Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 1999 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
      -Pick A Part That's New by Stereophonics
      -Take A Picture by Filter
      -Novacane by Beck
      -Torn by Creed
      -Colorblind by Counting Crows

    • TRIVIA: The powers used in this episode:
      -Michael uses his powers to sharpen a pencil.
      -Michael uses his powers to erase a line of paint on his drawing.
      -Michael hints at how that he used his powers to unlock Liz's window to take her journal, but we don't see this.
      -Max uses his powers to get chips out of a vending machine.

    • When Liz tells Max that she found her journal, the books next to her change sizes in different camera angles.

  • Quotes

    • Liz: It's funny how the world changes sometimes. How the streets you walked your entire life suddenly seem darker, colder. How the silence isn't so quiet anymore. How eyes you've barely even noticed now look at nothing but you. How the walk home every night is no longer routine, but a victory. And then you begin to wonder... maybe it's not the world that's changed. Maybe it's just you. And then, suddenly... you begin to wonder all over again.

    • Max: What is this? (looking at Michael's drawing)
      Michael: I don't know yet, but I saw it, I didn't even remember it until tonight. I had to tell somebody.
      Max: And I appreciate that I'm the one you chose to wake at three in the morning to tell you've been dreaming about semi-circles, but maybe we can talk about this in the morning.

    • Max (to Michael): Patience, spaceboy.

    • Michael: And you might want to get better window locks. For when your criminals happen to be human.

    • Milton (to Max, after noticing Liz in doorway.): Well go ahead. We both know she's more interesting than I am.

    • Michael (after waking up Max): Hey man, whats up?
      Max: Well, since you ask, REM sleep?

    • Alex: So I'm off to gym. (thumbs up) Dodgeball!

  • Notes

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