Season 2 Episode 8

Meet the Dupes (1)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Much darker versions of Max, Michael, Isabelle and Tess walk the streets of New York, robbing people and stealing food to survive.  They know more about who and what they are.  The other Max says that they aren't going to the summit.  Dupe Michael says that they won't ask again, and Duplicate Max doesn't care. The Michael says that he will go, and the Max says that the don't want supliate Michael, they want duplicate Max.  Duplicate Michael and Isabelle exchange glances and agree with dupe Max.  Dupe Tess notices their looks.

One week later

Their teacher is talking about a black hole that happened last week.  He poetically desribes the loss and Max thinks about Liz.  Liz tries to talk to Max after class.  She says that it doesn't seem like something burning so bright could burn out. Max tells her that it did.  He walks away.

The duplicates of Tess, Michael and Isabelle steal a car and drive toward New Mexico. (The changed the license plate with their powers to New Mexico) and DTess says that they were family, that DMax was Lonni's (Dupe Isabelle) brother.  Lonni says that Zan was her brother and she is only alive because Lonni loves her.

Brody is working on the computer and tells Max that there is activity in New York.  Brody smiles and says it is time for dinner. Maria and Michael are making food in the Crashdown. She tells Michael that he has to put pepperjack in there and that Max wants a meeting on Saturday.  Michael says he has plans and Maria is touched until she realizes the plans aren't her singing.  She takes the sub to Brody and is mad because Michael forgot the pepperjack.  Maria is clearly upset at Michael.  Brody clearly likes Maria.

Rath (Dupe Michael) asks Ava (dupe Tess) what her problem is. Ava asks how they know if Max will be any different than Zan was.

Max stops Isabelle while running and says that they need to talk.  Max says that he needs to know if she is Vilandra and she and he used to have a bond and they need to be honest with each other.  She apologizes and jogs off.

Ava asks why these versions (NM guys) weren't invited to the summit and Lonni says it is because they are the only ones that know there are another set of them.  Rath says they are living under a rock too.  They get pulled over.  Rath plans to kill him. Valenti laughs at the outfits they are wearing and says that they look like they are from other planet finally.  He warns them not to be too crazy with all the toubles they've had.

Max is doing homework at the Crahsdown and Liz says that she hates that they can't even be around each other.  Liz wants to know why they can't be friends, they were friends first.  Max says he can't go back to it.  He just can't.  Liz says she understands but doesn't want Max to hate her.  He leaves.

Lonni and Rath go to investigate Max and tell Ava to wait outside.  They go through his things.  Max's dad comes in.  Lonni says that she is playing a rock n roll Juliet. Their dad says he's proud of her.  He says that he is worried about Max.  He seems so tense.  Their dad says he wants them to work out their issues in therapy.

Maria comes back to Brody and says asks why he gave her a $100 tip.  Brody tries to cover and says it is because he doesn't like Ben Franklin.  He asks her to lunch.

Rath goes to Liz who laughs at him and how he is acting.Then he kisses her.  She shoves him off and freaks a little.

They are trying to have a meeting, Alex apologizes to the dupes for being late. Then realizes they are dupes.  They come down.

The originals all freak a little because they think they might be shifters or something, but Michael says that there were originally 8 pods.  Liz says that there are only three of them and they say that their Max just died.  In an accident. They introduce themselves. They say that there is something coming, that they need to go to.

Rath and Max talk in private. He says they've been contacted. About the summit. Rath says that Max has to represent because he is the only king.  Max asks why they were contacted and not them, and Rath says that they didn't know there were two sets.  Michael asks Lonni why there were two sets, and she says that one was screw-ups and the others were right.  Lonni says that they were the defectives, and too human. Max asks Rath if they were close.  Rath says closer than brothers.

Isabelle and Lonni are speaking.  Isabelle asks if that is short for Vilandra.  Loni says that is right and asks what Isabelle knows.  Lonni confirms what we know, that Vilandra betrayed her family.  Lonni is surprised that Isabelle hasn't told Max.

Rath tells Max that he will be with him, and that they need Max or there will be no summit.

Max tells the other aliens about the summit and that he isn't going. Lonni says that they have to convince them or they will be stuck on the planet for the rest of their lives.

Maria is mad at Liz for not telling her that "Michael" kissed her.  Liz says get over it. Liz tells Maria about the Kyle/Max situation and says that she feels stupid for being there.  They hear noises and realize that it is 7:30 in the morning.  Max tells the dupes to hide.  Michael tells Brody that Rath is his brother, Bob.  Maria swoops in and offers Brody breakfast.  Rath offers to kill Brody for Michael.

Maria and Brody are at breakfast.  Maria admits that she looked into Brody. (internet search)

Ava and Lonni are talking and Rath says that Ava is becoming a problem. Lonni says that it is okay, Max will be coming to NY.

Lonni goes to Max's room to apologize for something she never said to Zan. She explains the Vilandra situation, with Kevar and the betrayal. Max says that they aren't Vilandra.  Lonni says that Isabelle told her that she feels the same way. Loni says that it is good that Max and Isabelle are so close. Max goes to Isabelle and confronts her about the Vilandra situation. Max and Isabelle argue and are angry.  Isabelle says some horrible things and calls him self centered and self-indulgent and Max says that he is going to NY.  Michael interrupts and says that is a bad idea.  Max says that if Michael is against it he knows it is the right thing to do.  Michael and Isabelle turn back into Lonni and Rath.  They disguised themselves.

Max goes to Liz. Max tells Liz he's still hanging on. That he decided to make a clean break from Liz and gives her back the pocketknife that she gave him. He says he is going to the Summit with Rath and Lonni and Tess.  That he doesn't know if he will be back.  Liz tells him that the granilith is powerful and that Max needs to be careful.  Max asks how she knows about that, and she says that she can't tell him but to trust her.  He says that he can't. 

Lonni, Rath and Ava are waiting on Max and he and Tess show up. Ava has a flashback to Rath and Lonni killing Zan. Ava says that there isn't enough room for her. She says she isn't going with them. Rath starts to grab her and after Max interrupts, Rath lets her go.

To Be Continued