Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 2000 on The WB

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  • They go to a funeral.

    I really like the town in this episode. It is such a creepy little town that has Twilight Zone-esque creepiness. The Circle of Friendship is such a great name for the group of Skins that has gathered in order to Harvest all the new bodies for themselves. I love the Congresswoman's family, her mother and father are great and the introduction of Nicolas who is such a good character. I love all the interactions between Max and Liz in this episode as he tries to understand what happened between her and Kyle.
    I really can't stand Courtney in this episode and I don't think that Micheal should have taken the body for her because she really hasn't proven herself to be a valuable.
  • The ''skins'' story-arc reaches its end.

    The gang uses Withaker's death to infiltrate the town where she was from. They soon realize there is nothing else in this town except Skins.

    This episode has again a good intrigue. More is revealed about Courtney, about the Skins and about Vilandra, Isabel's old alias.

    I don't know what happened to their special effects department in this episode but they seem to use a whole lot what I call ''force push''. Which is just waving your hand in the hair and pushing someone away. Leave this to Star Wars please. George Lucas will probably not be happy if this is used to often.

  • Fantastic Village

    A step away from usual Roswell storytelling and into some darker, more action-focused stories, The Harvest is essentially Roswell meets X-Files meets Village of the Damned, with some secrets revealed and more detail on the expanding alien mythology.

    The episode has Max, Liz, Isabel and Tess traveling to Arizona to find a secret organization called the Universal Friendship League which was connected to Congresswoman Whitaker. Whilst there, they discover a cult of psychotic Skins, an evil teen Skin and some shocking truths.

    The Arizona scenes are extremely tense and very nerve-wracking. Miko Hughes is genuinely creepy as the sinister Nicholas and his scenes with Isabel are quite dark compared to normal Roswell episodes. The scenes in the church are also creepy, especially Liz accidentally cracking Whitaker's hand and the big stand-off between Max and Tess and the many Skins.

    The Courtney subplot is also interesting and Michael and Maria get to do loads of Mulder and Scully-style snooping to try and get to the bottom of Courtney's alien mission. It was nice to see that Courtney wasn't evil but in fact a renegade Skin. Though the last act is basically information overload, the episode itself is nicely done, with some excellent writing and some unusually scary moments.