Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2002 on The WB

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  • Michael's friend Monk is murdered on their work place.

    This episode goes to the extremes. Maria is off to New York, Michael's friend is murdered, Jesse follows Isabel at night, and Isabel's and Max's life will change forever.

    It all starts at Michael's job where scientists where in fact investigating him. The wife's owner of this place wants to find the alien with the power to heal to help her husband about to die of old age. So her organization sets a trap for Max which leads to some pretty extreme events.

    Meanwhile Liz is at boarding school and with her newly acquired powers she feels what happens to Max in Roswell.

    It's a good episode, it just should have happened sooner. If Clayton's wife knew about the aliens, why didn't she act earlier? Again in this episode there are some good links with the other seasons. Liz's dress from the Crashdown Cafe incident from the first episode for exemple.
  • Nothing says love like serial killing and genetic manipulation.

    Where did this come from. Just when you think it's safe to go back to the security room, mysterious people appear and clear up everything that belongs to Michael, including a plaster with a very fresh sample of his blood.

    Then after an apparent break in at the chemical plant, Monk is murdered and our group of friends realise that there is something much bigger going on here.

    Liz's dress from the first episode even makes a return appearance, and it looks as though the cover of our friendly aliens has been well and truly blown.

    Enter Morgan Fairchild, playing, as usual, Morgan Fairchild. I think the casting here doesn't really work. She used to play b*tchy really well, but now she's almost a stereotype of herself. She's just Nora Bing from Friends with a gun.

    Valenti tries to help out, but is caught, then shot. Max manages to heal him, but in doing so proves to the Blonde One that she was right about the aliens - she just didn't know which one had the healing power, but had ruled out Michael when he couldn't save Monk, whose death was just a test.

    Ordered to 'heal' Ms Fairchild's husband, who looks like a sack of walnuts in an oxygen mask, things take a very sinister turn, leading to a Buffy dusting moment that takes everyone by surprise.
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