Season 2 Episode 8

Meet the Dupes (1)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2000 on The WB

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  • When Season 2 really hit the skids.

    This episode was just, stupid. This was a serious turning point for the show, it got to be too sci-fi and silly. I lived with it throughout the whole first half of the second season, and stood by during flashbacks, skins and all that, but with this, it just all got to be too much for me. I didn't stop watching the show, but part of me stopped caring for the rest of the series. So much so, that I just picked up the third season on DVD to see how it ended, so I could get some sort of closer.
  • Another very surprising episode. We finally know what happened to the other set of the Royal Four.

    Remember that other set we've been told about in ''Summer of '47''? Well here they are, and they're not as soft as their Roswelian counterparts.

    Pretty much every show has a ''evil twin brother'' episode and Roswell has been very original with this concept. The 4 aliens have each a street-gangster copy of themselves and it creates some funny moments.

    Brendan Fehr's attempt at the Brooklyn accent is quite hard to hear though. Hard in the way it's quite embarassing. He did try though. Two points for him.

    Something awfully distrubed me in this episode. Brody with Maria?!? What the hell is this about? The man could be her father! Hell! He already has a daughter! She's an highschool girl!
  • The other pod people invade

    This is the first episode I ever saw of Roswell and it was enough to make me want to come back (the second was Summer of '47, but after that I just followed the normal order), back to my point this episode was enough to make me keep watching so I really enjoyed it. Yes, it was silly and the alternative versions of the characters were hilarious and so randomly bad that it was just funny to me. Roth is just so funny because of his mohawk meets mullet hairdo with the awful accent and tough guy act that is so ridiculous that I just could not stop laughing. Lonnie is equally as annoying but she is the perfect mixture of bad girl and intelligence that it works without grating. Ava is more likable than Tess so I really enjoyed her character. This story arc transitions between the beginning of this season to the excellent second half so I enjoyed it and it leads to the final point of Nicolas so it was necessary, but silly.
  • simply entertaining to watch.

    i enjoyed watching this episode just because i like the punk theme set in the city and watching alternate personality of the roswell alien kids is worth watching. the scheming other four who came to roswell to convince max to come to the convention i think had a hidden agenda of their own to find the granilith so they can go back to their planet. the actors did a great job in performing a completely different character. they're really believable as aggressive punks whom you don't want to mess with. it's kinda of liberating to see the other side of their personality. they grew up entirely on their own w/o any guidance who would explain to them why they are different. they had it rough.
  • The Good, the Bad and the Accents

    After so many good episodes this season, I guess the writers are allowed to have one bad one. It's a shame as this episode could have been extremely good but, along comes some evil twins and their awful NY accents.

    Meet the Dupes has duplicates of the Royal Four who also crash landed on earth in 1947 arriving in Roswell from New York to encourage Max to join them in an alien summit after murdering Max's doppelganger Zan.

    Jason, Katherine, Brendan and Emilie all look like they are having fun as the punked up NY duplicates but they're accents and their dialogue are awful! Writer Toni Graphia has obviously never met a New Yorker or a punk. It's embarrassing to sit down and watch some of your favorite actors being reduced to complete garbage. Hearing the constant rants involving "yo!" or "s'up?" or "whack" is just like getting a knife stabbed in your ear. Besides the accents and the costumes, this episode is actually entertaining with some good story developments and a brilliant argument between Max and Lonnie disguised as Isabel. This scene shows how brilliant an actress Katherine Heigl is... when she isn't putting on that accent!

    There also seems to be some romance brewing between Maria and Brody. I personally don't see it as they seem extremely different to one another and they don't have much chemistry. Meet the Dupes could have been excellent but is completely ruined by the stereotypical accents they use throughout this episode.
  • Loved the episode. very very funny.

    I loved this episode. I think that any episode with two people who are exactly the same, yet so different is an episode i'd like to watch, over and over again.
    I think that (even though the accents were, questionable) Katherine Heigl and Brendan Fehr's characters pulled off the cool new york vibe. Unfortunatly, Emilie de ravin's Ava looked uncomfortable and out of place. She din't act it up quite enough for me.
    I loved the chemistry between the characters, and the mix ups.
    for example, when Rath came up behind Liz, and ended up making out with her, it just cracked me up, or Sheriff Valenti, just laighing at the way they were dressed and acting.
    Rath being so immature really did put a big smile on my face. laughing at the 'joint session'
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