This helps the others leaving the school without the special unit seeing them.

    Max's speech is kind of the statement of the show. He knows he can't fit as ''another face in the crowd'' and he fully accepts it now even if it means it will scare people. Then Michael, enters the place with his motorcycle and saves Max. The whole gang then makes their final goodbye to Roswell. Isabel tells Jesse that he can't come with them. This wasn't very appreciated by the fans. But Isabel never wanted to endanger Jesse, so it's kind of normal that she let's him go. Kyle says goodbye to his dad who now got back a real job, finally, as deputy of sheriff Henson. Jim Valenti helps them one last time (he sure helped them a lot during those 3 years) by making an anonymous phone call as to the fact they've fled to Mexico while in fact they're heading towards Arizona. The thing is, Kyle is going with the aliens because he knows that sooner or later he'll have alien powers. Max healed him, but what about Jim? Jim too was saved by Max. I guess it was a better ending than seeing Jim becoming a fugitive.

    The episode ends with Jeff Parker reading Liz's journal. She tells them she's now happy doing good in world, that she and Max got married, to give this book to Maria's mom and then destroy the book. It's quite a sad but satisfying ending. There are possibilies for possible spin-offs. The aliens saving people each week. A bit like Angel used to be, without the alien part.
  • Awesome end to awesome series

    Even if season 3 wasnt my fave season, i did like the ending, the last few minutes were awesome. Even though im not a 16 year old boy i was still rele happy wen saw liz and max get married lol. I liked Liz's power coz it gave them some direction and left viewers to their own imagination. I did think the hole FBI shooting 18 year old students in front of an entire class was a tad silly, but overall was an awesome episode!
  • perfect

    this was perfect i was happy for liz and max but it was still very sad when u reilize they are neva going to see there families again it so sad i love lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov lov
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  • Wow that was a good season final

    In the previous episode Tess tried to do something right for once, but other agencies found out about Isabel power, so they go after them. Thank goodness Liz has an alien power because she saves them all by telling the others that they were going to die. Max save the others aliens by going up the stage and talking with the students and turning the lights off so that the other can escape and then Michael save Max.

    Too bad Jesse couldn’t go with Isabel. Yes Max and Liz final got married!!! Liz father also found out about them by her diary, and she told him to tell her mom and Maria’s mother, hopefully that would give some closure.

    overall good episode, we got to see relationship evolt, Maria and Micheal, Max and Liz. Good to know that the series did not leave us a cliffhanger.
  • "All I know is that I'm Liz Parker. And I'm Happy"

    I loved this episode. The season finale. The entire show finale. It was great to watch but could of been so much better. Granted, the producers of the show had to tie up all the loose ends with very little time. But it was left so unfinished. There were so many unexplored possibilities... So many directions to take the characters and I would love to have seen the show continue as it was far from over!
    Anyway, back to the episode...
    I love the emotional display from Maria in particular. She's feeling left out and left behind, although she's unsure whether she wants to be part of the group or not. She finally makes the decision that she wants to be part of everything that happens with the aliens. Go Girl! I was so pleased! A great end to Michael and Maria's relationship: He stayed for her, she left for him. (Referring back to departure, when Michael made the decision to stay in Roswell to be with Maria).
    Everyone loves a happy ending and this certainly was. The most important thing to me is that the original group stayed together. Minus Jim Valenti of course, who I would loved to have stuck with them too. But it was nice to see that he was finally trying to earn his Sheriff badge back.

    On reflection, I think this episode did Roswell justice and was a brilliant end to one of the most amazing shows, that I will always keep close to my heart.
  • It's the series finale and their graduation approaches. Liz's powers start to further develop and she sees their impending deaths. Together Max, Liz, Micheal, Isabel, Maria, and Kyle leave Roswell and thwart the FBI.

    It was a great conclusion to a magnificent series. It felt like it lagged a bit, but it wrapped up nicely. The characters time in Roswell are over, but they are free and the opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I loved Roswell and was so said to see it end, luckily you are able to watch it on YouTube if their is a Roswell void you need to fill. It was a very emotional episode since the characters were forced to leave. Isabel left Jesse and gave back the ring although it felt like there was some possibility to get together someday. Everyone had to leave their family, but now their parents are let on in the secret. I'm still obsessed with Roswell but this series finale put me to rest in a sense. May Roswell live on forever.
  • After Tess blows up the military base, the now-defunct Special Unit makes a final effort to eliminate the Pod Squad, forcing the group to make irrevocable decisions about their futures.

    Definitely one of the greatest series finales ever, the episode fulfills all the promises that kept the audience going for three years. Finally, the characters are able to break away from their assigned places in society, they accept their identities as outsiders and make irrevocable choices which solidify this position and they finally leave Roswell!
    Having pretty much closed the book of doubt on the Max/Liz storyline with the previous episode, the show gives the metaphorical icing on the cake with the wedding in the finale. And after an entire season of see-sawing Maria and Michael thankfully take the plunge. The episode even gives a painful little jab to \\\'keep it real\\\' by having Jesse go on to Boston without Isabel and Jim Valenti stay behind in Roswell.
    There are only two problems with the episode: First of all, at certain points, such as outside the Madame\\\'s place where Michael blows up a garden gnome, the story feels a bit tight. Nonetheless, considering the episode had to be cut down to half its length, the otherwise seamless editing is a credit to the show\\\'s makers rather than a fault.
    The second problem is Max\\\'s final address at graduation. Regardless of how much I loved this show, I can\\\'t help getting irritated by the fact that an entire class of people are made to listen something completely irrelevant for such a long time. It was acceptable to have an entire graduating class made snake food in Buffy because that show took so much of its plotlines from the other students. For Roswell, however, which completely ignored the possibilities a highschool offers after its first year, a graduation speech is out of character and a lazy method of achieving closure. In an otherwise well-balanced and nicely wrapped episode, it becomes irksome and irritating.
    Still, like tabasco sauce on whipped cream, the episode is a bittersweet albeit somewhat utopian ending (come on! they\\\'re not really going to drive around in a van all nice and cozy for the rest of their lives) to a bittersweet if not entirely realistic show.
  • One of the best episodes of the series!

    I was sad when I found out that the series had been cancelled and that this was the final episode. But when I watched the episode, I was excited. The gang graduates High School, and though to most that seems to be a big deal, it was really one of the least important things that happened. Max proposing to Liz, Liz recieving new alien powers, Michael telling Maria that he's been in love with her for years, Isabel telling Jesse that its dangerous for them to be together and that he should go to Bostom without her, Valenti getting a job as a deputy with the Sheriffs office, The gang leaving Roswell together, all of it was so moving.
    It was by far one of my favorite episodes of the series and one of the best series finale's I have ever seen.