Season 1 Episode 12

Into the Woods

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 19, 2000 on The WB

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  • Best episode in awhile.

    What is the town of Roswell without stories of UFOs and Alien landings. The trio are led to believe there is real landing very close to the city. The three end up getting the perfect cover in terms of a school father/son camping trip in the nearby woods. The lies and excuse that each of the teenagers use to have a reason to go is unique and even funny. Michael is the one with the most passion to find the fourth alien. River Dog appears again and helps out the trio. Great episode in terms of entertainment. Valenti is close again without finding hard evidence to the aliens.
  • Into the woods they go...

    I really don't like nature and maybe that's why I didn't really love this episode. Alex and Isabel are cute in this episode as he has his hoped raised and then rapidly crushed by his lady love. The scene where they are looking at the stars together is a really nice moment for the two of them though and the way she shoots him down is very typical of their relationship. Maria lying about the 'dates' for her and Liz to Micheal and Max is pretty funny and when they all end up on the trip together it is nice to see the vindication for their lies.
    This episode is really about everyones relationships to their fathers and we see how Kyle is constantly being left out both of the alien drama and his father's life. Micheal is left out because he doesn't have a father and his accusation of River Dog in his quest for Nasedo is touching.
  • another great roswell

    this is one of my all time fav episodes i love it it is fun and funny and it goes with the plot more but it jusyt is a classic they all going away on a feild trip into the woods and i just love it it is great. roswell is mi all time fav tv show i use ot watch it with mi siter ebvery week when i was nine that was 7 years ago now wow but i will never forget roswel i just lov it i own the first 2 seasons and i am gunna get the third one soon
  • If you go down to the woods today you're in for a big surprise...

    8.4 it's not the teddy bears having their picnic, it's every young person from Roswell sharing the pain of not only camping in a forest, but having to do so with their fathers.

    Something's going on - there are several reported sightings of UFO activity near to Roswell and Max, Isabel and Michael know they have to find out whether it's something real to them or not. The perfect cover comes in the guise of a father/offspring communion in the woods.

    This is kind of a contrived episode but with lots of good stuff. I would have thought that if there was a sighting, given Roswell's reputation for government cover-ups, that nobody would be able to get even within 3 miles of the site, and that the actual site would be crawling with people.

    The orbs make an entrance here, and Michael as usual manages to be in the wrong again for the right reasons.

    It's not quite clear either whether Michael has developed healing powers, or whether because it's a broken bone he can manipulate it like he does other stuff.

    A reasonable episode - and Maria's aqua bra is a highlight, especially when in the woods it's turned into an ice bra!
  • Roswell keeps on progressing slowly but do so in a very entertaing way.

    There has been sightings in the woods near Roswell and the gang decides to go camping there with their dad as an opportunity to enter the area without alerting the authorities and investigate these sightings.

    Max and Iz's dad is no back but with a different face. Seriously, for some reason they had to recast the father and now here he is.

    This episode is very entertaining, the Liz/Max scenes as well as the Alex/Iz scenes have their moments. Liz's father investigating her was... well pathetic and I'm not sure this had a purpose at all. Oh yeah right, he realizes his baby girl is a woman now. Big deal, I want to know where Max is from and this theme with Liz is approached again a few episodes later with her mother.

    Anyways, interesting episode.