Season 3 Episode 2

Michael, The Guys and The Great Snapple Caper

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 16, 2001 on The WB

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  • Micheal quickly finds, loses, and recovers a job

    I call this episode "Silly" because it was, but it was silly in the best way possible. The opening sequence with Micheal's interview was pretty hilarious and showed him at his best. I like his character development as he learns to care about what he does to other people and tries to get Steve's job back after stealing the Snapple. I also really enjoyed how the metacon story line developed over this season so I think this episode was definitely worth it. The Max/Liz drama in this episode was a little too melodramatic and corny in this episode, but they made up for that in the last episode. Overall this episode was a good second episode that sets up the next episode quite nicely.
  • Michael gets a new job and after getting everyone fired he tries to get everyone's job back by exposing a thief.

    Those of you who watch Alias and Lost will instantly recognize Terry O'Quinn who plays the FBI agent in Alias and Locke on Lost. Also I think one Michael's new friend from his job plays the Mexican in the oscar winning movie ''Crash''.

    While the previous episodes started the story arc about Max's father investigating him, this episodes starts the one regarding Liz being under strict rules by her father. She can't see, talk to or get close to Max. Of course, she doesn't listen to him and keeps seeing Max.

    There is also a new story arc starting in this episode. One which I never understood why it was put there. Probably to give the Valentis a purpose in season 3. But the thing is, they could have found something else. Now Jim Valenti is a country singer. Lame.

    This episode has classic line in it. When Michael gets everyone fired, he makes up some lousy plan to make up for what he did. He tells about it to Max and he answers him ''That's not a plan, that's not even an idea, it's something you put in your mind and think of something... better'' hahaha.
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