Season 2 Episode 8

Meet the Dupes (1)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2000 on The WB

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  • The Good, the Bad and the Accents

    After so many good episodes this season, I guess the writers are allowed to have one bad one. It's a shame as this episode could have been extremely good but, along comes some evil twins and their awful NY accents.

    Meet the Dupes has duplicates of the Royal Four who also crash landed on earth in 1947 arriving in Roswell from New York to encourage Max to join them in an alien summit after murdering Max's doppelganger Zan.

    Jason, Katherine, Brendan and Emilie all look like they are having fun as the punked up NY duplicates but they're accents and their dialogue are awful! Writer Toni Graphia has obviously never met a New Yorker or a punk. It's embarrassing to sit down and watch some of your favorite actors being reduced to complete garbage. Hearing the constant rants involving "yo!" or "s'up?" or "whack" is just like getting a knife stabbed in your ear. Besides the accents and the costumes, this episode is actually entertaining with some good story developments and a brilliant argument between Max and Lonnie disguised as Isabel. This scene shows how brilliant an actress Katherine Heigl is... when she isn't putting on that accent!

    There also seems to be some romance brewing between Maria and Brody. I personally don't see it as they seem extremely different to one another and they don't have much chemistry. Meet the Dupes could have been excellent but is completely ruined by the stereotypical accents they use throughout this episode.