Season 3 Episode 11

I Married An Alien

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2002 on The WB

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  • a very well-written episode.

    this is fun episode for me. it's always nice to watch a series w/ a reference in this case a tribute to bewitched. i like the editing from the bewitched time switching to the present time. the clothes, the hair, the setting and the characters on that time and that split screen phone conversation w/ isabel & michael is so funny. the story is being imagined by isabel in the sitcom and in the present time about her life as an alien married to a mortal, the only difference is in reality her husband jesse doesn't know her secret yet. and a visit from jesse's friend who's a reporter complicates things. and the last lines isabel said in the end 'the problem is i don't live in a sitcom. you know, they get to wrap everything up all nice & neat. real life is complicated. classic.
  • What if...

    ...Jesse knew Isabel's secret and they were living happily ever after?
    God, it was so good. This was like the funniest episode of Roswell - ever! I so loved it. Most the scene with Kyle and Maria coming in and wanting Isabel to help them with her powers. Loved the clothes and wasn't it just so cool how they were all talking?
    And you could see how easily life could be for her if she had just told him...
    The switches between the scenes in reality and in Isabel's fantasy were so well connected, I just kept wondering and laughing all the time.
  • But good silly!!!!

    I really liked this episode as it's an episode that seems really silly but it is still entertaining! Katherine Heigl did a great job of portraying a Samantha Stevens type of person, with Max and Michael in the character of her mother on Bewitched! The whole episode was entertaininng from start to finish and it is really my one mf my favourites!
  • Isabel dreams of what her future and marriage may entail if only she were in an old sitcom.

    This is really very clever, because it gives a chance for Isabel to wonder what her life might be like if Jesse were in on the secret. Watching an episode of Bewitched on TV she begins to fantasise about being in a similar world, and suddenly we're in very alternate reality territory.

    The actors must have had a great time playing not just their characters, but these over the top Bewitched/I Love Lucy/My Favourite Martian/any other show of the time... versions of the characters too.

    The episode fires on about three and a half cylinders - it's not great (in the way that the alternative episodes in something like Buffy were), but it's still entertaining enough to keep you hooked.

    It also provides a possible threat to the aliens' secret in the form of Jesse's old friend, now a reporter, who is suspicious of everyone and determined to write a story, even if it's for the Enquirer.
  • This episode is about Isabel and Jesse's new life as husband and wife.

    Isabel thinks about how her life would be is life was like an old sitcom. This leads to some funny moments as you see what Roswell would be like if it was an old sitcom.

    All the actors has to play a funnier version of their character and they deliver.

    Meanwhile, Jesse's old friend pays him a visit. He's a reporter looking for a story and starts asking a lot of question about Isabel and Michael. While golfing with Phil, Michael and Jesse, the reporter sees Michael using his powers. This leads to him going deeper in his investigation. He steals stuff from Jesse's office and when Jesse realizes this he throws his friend out of his house.

    This just scares Isabel, she realizes Jesse doesn't like being lied to and she fears what his reaction would be were he to find out she's an alien.

    It's a pretty good episode. There are plenty of funny moments as well as some serious ones.
  • I've never watched the old sitcoms, like Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie or My Favorite Martian. But in spite of that, I do love sitcom parodies.

    I do not believe for one second that Roswell would have worked as a sitcom, neither do I belive Scrubs would (although they had a great sitcom parody episode). But back to Roswell; this episode's great, maybe not developing much, but still enough not be a pure filler.

    What is special is the whole switching thing between typical Roswell and how it would look like as a sitcom. I mean, the sitcom parody is just great, it works. It's well made, I get the feeling of a sitcom. Although I have never followed such a show, I know what it's like.

    Michael puts it the right way, when he analyzed Bewitched. And it just not for fun they make the whole sitcom, well part of it is, but they are bringing up this delicate problem that Isabel has with Jesse without making it melodramatic like I guess it would have been if they dealt with the problem Roswell style.

    But hey, this is such a great episode that you could watch it even without being into Roswell. And if you like shows that parodies sitcoms, not full-time, well, you have to see My Life in Four Cameras. A Scrubs episode from the 4th season. More precise the 4-17 episode.
  • A friend of Jesse, who happens to be a reporter, comes to stay with the newly weds for a couple of days. Amid Isabel\'s dreams of a happy tv marriage, wackiness ensues.

    They tried something here. WHile I appreciate the effort, I found the efect itself wanting.
    This whole episode reminded me of the Buffy musical episode, but unfortunately Roswell doesn\'t have a Joss Whedon at the helm, altough nobody should blame Mr. Katims for not trying!
    Isabel\'s dreams were silly,m but they did emphasize her need for a normal, happy, cuddly married life that would blend perfectly with her not so normal, not so happy and definetely not so cuddly alien life.
    Like I said, I appreciate all tv shows that try to avoid paterns and come up with new stuff. However, this particular episode came right out of the blue, in a show where people have been killed in cold blood. Although in their defence, this season has had his share of goofy episodes, so let\'s just say I\'ll let that one slide.
    What I won\'t let slide is the fact that the dreams and the real bits didn\'t mix very well. The mashing together felt forced, and the dreams itself could\'ve used a bit of stylization. It didn\'t really look like an old 6o\'s style show. It looked like a 90\'s show pretending to be a 60\'s show. This robbed the fantasy sequences of a certain charm that would\'ve aided the overall quality of the show.

    Now let\'s see...
    The Good
    - It\'s interesting to see the world through Isabel\'s eyes, isn\'t it? Over-exagerated of course, for the sake of humour but still.
    Max - pompous little prick, making goo goo eyes at
    Liz- who sighs a lot.
    Michael - loveable idiot.
    Maria - loves the loveable idiot and is quite the hot 60\'s momma
    Kyle - scam artist
    Liz\'s dad - potentially homicidal maniac.

    - Michael\'s hair in the fantasies. Not the hair itself, but the fact that we got to see his beautiful face again. Seriously Michael, cut that hair. What are you trying to do? Catch up with Maria? I think you\'re there dude. Cut it!

    - \"Don\'t smoke on the golf field. Go in the bushes like everybody else\"

    The bad

    - Jesse\'s over the top performance. Say it, don\'t spray it.
    - Technical aspects of the fantasies. LIke I said, funny... but that\'s about it.
    - The more I think about it the more I know that Isabel SHOULD tell Jesse the truth. He's married to her, so whatever happens to her, happens to him. He's already involved. He's abviously making sacrifices already, might as well know what he's making the sacrifices for. He lost one of his best friends, which granted was a prick, but still... a close, old friend. Jesse seems like a guy's guy too, he likes to drink a beer, joke around with his peers. Have we seen him do that recently? Max and Michael haven't exactly been buddy-buddies with him, and Isabel's dad isn't exactly best friend material, being his father in law and everything. Ultimately, Isabel is being selfish.
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