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  • nice show. one of the best ive seen

    the show in it self is really good. but what i missed was the ending of the show. its a alright ending but its not the best ending ive seen. i hope they are going to make some momre seasons of the show but it dont look like it.

    the show is good made but they draged it to much in the end, and it became a little boring. you get the felling that they havent put the same in it as in the first 2 seasons.

    i loved the show, and other that liked it as much as me hope you want a nother season of the show.
  • Not that cool.

    This interesting story of extraterrestrial alienation is a fascinating metaphor of teen angst -- a topic that has often been treated in movies and on TV, but here it is offered with new and insightful perspective.

    The show is a way to symbolize common human fears in an imaginative parable. Issues that are woven into the story line include not knowing who you are, the experience of being a foster child, keeping secrets from parents and other authority figures, the danger of making close personal connections with others, and the isolation of being in or from one's own strange world.

    ROSWELL is a clever idea with a fresh, interesting young cast. The show is an imaginative cross between, on the one hand, The X-Files and The Fugitive, and, on the other, the odd perspective of ALF and Third Rock From The Sun. This is an excellent show in a time when too many shows are carbon-copies or silly assembly-line junk. I give the show an A+.
  • This is an excellent show about three aliens, who know they are aliens and that's about it. They don't know much about there past. until one day when Max Evans saves a girl's life, using his powers. You really need to watch it to truly appreciate it.

    I bought the First Season brand-new for $15. So I figured even if i don't like it, that's a great deal. As it turned out Roswell is one of my favorite shows of all time now. The characters are excellent as is the writing, and it constantly keeps you wanting more. I would love for Roswell to come back but with a lot of the stars moving in different directions now, it really doesn't seem possible i'm just glad i was able to enjoy all three seasons. I let my friend borrow it and said the only thing bad about this show is that its so good you stay up way to late watching it, and you don't get any sleep. To sum everything up. If I were you check out Roswell you won't be dissappointed it truly is an excellent show.
  • This show kicked royal ass! Does Roswell come in an Intravenous form?

    There are so many good episodes throughout the length of the series that I could honestly pick a random episode and enjoy it immensely. Occasionally you want to choke out or stab multiple times, some of the characters, but thats what makes the show so good! No matter what judgment you make about the characters, you realize that all are well developed and most are lovable. The love stories hurt at times, but that is reality and for once, a show where the characters do not just burn all their bridges and actually put effort into their relationships. When all is said and done, the joy, and pain, and stories you have experienced with these characters, will fill you with an overall joy for life.
  • I really wanted this show to come back, I really wanted to see more of the characters, I enjoy the plot the twists, the characters but I know this show won't be back but it was one of my favorites and I will just get the DVD's.

    I really was into this show. I thought it was very creative, very different from other shows. I was very upset when I realized this show wasn't coming back and that it was done forever, I really don't know what happened for this show to go down, was their ratings down every show, did the characters not get along and they dropped the show. I don't know but I know I am dissapointed to see this show go down and not see the show go on into ten seasons. I don't know how the show would of turned out if they went on but I know it would have been very creative.
  • human/alien hybrids trying to find out about theur alien side while trying to develop bonds with humans

    it was one of the best shows of it's time. the actors grew as the show progressed. the show was about finding oneself, romance and sci fi. they mirrored real people. the plot was great and the action was very good. the plot twist always keep the story interesting. the love trianlge between liz, max, and tess was one of the best part.having liz develop powers was very good touch. today there are shows that have this concept but many of them are bad. i still watch the show when i can and still find that it is a good show.
  • It's about teenage aliens and girls Liz and Maria.

    Liz is played by Shiri Appleby. She really brought her character Liz to life!! If you want to watch a series, then watch this one!! You won't be disapointed!!! Get some popcorn, sit back and relax!!!! Okay, so Liz is healed by Max, and they fall in love, and Max has a sister Isabel, who is destind to be married to Micheal, who is in love with Maria, and Max is destined to be with Tess, and in season 2, manages to get her pregnant, then at the end of season 3, Tess comes back, and Max gives up the baby. It's a really wierd series, cause Liz starts to get alien powers cause Max healed her, and he also healed Kyle, so Kyle comes with so that when he develops his powers he'd be with them, no one knows what happens to Tess, after she goes to save them all, and Liz and Max get married. Life's happy that sorda thing. The last thing that happens is that the dad is reading Liz's diary, and she has a voice over, and she's telling him all about what happend. How she got married that sorda thing.
  • This was one of the best shows ever, and it was sad seeing it go. .......Make the movie!

    This was one of the best shows ever, and it was sad seeing it go. .......Make the movie! From the first episode this show got you hooked. It was something different. It was so easy to identify and fall in love with the characters. The perfect blend of drama,romance, and sci-fi, this show was great to watch growing up .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... ..will never be forgotten
  • This show was awesome, I watched every episode when it was on, it's just as good as smallville if not better!

    Each of the alien/human hybrid's have special unique individual power's! They are always sought out by somebody that believes they are aliens or that knows who they are! This show is a real sci-fi thriller and is worth watching, if you like smallville, you will love Roswell! Each and every episode is more thrilling than the last, alien's healing human's, and levitating object's, using their powers for good or bad, you will have to see in the episodes! Well to say it bluntly this show is just not something to pass by, nor is anime but for now try this out!
  • It took me a while to get into Roswell but i finally did...

    This show was very good over the three years it was on. I think the first seaosn really focused on the charactors and introdcing us to the aliens. But the second season was where the show tried to create the mythology and i think you either like these stories or you done. Season 3 really focused on closure, more than anything else. I think that Roswell went too fast on some stories and run out of some ideas by the final. This shoe never really had much of a chance. It was the real fans that kept it going for three years. Anyway i thought that the writing was very original and some of the stories and plots were in tresting and touching. I will remain a fan of Roswell. Its a show that is worth watching.
  • give me some tabasco

    This show was so great the acting was great and the writing was so great the story just keep you on the edge of your seat this is what sci fi is all about I have been rewatching this show on dvd and it is still great the second and third time around I can not get enough of this show i just wish it would have lasted longer then it did because the end felt a little rushed but loved the way they tied up the end it was great that they were able to tie up the lose ends
  • Okay, so I know a comeback is never going to happen, but I really miss this show. It wasnt on long enough for its fans to be able to let go. This is truly an awsome and unique show, and will always be my absolute favorite!

    This was one of the very few WB shows I really liked...let alone could tolerate. Funny how its the one that got axed way before its time...but that was the WB, or CW now (same lame network, new name!)for ya. If the show was good they canceled it, and if its bad they let it run on for years lingering on like someone slowly pulling a bandaid off of a really hairy leg (ACHEWseventhheaven!). Almost all of the WB's shows were just lame copies of 90210... except for Roswell of course, it was different. It was a modern day science fiction show that was based for a younger generation. It was cool and interesting...not lame and nerdy. Thats why I liked this show so much. It also was refreshing to watch a show that wasnt just about a bunch of lame played out high school drama like the usual group of teenagers running around sleeping with eachother while dealing with the issue of low self esteem, smoking ultralight cigarettes, and shoplifting while cramming their fingers down their throat to upchuck the half baby carrot they ate for lunch because they think theyre "like totaly fat" when in fact theyre really just knocked up and dont know it yet at age 15 by their alcoholic rehab-stricken bestfriend's boyfriend who is secretly gay and also sleeping with his 45 year old male math teacher who is addicted to crack and is ironicly his gay student/lover's baby's mama's father who coinceidently smokes ultralight cigarettes himself. My point is is that I miss Roswell and I just wish they would have given it a couple more seasons. I have the DVD collection and watch it religiously... but its just not enough and I wish there was more to come. Maybe someday they'll make a movie about what happened after the final episode when Liz and Max got married and they all left Roswell. Probably not, especially since that cast has moved on to other things, but us fans can only hope.
  • It was definitely one of my childhood favorite TV shows, the one that I grew up with. It made me interested in the supernatural objects of this world- but it also made me realize that there was no such thing as a "green alien."

    I started watching this TV show when I was ten, and I was immediately imprisoned by this TV show and couldn't miss a single episode. It was a sad farewell when this TV show ended after three seasons, but at the same time, it was probably one of the best decision made in the TV branch. Because of that, Roswell had never reached a point when it was actually started to fall down. It had just been in the top, all the time. What was very special about this TV show was the feeling to be outsiders. I also liked very much the mysterium and references to the real world's legendarcy of area 51 and the roswell UFO crash of 1947. It made the TV show more realistic and interesting. Also, this TV show succeeded much thanks to the amazing, talented cast including Katherine Heigl, Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr as the three aliens. This managed to balance between science fiction, mysterium and drama. It was never too much science fiction, or too much drama. Still today, it belongs one of my top favorites.
  • I can't believe the way it ended. I think it should have kept going, and maybe Michael and Maria should also get married, and they should also bing in Ava, Tess's duplicate, as another alien, someone for Kyle, and Jessie should come back as well.

    I have watched all the seasons of Roswell, and the ending should have been a lot better, and I know that even with this review, they are not going to put another one on, because if they do they can't call it Roswell, because they wont be in it, but they could give it another title, it should have the name Roswell in it, so that we all know what the show is. It could be called The Roswell Aliens, or something like that. I also think that all the cast should be in it, because it would not be the same without them, it was them that made it exicting, dangerous and most of the time kept you at the edge of your seat, woundering what was going to happen next. So I think they defintly should bring the show back on, and they should do it with an entrance, that has a bang and should do it with a one hour series return, and it should also be on a time that is reasonable, like 8.30pm or 9.30pm instead of 11.30pm or later. I do hope that the show does come back on.
  • God i miss this show it was so awesome, i never got to watch it when it was on tv but i have all the dvd's..anyways Roswell is about 3 teenagers who appear fairly normal until the day a person gets shot.

    okay i love this show its got everything you could ever want, drama, romance, laughter,sci-fi,and suspense. my favourite episode of them all has got to be the one where Alex one of the main characters dies, it had me bawling my eyes out for hours afterwards, when Maria sang amazing grace it just ripped my heart out, it was so emotional and beautiful at the same time. This moment also leads me to another favourite of mine in the episode"behind the music", when maria is sitting there just stroking the strings on Alexs guitar, trying to decide whether its okay for her to stop grieving and move on with her life.Gets me everytime.
    This show had such a huge effect on me that i was devistated when i found out they only made 3 seasons. i miss it a lot!
  • Looking for teen angst, discovering love, and secrets beyond our galaxy? Then Roswell was the show for you.

    Max, Michael, Isabel, Liz, and other teenagers could suck us into the hectic lives of teenage aliens. When I saw the first episode of Roswell I KNEW I was hooked, I just KNEW it!!! Not only were all the actors compeltely amazing and super attractive, they were amazingly believable. Once a week I was literally tuned into the show and was submerged into thinking I was a part of roswell's other-worldy secrets. At least the series finale gave the show some dignity and gave the fans what they always wanted. Max and Liz together, Michael and Maria together, and Isabel and Kyle tagging along for the wild ride....perhaps it could lead into a revival of the show? hint hint ha ha
  • If you search for beautiful love, mystery and some nice action – this is the show for you. I watched it and loved it. What I loved and what I didn’t like you will find here...

    Roswell is a show I always new it existed, but never watched for a really long time. 9 years after it aired I watched it. So as you can guess, I will discuss some plot in here, so be warned.

    Let’s start with the first season. Season one is the ‘innocent’ one. Innocent love and everything, you know. Everything starts of with a lot of action: Liz gets shot. All characters are introduced quick, but on a complex level. I think that was brilliantly done. Not many shows can present so many deep characters in their first episode. So we start out with the alien trio and the two girls.
    Like during the entire show, there are some things I don’t understand and/or do not make sense to me. Well and of course there are things I don’t understand.
    I will get to that later, so let’s go on with the seasons.
    Season two got more complex with the fourth alien. Everything gets more mature now: sex, moving on, getting away from the first love. It is also a pretty tough season with the dead people and so.
    Then the third season: I know it was on a different network and everything, but I have my trouble with it. The first half of the season, suddenly involves all the parents, or at least some of them. That was a big change. We only knew Maria’s mother – well she was in the plot, but now we suddenly have so many parents involved – it is almost disturbing. Then the season changes pretty abrupt and builds up the show down. In the pretty short season things are a bit rushed in the second half and leave many open questions.

    So let’s get on to the discussion of the series.
    The first season was really focused on Liz and Max: that kind of intense but still innocent relationship. Shiri Appleby is so sweet in that season, brilliantly played as well. The highlight of that relationship is clearly the cleverly plotted episode Sexual Healing. I know many people don’t like that episode, but I feel sorry for these. People who despite sex and have no understanding of erotic.

    The second season is more complex with Max ending up more alone every day, but always can rely on his mate Tess. Surprisingly she is the stable factor, even though nobody really likes her. Well then she even ends up pregnant. A very nice storyline.
    Her leaving was really a shock for me.

    Well the third season is really difficult in my eyes. The first half, our heroes are constantly bothered by some adults – their own parents. Then suddenly the season changes into something completely different. Suddenly all are on the run. That second half looks a bit rushed and not complete and especially not completely thought through.
    What I really liked though, how the parents storyline picked up the pregnancy thing. That was a brilliant turn.

    So let’s get to the persons again. Max the always tortured soul is played nice, but I often missed that last bit of royalty he should have had. Sometimes he’s more like a dog to Liz than anything else – but hey, when you could be the dog of such a marvellous women, why not?!

    Michael a character I never really understood. Tortured in a very own way. I don’t understand why he didn’t have the strongest powers at the beginning. I mean we the New York kids learned them faster, because they needed them to survive – he too, so I don’t understand. Under pressure you find them faster.

    Isabelle the smartest of them all and a pure control freak. She really had the hardest time ever. I mean she was never asked, but she had the brains to answer everything. She was in the middle of the impulsive Michael and the always demanding Max. She was always alone. Well till Jesse came along. She needed something to break out and so she did. Why she left him behind is still a mystery to me. He has proven not to be a liability, so I don’t understand why she left him behind. The only guess I have is – she needed to torture herself – especially for her own past and to make up her weak position in the group.

    Kyle the good guy – he never got the girl. Maybe he’ll get Isabelle in the future. I hope for him. The Buddhist thing and his sarcastic comments were just brilliant – and his protection of Tess. When she returned home and asked for milk for the baby, he did my favourite quote of the entire series: Don’t you breast feed (to Tess). Hilarious!

    Liz, the main character – basically. She’s super hot and super sweet. You just have to fall in love with her. She sure is the dream girl, especially since she is so smart as well.

    Maria was the character I really hated. She always got on my nerves. Always!

    The old Valenti – he’s maybe the only real good guy in the story. The question I asked myself: what will he do, when he starts changing? He lost everything and he will be all alone when he has changed. He’s the person I really feel sorry for.

    Alex was the person I think the show didn’t really need. Well he was only good for one thing: I believe he was the absolute only love for Isabelle. Jesse was just an excuse.

    Jesse was another character I didn’t really like – but since he turned out to be a good guy I was sad, to see him rejected just like that.

    Tess – well what about her. That’s actually a really good question. On one hand, she gave Max everything he ever could wish for – on the other hand, she betrayed everyone. Everyone. On the other hand again, she went into death for all the others. She did good and she did really bad. A good character though.

    So now let’s get to things I had my problems with.
    In season one Katherine Heigl just looks way to adult compared to all the others. She somehow doesn’t fit in.

    In the last episodes the secret unit is back. The problem is: they are not really organised anymore – but their business is information. But that something you can’t get decentralised. You can do a guerrilla fight separated, but a precise military organisation is somehow not possible. When you go after something static, it might work, but not with a dynamic enemy. Why they were suddenly so strong – I don’t understand and think it couldn’t be right.

    Then things I really enjoyed:
    Liz fighting Tess.
    The Bewitched alike episode.
    Liz’ love for Max.
    Liz’ wedding dress.

    Unanswered questions for me:
    What happened to the Tess girl from New York? The other two somehow got destroyed or so, but what happened to her?
    Then the entire storyline about Max and Isabelle’s parents at the end was way to short. So I get the impression that their mother was really freaked out by everything. But what exactly did they know in the end?

    Also why are the kids so well protected and hidden in the desert, when their UFO crashed and basically got destroyed? It somehow doesn’t really make sense to me.

    All in all a show I really enjoyed and love. Another show I missed on its original airing – but I got lucky and was able to watch it. I really enjoyed that show.
  • They should never have axed this one, great show and too many unanswered questions....Bring It Back...We Want More

    When this series first aired in the UK there was a lot of new series being aired, and I feel that they missed out on the best time slot, Roswell i don't feel that it got the credit it deserved......ever episode was different i was glued to the telly, it left you wanting more each week. Too many questions were left unanswered like .....What did Liz's new found ability turn into, Did Max and Liz try for children soon as Tess baby was human, what about Issy did she find love again, what happened with Kyle did he develope abilities or not, does Michael finally really get it together with Maria, or does here longing for music take over in the end, do there people still try and come to earth soon as Tess managed to get away, does more come to try to bring them back to there own planet, and what about future Max he give a different view of the future or was that not really future max, was that some sort of mind warp.........see as i say loads of unanswered questions i could site here forever listing things.......but its late.....all I will say is that ..........sometimes the best series are the slow burners which some feel roswell was, personally i loved it all the way through...brought the dvd's and watched all 3 series again over a 7 day period........i say i want to know what happens in the future with them another series please or movie to finish it of as the only thing that was an anti climate was the end ........what would have made that ending better was loads of picture flashs of future events with liz, max, michael say pictures of seeing them old, with familys, on holiday snaps ect .....they left us all completely guessing with no little a family album of 20 years into the future with loads of snap shots on the trailers or something would have ended it a lot nicer. But anyway .....I am one who still wants more.......Bring Back Rosewell ...BI
  • I miss this show.

    Even though I have all three boxsets, I am still hoping and waiting for more of this show. Since watching the first series when it originally aired on Sky One, I have been an avid fan of the series, loving all of the characters. Possibly one of the best sci-fi series aimed at young adults, it perfectly mixes romance with supernatural, making it an excellent watch. It is great how this show advanced the carrers of the likes of Katherine Heigl, who now has made a name for herself on Grey's Anatomy. My favourite series is series 1, and character is Max Evans (Jason Behr)
  • How is it possible?

    I am very confused about why I like this show because I'm neither a fan of teen dramas (which are almost as bad as soapies) nor am I that big of a fan of Sci-Fi with very few exceptions. I guess what makes the show entertaining to me is the balance of self-discovery, alien powers, humour and drama which are all well done in the series.

    As Roswell progresses the show's plots seem to get better and more climactic up until Departure, the second season finale and one of my favourite episodes. The third season of the show just isn't as appealing but it remains entertaining throughout the show.

    Overall, the development and conspiracies of Roswell are very entertaining and the show also has a lot of heart, which can occasionally be overdone but is generally a great balance for a great show.
  • Original and Fresh

    I loved Roswell, and was disappointed to see it come to a close. It had original and fresh ideas on an old theme. Aliens.

    We had the chance to follow the lives of aliens from during their ‘teenage’ years, flashing back to childhood and repressed memories, and experience the tough choices they had to make along the way.

    From friendship to love, angst, hate, and anger, they fought to find a path that was ‘home’ on a world that wasn’t. You couldn’t help but pull for each, along with the ‘humans’ they did trust, in hopes that everything would work out.

    It could be said its an old story with an Alien twist, but often those are the best stories because they are indeed timeless and hit at the heart of human struggle.

    It would be great to see more shows similar to this in the future.
  • Classic, Alienology, Jewel

    This became a cult classic, four aliens, learning about themselves and fending off evil forces. This was an incredibly well written show, the characters were fantastic, and the storyline simply sang. The poor kids are harrassed by the FBI and are in and out of sticky situations. They are being chased down by some pretty nasty people, that want information on their alienology. I have to say that the actors did a superb job with their characters. The show was well written and fast paced. The story didn't wane and was spot on all the time. I'll sure miss this little jewel!!!
  • Liz Parker was a normal girl untill she got shot and classmate Max Evans healed her with his powers. Later Liz finds out Max is an alien and his life is in her hands.

    Roswell is a tv-series for teenagers. It\'s about 3 aliens who befriends a girl named Liz Parker. I\'ve watched the whole 1st season and it amazed me great it all was. It was a good story and a good plot and all the actors and actresses acted so well. I loved how mysterious and scary it was at first. My favorite in Roswell is definately Liz (Shiri Appleby) she was great and she\'s really pretty and she is a rolemodel to someone like me. I want her and Max to stay together as a couple but I\'ve heard they split, which is bad. It\'s a show that has been put as a trendsetter because it has been for us teens.
  • Loved this show while it was on...

    I found "Roswell" to be quite an original show. The whole alien-human hybrids from another planet were in the 1947 UFO crash, were in their "pods" for 40 years, and came out looking like normal 6 year old kids wandering around the desert. Then, they go to school, have friends (some ^_^), date, do normal things to fit in when in reality they don't. It's a great show, with really well-done characters. I had a couple personal favorites in Jim and Kyle Valenti after the 1st season. They were awesome!! I really miss the show - it was always fun to watch :)
  • Stop cancelling shows I like. I will come and get you... for I am Michael Guerins baby sister and I've kidnapped his attitude problem... opps got carried away there.

    This show could getme screaming at my TV more than any other. I have no idea why it got cancelled and furthermore I would have stopped it happening if I knew that its demise was imenent. Bring it back and let me be a writer. This show had so many possibilities and so many paths it could take, I'm sure it was cancelled because WE knew the truth... I will find you Michaela dn you and Maria shall have your children. Otherwise I'll be standing at the Roswell sign crying untill I see a UFO or an group of teens leave and enter Roswell enough for it to be suspicious.
  • I have only recently had the pleasure of watching this brilliant show which shines a whole new light on authority figures (namely the FBI) and aliens.

    As I have only recently started to watch this show so I don't know what happens in the end (don't tell me!!).
    Roswell tells us about 3 alien hybrid teens, Max, Isabel ad Michael) in Roswell, New Mexico who came to Earth in the 1947 crash.

    One day, while eating in The Crashdown Diner, Max and Michael witness one of the waitresses, Liz, being shot. Max decides to heal her by "changing the formation of the molecules in her wound" (basically, he dissolved the bullet and closed the wound). After this, Liz starts to ask questions and Max lets her in on their secret but tells her that she cant tell everyone because it's "a matter of life and death" as the Sheriff is begining to ask questions. Naturally, Liz tells her best friends Maria and Alex and the six teens have to thwart the efforts of the FBI while trying not to fall in love with eachother.
  • Definitly one of my favs

    When my cousin first told me about this show, I thought is was going to be dumb. But when she made me watch it, I liked it more and more and more(I know the third more wasn't nessacary, I just need more words lol). It is now one of my favourite shows, it's really good. I was sad that it was over, but it actually ended before I started liking it. It's a perfect show, in my opinion. A great show, I think it's cool especially with all the alien stuff, plus the romance makes a good touch. Defintly deserves a 10!
  • I like the ending of the series but it brought me to a lot of questions

    I like the ending of the series but it brought me to a lot of questions, what ever happened to Kivar?What if he comes back?
    And remember madame Viviane (the psychic from episode TEOTW) her card readings came true about Liz and Max getting married, but future Max did tell Liz that the world was taken over by the alien enemies because Tess left the 3 aliens (apparently Tess already died). So what will happen in 2014? hhmmm. very complicated.
    Anyway I really love this show and its just so sad that it just lasted for 3 years..

    This is one of my all time favorite shows! The charactersare great. Max the Reluctant Leader, Liz the Scientist, Michael the Stonewall, Maria the Free Spirit, Isabel the Ice Queen, Alex the Goof, and Kyle the Jock. Each one is unique and adds something special to the show in their own way.

    Roswell is about 3 teenage alien-hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico. Max, Isabel, and Michael were safe. No one knew who or what they were, the world was good. But that all ended one faithful day in September when Max saved the life of Liz Parker. Now the aliens, along with their human friends, are trying to find out about their past and why they came to Earth; while trying to stay away from the Special Unit, a secret branch of the government, and The Skins, enemy aliens out to kill the Roswell trio.
  • Who wouoldn't love a show about four kids who are aliens living in a world where all they try to be is normal?

    A great show. I was addicted from the very beginning. Ok so plot. There are four teenagers and they come from another planet. They live in a small town called Roswell, where they crashed and stayed in pods for about 50 years. However, a life changing moment occurs at the local cafe where a young girl is shot. Maxwell Evans (an alien with healing powers) to the rescue. But after this event, Liz Parker becomes part of the secret. Which is then told to her two best friends.
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