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  • Roswell, a teen drama about 4 aliens growing up in modern day Roswell New Mexico. This show ended before its time, and very rapidly.

    This late 90's television show ended way before its time. It is a show about 4 aliens growing up in modern Roswell New Mexico. They crash landed on Earth in 1947 and where hidden away in the mountains. Growing inside incubation chambers, the fab four emerge in the 80's unsure of where they are and what to do. As they emerge they seem to look like normal american children, but as they grow older they realize there is a lot more to them than just a unique heritage. They each have powers, and destiny's. As they chase their destiny, the FBI's special unit finds out about them, and starts a hunt. Now just trying to survive, and maintain what little normalcy they have left, and protect the one's they have grown to love it becomes an epic battle. In this show, like a lot of the 80's shows I used to watch, every episode has a hidden message for today's youth. I love shows that actually have a plot, and this is one of the best in my opinion. The alien squad are Max, Isabelle, Michael, and Tess. They also have a small group of friends they totally trust, and they are Liz, Maria, Alex, Kyle, and Kyle's father Jim. So if you are into teen dramas or just good old fashioned scifi, you won't waste your time with "Roswell".
  • Roswell is about 4 aliens (Max,Isabel,Michael,Tess) on Earth and came to circumstances where humans got involved - people they got linked with and loved. It's all about friendship,family,love, anger,death,responsibility,and trust with sci-fi complexity.

    As I watched the first episode of Roswell, I really got so interested as to what happens next. I loved each and every episode in each season, except for the last episode of Season 3 (Graduation)... I don't like the fact that Roswell ended here. There's gotta be more as the characters were just about to start a new chapter of their lives. At this point, it should become more interesting. Unfortunately, there is no next episode nor new season. Roswell's story should be continued with its original cast of characters. This would become more exciting since it last aired on 2002 and we're now in 2008. Many people loved Roswell, just as much as I did and which I still do. Bring it back... Bring Roswell back...
  • Roswell is about three aliens living on earth. They survived the Roswell crash and now live in the town. They appear to be humans, and are now teenagers and going to high school.

    I found this series to be very interesting in it's take on aliens. It was definitely a unique take to make them teenagers. At times I found it soppy and over the top, but most of the scientific alien origin storylines were quite interesting.
    However, the series is nothing like real life on my home planet of Montrag'qe. It was hard to believe that the aliens were able to appear to be humans. It was also strange that they had such human tendencies. When my planet was under attack from the Zoptricians, our Queen found the planet of Earth to move us to. It was easy to find a forest for us to live in, which is a lot like our habitat. I was the first Montrag'qen to be moved here, as I was found guilty of a crime (which I do not wish to disclose). However, I was not able to be killed as my mother is a famous war hero. So the solution of sending me here to test the atmosphere was approved. Luckily, the atmosphere was okay, and I found a large forest in Australia to live in. Anyway, I have sampled a lot of aliens shows and find this to be one of the most amusing. Prinktak.
  • Roswell is about max, michael and isabel, who are aliens trying to know where they came from. With the help of liz, maria and alex, they all discover things along the way while discovering romance and drama that is Roswell

    This show is now around eight years old and i never watched it back then, neither did i know it existed. I guess i didn't really watch tv back then. But my friend gave me all of the series to watch, i am halfway through season 1 and i have to say that this show is excellent. i have always bin a fan of sci-fi but i didn't think that this show would be any good but i was very wrong. i wish it could of gone over 3 seasons but seeing that i'm only through the first season, i dont know how the series will end up. but so far, i love it and i'm gonna get a copy of my own when i have finished the series.
  • Its about teen-age aliens

    I am addicted I need more Im having withdrawal symptoms alredy and I just wathched the last episode earliar we need a fourth season in fact we don't we need a 20th season I want more. This is the best show that has ever been on television I might even go as far as to say that its better than heroes oh my god who said that was that me whal i can't believe it that was me an way i think my point is I would do absolutly anything to get roswell back on tele vision now I'm of to read all the books
  • Great show. Main character is hot.

    "Rosewell" is a great show that aired on Sci-Fi for awhile and is now avalible on DVD which I may add, I have all of them. They might have cost alot but I have to say it was worth it. It centers around Liz Parker and her friend Max who just happens to be one of the aliens who crashed in Rosewell New Mexico in 1947. I miss seeing this show when it was on during its run. Then it was canceled and the world was sad. Very, very sad. I have episodes on my iPod too. Its a really cool Sci-fi.
  • I loved this show and I think that they should put it back on the air. I think the teens coming back finally all grown up would make an awesome new tv series.

    I loved this show and I think that they should put it back on the air. I think the teens coming back finally all grown up would make an awesome new tv series. I started watching this show a few weeks ago and was very disappointed by the ending. I think that they left it wide open so that it could come back on one day. It should come back. I'm sure others would agree. This show was a great mix of everything, drama, comedy, romance, etc. It was just great. Way better then some of the new shows that are appearing on TV lately. This show was intended to interest teenagers but I'm not a teen and found this show very intereting and entertaining. Like I said I started watching it three weeks ago and watched it everyday until the series were done!
  • Alien hybrids, romance, secrets through high school, firmiliar in some ways, but done in a wonderfully original way.

    I tend to enjoy science fiction and fantasy shows more than most of my friends (at least that's what they say) but I've even convinced them to watch this show. The high school atmosphere and escaping the FBI without leaving town. However the last episode they changed the entire concept and just ran away, Max giving up the throne and forcing the others to reliquish their positions (which doesn't seem like it would be the way in which a kingdom would really run). However considering the amount of time that has passed since the show was actually aired, and the last episode made it sound like some time had passed before Liz sent the journal back to Roswell, but it would be interesting to know what they were doing, not in a journal, just following them, or if they went back to Roswell for some reason, helping someone causes a chain reaction or if Liz's parents held on to the journal thinking she was under some sort of major dullusion caused by Max, Micheal and Isabelle, and told someone everything putting everyone in danger. Just ideas that could bring it back without changing what's already happened.
  • Science fiction show for teens. I'm in. Totally in.

    I watched 'Roswell' since it's first ever episode, and was hooked instantly.

    I think 'aliens' was like a theme for me around that time, as I believe I started watching 'Roswell' around the same time like 'The X-Files'. Of course, as 'Roswell' dug more specifically into the world of teenagers, its appeal increased for me. =)

    I watched this show religiously, until the local channel stopped the airing midway through. I didn't really mind that much, because the storylines begun to go downhill from that point on (not to mention there's this death happened to a character I really really like).

    Now? I miss the show. Really do. Thinking of buying the entire three seasons, even. While it may not be perfect, it's hugely entertaining. It's heavy on drama, but with some science fiction twist. I imagine it would be perfect for holiday marathon or something.
  • entertaining series

    i just finished watching the entire three seasons of this series and i must say that it's a very good series indeed. i wish they have more than just three seasons but at the same time it's good they ended it sooner coz it worked for them. it would be one of those series that we'll always miss and long for more. the actors were awesome portraying their character and the story is great. three teenagers trying to survive in another planet that is not their home having their powers that they only use when necessary so as not to attract attention. most of the episodes are worth watching and i just love the opening credits music here with me by dido, it's perfect.
  • I didn't see this show when it came out. Didn't even know about it. I rented all 3 seasons about a week ago and would go to sleep everynight at 5:00am to wake at 7:30am to go to work. It's a great show that should have been longer.

    This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. The characters were so real! I believe that if it is brung back it would be much more succesful than it was when it premiered. You have a great show on your hands and should take advantage of it. It ended as if it were unfinished. If there is a movie being made or even the show being continued they should bring the same characters back. There was still war going on at antar. How they not help! Bring it back! It is to good to end there. This show is way better then lots of shows on now that have been on for 5,6 or even 7 or more seasons. Bring it back! It gives faith to us all!
  • When I see the name Roswell. I think of many things. This classic show was on for awhile. Then in a split second it was gone. I really cant figure out why. Alot of people really loved this show. Im very happy the whole series is out on dvd.

    Roswell What more is there to say. A really great show. It was on for awhile. Three seasons on Dvd. I have them all. I have been a serious fan since day one. I try to watch it twice a year. It takes about two to three weeks. That is if I dont get bugged by pesky Alien hunters or pests from Smallville lol. Lets not forget abour Sam and Dean from Supernatural. Joking aside. This tv show was a really good one. It should still be on today. And they should of went for or tried a spin-off. I believe it would of been great. If you think about it.

    When the show switched over to the new network there were only 18 episodes for the 3rd and final season. This still bothers me to this day. From what ive heard there are so many rumours or half truths on why this happened. Why couldnt us the fans get a full season. We deserved better. Im hopeing the whole truth will come out sooner or later. As I look into the future I wonder if anything else will come outta Roswell. Id really like to see a movie about the same group of young people who were in Roswell long ago. Does anyone remember Max,Isabel, and Michael. Ill keep my fingers crossed and see what happens.
  • THE BEST...!

    10's a great tv show, i just love it! It's so sad because only have three seasons! The cast is all beautiful, the story is very interesting, i love it... why all great tv show never continues? Why only three seasons? Please bring it back with more new stories but use the same cast there are the best...there are beautiful...there are interesting...and most of all there do the tv show became real! Yes, that´s my opinion but i thing the most people have this opinion too. For all fans who have FOX (Portugal) tv i have good news, "ROSWELL" it's on show again!
  • AMAZING!!!!!

    This show was awesome and ended way before it's time. It was on for three seasons and they are available on dvd, trust me, you'll want to buy them. They are so great you will want to rewatch this show over and over. The cast is amazing, the stories are filled with wonderful sci-fi action, drama, romance, comedy and suspence. It's been so long since I've found a show I love as much as this one. If you liked Buffy, Angel or Everwood you will love this one too! It is about three teenage aliens trying to hide in plain site in Roswell,NM, they do a pretty good job of it until the groups leader, Max Evans is forced to use his powers to save a girl from his school...the one he has had a secret crush on for years! The aliens soon discover their secret is in the hands of this human teenage girl and her friends, can they be trusted? can the humans really be their friends? will Max tell Liz how much he loves her? As this rag tag group of humans and aliens embark on adventures trying to unwrap the mystery surrounding the aliens past and to protect them from the FBI task force hunting them, the group grows closer and the show only gets better and better. The writers totally understand how to tell amazing stories and the shows directors did a wonderful job filming this show. Roswell was a series of books for teens and I must admit I've gone back and read them, they are really good too, but this show is on a level all on it's own. Jason Behr as Max is so amazing, you feel everything he's feeling, such a wonderful actor and so so pretty. You don't have to be teenager to love this show, half the cast are adults too. I'm in my 30's and so are my friends who also love this show. You will recognize most of this cast as you watch because they have gone on to bigger shows, but I will always remember Roswell as the show that introduced them and how amazing their work was on this show. buy it, rent it, see will love it!!!
  • What a show, def da best of its kind. One of the few tv shows that I can actually watch repeatedly.

    This show is a story of how three alien hybrids grew up in Roswell. It tells the stories of the friends they made, the thraets they faced, battles they had. This show has it all, action suspense, love story and drama. You wont find any goary looking aliens on this show, just normal looking people with extroadinary powers. This is the type of show that you could watch an entire season the back to back, without leaving the room. It was a heart breaker when it ended, but the only consolation is that it was an ending with some closure, not like other shows that end out of the blue and leave u feeling empty and unfulfilled. If u havent seen this show already u r seriously missin out!!!
  • roswell is hiding a serect. is there aliens in roswell?.

    it took me a few episodes, but then i could'nt get enought of it. i was drawn to liz and max and there great chemistry and i really liked isabel she was very protective of her brother max and also of michael. i started to feel threaten by the arrival of tess. but soon found out that her and max had a history. then she left with there unborn baby only to return. and then when found out liz had some alien power and zapped tess arcoss the room when she return. to try and make a amends tess got herself killed to save her baby and to try and throw off the goverment who were hunting the others. i was happy with the way they ended this show. it was one of best scif show that i really enjoyed.
  • How come its always good shows like this one that don't last very long? This is one of my favorite shows ever made and it only lasted 3 seasons, it sucks. Who the hell decides what shows are doing good or not, because they all need to be fired! They suck!

    The emotions in this show were shown with such depth. It made it easy to be able to understand were they were all coming from, even if sometimes you got pissed at some of them. If ever I have seen an epic love story, it was in this show. Its amazing when actors like this come together to do a show because they really bring it to life. They could have done so much more with it too, but they ended it like fools. I swear if one more stupid reality show comes out I am going to cut me cable off because I am sick of really good shows getting cut off the air and replaced by more stupid reality tv.
  • Unlike other shows of this kind I really enjoyed watching it.

    This show has some real SciFi flavor, there still is this whole high school-romance thing and the combination of the two were probably the death of it but as long as it lasted it was alright.

    I got to say I was really surprised when I started enjoying it after just a few episodes. It is fun to watch and the characters are well written. The usually boring 'out of the ordinary' episodes, for this genre, were actually interesting not just dumb flashbacks that were done to have something that fits the season (well there are those, but they are still watchable) or just for the sake of having to do something different this year, again.
    The acting was mostly good. I especially liked Majandra Delfino, great actress.

    All in all kudos to the writers they managed to make keep this show interesting.
  • I loved every minute and it left me feeling closure.

    I love Roswell. I love the twists and turns the show would take. I love everything about it. You know, I have a thing where I tend to like TV shows that are off the air, more than I sometimes like those that are still on the air. I remember watching all the Roswell's and enjoying them and then they started releasing the seasons on DVD. I got season 1 one Christmas and started watching it. My husband came in and asked me what I was watching. I told him and he looked interested so I started over and before we were at the end of season 1, he just had to have season 2. And, just to be on the safe side, we got season 3 right away too. Roswell is the type of show that you can come back to time and again and still love it like the first time.
  • This show only had three seasons then it ended it follows at the beginning three alien hybrids and it follows them throughout their human life their family, life drama, life choices etc. its a really good show i really got hooked its definately Fabulous..

    Bring this show back!!!!haha i loved this show it was really well plotted and kept me hooked from beginning to end it was too bad the show had to end it was definately one of my favorite shows it was really really good I mean the way they did its kind of different from all the alien crap that people write about and make movies out of they actually show Alien hybrids being humans and not weird looking creatures which in my opinion is not what they look like its just a fictional stereotype it follows them through their good times, rough times, drama, and life choices... it was absolutely fabulous!
  • but was mostly an enjoyable experience.

    I think Roswell came at the wrong time. There was nothing wrong with it per se but the fact it had to compete with brilliant television such as Buffy made the fact it wasn't that good more obvious. I enjoyed watching it but there was never anything I could really relate to. Max and Liz annoyed me, Tess and Izzie I could have done without on the whole, and the only character I did like (Maria) they never did anything good with. The one thing that did stand out to me with Roswell was the wonderful episode where Max from the future comes back to present day Roswell and has to convince Liz to help him break younger Max's heart. It was beautiful at the end where they danced. I think it was the one time I actually enjoyed the Liz/Max relationship! All in all, Roswell wasn't bad but could have definitely done with a bit of 'fine tuning'.
  • I joke that Roswell is like Dawson's Creek meets the X-Files.

    I never watched the show when it was aired on the WB. I came across it recently when I was home sick. Now I can't get enough. I really like the realationship between Michael and Maria. They are too funny. I actually preferred them over Max and Liz. I have all three seasons on dvd and try to watch a few episodes whenever I have the chance. I have not seen most of season 3 (yet) but I have seen the last episode and I have to admitt that they wrapped up the show pretty well. However I think a fourth season would have been great.

    I completely fell in love with this show! It was so original and creative that I had to watch! It was casted perfectly and written great. It was something completely different and unique which is why it did so well. They dealt with all the obstacles that come along with highschool and some that only they had to go through like watching out for evil aliens or having a baby with another alien! I wish they had never cancelled it, but even so, they couldn't have thought of a better ending for it. They could totally do a reunion or something.
  • Two (alien) boys and a girl trying to find their place in the universe. It could have been great

    Teen drama love, interesting characters, a deeply embedded cultural myth about to be solved and aliens.

    Roswell seemed to have it all to become a classic show; starting with the adolescent stories and growing into more mature themes, dragging their audiences along, growing together.

    The show started very well, the main plot seemed very interesting, the acting was good and the stories made the viewers stick around to find along Max, Isabel and Michael about their origins.

    Romance was also featured along the science fiction and it made Roswell a very attractive series to different kinds of viewers.

    Sadly, something happened to the writing. I can't tell what, it changed, the story stopped making sense, the continuity was strange; facts from previous episodes seemed to have no meaning for the next ones, there were plot holes and inconsistencies that finished the series appeal. Viewers lost interest, as I did.

    I am sorry that I wasn't sorry to see Roswell go.
  • Roswell was a great show that should have been brought back for a 4 season!

    I remember seeing the promo for the pilot and thinking, aliens? thats gonna be stupid. But luckily for me the WB aired an encore episode. The scene where liz sees into max's soul was all I needed. I think what drew me in and kept me was the intense love they shared and how many times they faught for it. It was truely touching. Roswell was an excellent show and just like all the fans, I was digusted to learn that it had been cancelled, I really did feel like it had "many miles to go before it slept."
  • Love it!!! First couple of episodes were a little slow but then whamo it hit me "WOW" this is great!

    Roswell is about teenage alien/human hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico who attempted to survive as humans and hide their alien sides, while trying to learn more about their alien powers, as well as figuring out how to get home. Roswell intertwined romance and science fiction that always kept you guessing. BOOK SERIES: The television show was based on the "Roswell High" series of...

    WOW full of romance, action, drama and comedy it has it all!!!!!! Give it a chance watch at least the 1st four episodes you will just love it!!!!!! Especially if your a Sci Fi fan!
  • Guy loves the girl but she doesn’t notice him until he saves her life.

    This show to this day still has the best opening to any series that I have ever seen. All the characters are strong but with their own weaknesses. The first season is still the best with the focus on Max and Liz. Due to the competing shows at the time the creators went to a more science fiction idea in the second season but they were still able to pull it off. With the knowledge that the series was over the writers/creators went back to the roots and took the story back to the characters which made me extremely happy. Each character brings a different element to the group and I think that it is this combination of characters and personalities that kept me coming back for more. The science fiction of the story also helped in snagging my attention and some of the powers that these “kids” show are out of this world, no pun intended, cool. Each of these characters grows by leaps and bounds by the end of the series and to anyone who has seen it there is much more for these people to experience and grow from. Unfortunately we will not be able to join them on their quest. But still take a look and Enjoy!
  • When i first started watching this show it was the most and still is the most amazing show i've seen in my 18 years of my life time let alone i was 16 or 17 when i watched it. anyways i hope somehow it will manage to become active again and getupandrunnin

    When i first started watching this show it was the most and still is the most amazing show i've seen in my 18 years of my life time let alone i was 16 or 17 when i watched it. anyways i hope somehow it will manage to become active again and getupandrunnin
  • If only we'd cut out the first episodes of season 3 - It may have been on the air for a long time...

    I used to love Roswell. As a Sci-Fi/Drama fan (as you can gather from my profile) I was able to connect to the show, and watch it with great interest, even in the "not-so-good" episodes.

    I recently came to own the second (and best, in my opinion) season on DVD, and it reminded me why I loved that show so much, so I decided to share it.

    The first season began with what you can call a short exposition to the over-all environment of the show - those first few episodes were necessary in my opinion, or else - I think people would have lost interest in the show.

    Not so long after that, the very thrilling storylines began rolling - what I liked about the show was the fact that there were almost never filler-episodes, and they always managed to find a way to connect each story to the other.
    Other than that, the fact that it all took place in a high-school scenery, only enhanced my interest in the show - I believe it was due to fact that I myself was an high-school student at that time, but it was also nice to see two different television world combined - the "high-school-teen-drama" world and the "geeky-sci-fi" world.

    By season 2, the show eveloped to a real thriller. And so we got many surprising twists and turns (Deaths, Relationships etc...). that was, in my opinion - the show's climex.

    Season 3, or at least most of season 3 - was pretty disappoiting. There was no major guide-line to the show, and all we got were filler-episodes (But at least there was one interesting storyline to end the show).

    Overall - I don't think the show fullfield it's full potential after season 2, and maybe, if it was given the chance - It could have gone further. But I can understand why it was cancelled after season 3.

    So to sum up - If you don't know the show - own the [first two] DVD's. You won't regret it (even if you're not into that genre).
  • all time favourite. bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    roswell is my all time favourite program. i dont know why it finished. it just does not seem right. it was so interesting that i got addited to the show. its the best to me. roswell was something different with all the common teenage conflicts but with a twist. max, michael & isabel were aliens. this show was so good that i practically became addicted to it.Roswell was one of my all-time favorite shows. i really miss it. The first season was the best of the three, mainly because they didn't use too much sci fi. Instead, they focused more on developing the characters.
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