Season 2 Episode 8

Meet the Dupes (1)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 20, 2000 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Rath mistakenly calls the car they steal a Trans Am. A Firebird is only designated a Trans Am by Pontiac if it has two things: a V-8 engine known as an LS1 Trans Am badges or decals on the car located in the middle of the rear quarter panel and roof flanking the back window. How do you know if it has a V-8 or V-6 though? Visually there are two ways to know if a Firebird came from the factory with a V-8 or V-6 engine without actually looking under the hood. V-8 engine Firebirds always came with a raised rear wing spoiler with four attachment pillars that separated the trunk and the spoiler. The V-6 came with a flat rear wing spoiler attached to the trunk with no space in-between like this car had. Second is looking at the speed gauge. V-8 engines will mark up to 150 mph and V-6 engines only mark to 120 mph like Rath said it redlined at. And lastly it didn't have the Trans Am badges so there is no way this car was a Trans Am. It was only a base model.

    • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
      With You by Linkin Park
      El Cu Cuyby Coal Chamber You Stole My Fun by Imani Coppola Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell Lovely by FOS
      Don't Leave The Light On Baby by Belle & Sebastian
      Shine a Light by Apples in Stereo
      What Am I Supposed to Do by Papas Fritas

    • TRIVIA: The duplicate versions of the hybrids are Zan (Max's dupe), Rath (Michael's dupe), Lonnie (short for Vilandra, Isabel's dupe) & Ava (Tess's dupe).

    • During the flashback of Zan being killed, Ava moves around Lonnie twice.

    • When Maria and Brody are having breakfast together, Maria's fork is constantly jumping in and out of her hand, and changing positions on the plate. Also the amount of orange juice in her glass keeps changing.

    • When Liz confronts Max in the Crashdown, and he gets up to leave, he puts his backpack on twice.

  • Quotes

    • Brody: Well, just things... missing moments of time, bizarre dreams I can't remember in the morning. It all reminds me of the last time. So, if I... suddenly disappear for a couple of days, it's nothing personal. I've just been abducted.

    • Lonnie: Well, they made one batch and didn't get it quite right, so... they made another.
      Michael: So you guys are, like, defective.
      Lonnie: Actually, you're the defectives.

    • Maria: Hello! I'm singing Saturday at the new performance space next to the museum!
      Michael: Yeah, but I've heard you sing before, what's the big deal?

    • Lonnie (pretending to be Isabel): Fine now you know. I was sick of keeping it a secret. Sick of worrying about disappointing you. The great king.
      Max: I trusted you!
      Lonnie: I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything and I'm not gonna stand here and be accused of something someone else did in another lifetime! Something completely irrelevant.
      Max: If it's so irrelevant then why didn't you tell me?
      Lonnie: Because I have my own life and I can't live it when I'm busy trying to prove myself to you all the time! Trying to prove I won't betray you! It is exhausting living with that!
      Max: I never asked you to prove yourself.
      Lonnie: Yes, you did! You treat everybody like they're your property! I don't belong to you, Max. I never did.
      Max: I feel like I don't even know you.
      Lonnie: How could you? All you care about is yourself. And Liz Parker, of course. Maybe you're finally getting what you deserve. Finally looking in the mirror and seeing what you really are, and you are no king. You are a self-centered, self-indulgent little boy!

    • Valenti (thinking that Rath, Lonnie, and Ava are Michael, Isabel, and Tess): What's with the hair and the outfits?
      Lonnie: We were actually on our way to a party with kind of like a New York theme.
      Valenti: You look like you're from another planet. For once.

    • Liz: This thing kind of happened with Kyle but it didn't really happen. And I can't tell Max what I didn't do. But I can't tell you what I didn't do either, so don't ask me to explain it, okay? But... the point is, I just feel really stupid being here.
      Maria: Do you realize that what you just said made absolutely no sense?

    • Lonnie (to Alex): No three-ways tonight, Opie. Maybe later.

    • Maria: A hundred dollar tip. Why?
      Brody: Honestly? It's Ben Franklin. I can't stand lookin' at the bloke.

    • Rath: Do you want me to kill him for you?
      Michael: I'll get back to you on that.

    • Max (to Isabel): Your only exercise used to be the escalator at the mall.

    • Max: I'm going to New York.
      Michael: That is an amazingly bad idea, Max.
      Max: If you think it's bad, Michael, then I know it's the right thing to do.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Max: New York...
      Rath: The Big Apple, center of the universe, amazing pizza.

      The "center of the universe" part is a reference to the musical Rent. The song Santa Fe starts with "New York City, center of the universe".

    • Rath: Start spreadin' the news.
      Lonnie: We're leavin' today.

      These are lyrics from the song New York, New York by Frank Sinatra.

    • Brody: So what do you think of our new president?

      This is an obvious reference to George W. Bush being elected president a couple weeks prior to this episode being aired. The presidential election of 2000 was one of the most controversial in United States history, primarily because of how close the votes were.

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