Season 1 Episode 12

Into the Woods

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Into the Woods begins with Liz griping (via diary monologue) about her cold. Maria rushes in vowing to swear off boys and experiment with nose rings. Max's boss from the UFO Museum rushes into the Crashdown Café, exclaiming that there's been a sighting of an UFO, and this time it's authentic. He later tells a rather dubious Max as Sheriff Valenti interviews witnesses.
Max passes the word on to Michael and Isabel, who are uncertain about it, but decided they'd better check it out. Fortunately there's a Father/Kid camp outing that weekend so if Valenti catches them, they have a perfect cover. Meanwhile, Liz is also cajoled into going by her father who feels they don't spend enough quality time together. She bribes Maria into joining her.

Kyle Valenti visits his father (sans crutches) and asks about whether they will buy a new tent this year: they go on the camping trip every year it seems. The Sheriff admits he's busy but will try.

Alex asks Isabel out on a date. She agrees, but later when she realizes it will coincide with the camp outing she cancels and Alex decides to join the rest of the group on the trip.

River Dog visits Michael and affirms his suspicions about the sighting. Michael wonders if River Dog is the elusive fourth alien and exhibits some resentment towards the Evans' over his lack of relationship with his own foster parent.

At the sight of the camp, a suspicious Valenti parks his tent right next to the Evans tent. Alex tries to flirt with Isabel, but she insists that she only wants to be friends with him. Later that night Max and Isabel leave for the spot of the sighting. Liz catches them leaving and is adamant on tagging along; she is equally curious the aliens' origins. Back in town, River Dog awakens Michael and tells him it's time to go visit the sighting.

Liz and Maria follow Max and Isabelle.  When search dogs sound, Liz and Maria offer to stay behind so that Max and Isabelle can find the site.

Kyle follows his dad and is frustrated that he isn't there and follows him to the site.  He asks him why he is hunting Max. Yells at him for not putting him before alien hunting.

River Dog, Michael, Max and Isabelle see the symbol burned into grass. They put their hands over it and it glows.  Michael says that Nasedo is now here.  Valenti shows up and asks them to move, and the symbol is gone. Valenti asks what they were doing and what they were looking at.  Max says they've been lost for hours and thanks the sheriff for finding them.

Sheriff Valenti is going to see his father in a nursing home.  Valenti says that his dad was right and apologizes.

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