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  • A little group of close friends come into contact with a group of human-alien hybrids, forming a strong bond between the two groups. We see friendships grow,plots unraevel,love come true,in a little town in New Mexico, called Roswell...

    Writing a review for a show as great as Roswell is not difficult at all. Roswell is one of the best shows ever made. The story told is one of a little group of teenagers, coming to terms with themselves, their lives, their family friends and loved ones.

    In the first episode we open up with Liz, one of the main characters on the show. Telling us her life from a journal entry.
    She is working in her fathers diner, together with her best friend Maria, when all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose. Two customers, get into a fight, guns are drawn and Liz gets shot.
    A boy, sitting in a booth near the counter, comes to her rescue. His name is Max Evans, he adores Liz and, he is an alien. When he has saved her life by putting his hand on her chest and healing her, the show actually starts.

    It is a major first episode, putting the show right on the spot. The series is not only about some futuristic alien conspiracy theories, it is about friendship, courage, love. That is one of the most amazing things about Roswell, you will be sucked in from the moment you tune in and you stay there, loving every minute of it.
  • those four kids became an obsession

    since the beginning I was addicted tothis show,I love every-
    thing,everything.Liz,Max,etc,they became part of my private
    world.Why?it is kind a mistery,the show is ok,the actors are ok,the story is ok,but it is something else .it is that feeling of eternal love,that sweet moment in what everything change forever.
    jason and shiri make a great couple,majandra and brendan are so,so funny when are together.
    the alien factor used to interest me but is not really what is really appealing to me.if some day i find out why i liked
    so much ROSWELL i promise to tell you,meanwhile please if you have the chance to watch it,do it
  • Great! this show has everything in it.

    i love this show. it has romance, drama, sci fi and teen angst. a complicated mixture. the characters are great and i must admit i cried a bit when alex died. he was such a good character- a bit geeky, that humour that only geeks can have and he so sweet and devoted to izzy. the on-off romance between liz/max always kept me watching the show and i thought it was such a good plot twist when max got tess pregnant. maria/michael was another great relationship if only because of the way the could hate each other one minute then be crazy about each other the next. the sly little comments they would make at each other when they were fighting always had me laughing. kyle had a few good one liners aswell. i must admit though that i thought that izzy getting married kinda annoyed me. i loved the way the show focused on the normal humans that were affected too because it showed another point of view other than how hard it is to be an alien living on another planet. the royalty thing knida annoyed me a bit.
  • Yes I miss it and i wish they would bring it back! Its got everything in it Romance, drama, etc. Just bring it back!

    I like the way its based on relationships between the group. you just want them to just get together and instead of fighting each other. I think they should bring it back and Sci-fi should have it on Thursdays back-to-back every Thursday! That would be great so everyone who watched it on the WB and UPN should be able to watch their favorite episode or at least figure out whats going on without being confused!
  • Miss this show so much. Deffinetly one of my favorites.

    I really liked the characters I had a hard time disliking any of them. Even when micheal was an ass, ok when was ever not being a jerk or ass. I liked the sci phy alien plots and the constante mystery it held. I am a rentless when the sci phy channel plays back to back episodes it's a rosswell day. I need more rosswell days.
  • Mhh.. A Si-Fi show evolving around three Teenage aliens who crashed down near Roswell i 1947 and who are now trying to live normal lifes...

    wanna hear something wierd? roswell is one of my favourite shows (that's NOT the wierd part) but I've never seen the final season...! when Roswell aired in DK it wasn't that popular so the station which aired it cancelled it before the end! anyway... the first two seasons were great and from what I've read about the final, it seems pretty exciting too... Definetly one of my all time favourites!
    I LOVE the chemestry between Max and Liz and Michael and Maria were pretty great too... I actually think it was refreshening to see a show being cancelled so early on, 'cause tv-shows rarely get any better as they age! but I still would have like for Roswell to continue for just one or two more seasons... I mean It's not one of those shows were the storyline keeps repeating it self because no one can come up with anything original... the storyline of Roswell could have been renewed easily because there are no rules when it's Si-fi... But at least we had three lovely years with the Roswell gang!
  • roswell love

    I really think Roswell was def. one of the best shows not only on the WB but on television. It had a great cast, superb concept and terrific actors that brought the story together. I miss it but I have the dvds! Max was def. my favorite character not only because he's a major hottie but his personality shined on screen. I am a "dreamer" all the way and the Liz\Max relationship is always in my heart along with others. I wish that we really did get to see that 2 hour season finale because that would have been GREAT!
  • Superb tv show.

    When I first started watching this I was so impressed. I don\'t usually like tv shows that are based on aliens because after a while it gets tiresome but this show really changed my mind. I think it was the relationships within the show between the characters that tipped it over the edge for me. The music also used in this show is just fantastic, especially the opening theme of Dido-Here with me. Just brilliant. If you haven\'t watched it I suggest you start watching the re-runs because sadly it has finished :(! The re runs are on sci-fi all the time by the way ;)
  • What I think of Roswell...

    Roswell was one of the best shows ever made. I never got into all the drama you see on shows now. The only thing that i would change is to bring it back so other people can see what a great show it was. Not alot of people were able to see it considering it was only on for what 3 yrs. My favorite part was when Liz had those powers and she threw Tess across the room and onto the floor. Well I think that they really need to bring it back and that if you like sci-fi shows then you should deffinatly look this show up and see it.
  • I really loved the show. From the very beginning it got my attention and held. Max and Liz are very cool, I really wish they would bring the show back. I thought that the producers of the show were very smart in what they did with the show. Thank you

    The show was great. From the first time I saw it it got me hooked. The music was absolutely fabulous. I just can't describe how I feel about the show it is just so good. I really like everything about it. The character development is wonderful. I really liked the basis of the show. eveyone knows about Roswell, so the show interests people. I thought that they did a wonderful job staging the show. Michael is great, inside you can see that he is a really good guy but it is so hard for him to show it and how her feels. The show was a really work of art. Beautiful.
  • Decent show, but not the best use of my time

    I watched 8 episodes of this show, before I made the decision to stop watching. Probably wouldn't have made that decision if there weren't about 6 other really good shows that I'm trying to get through at the same time, and this one just isn't on that level.

    The plot and story for this show are decent. I like the idea of having a kind of "moral" to each episode... something that Liz learns as she goes. It progresses the show beyond just a standard sci-fi show to a coming-of-age show, and puts it more on our level.

    However, the characters just don't engage my interest. Michael, Isabel, and, to some extent, Alex and Maria, are all interesting, but they're not the main characters. The main characters, Liz and Max, are not engaging at all. Liz is too perfect to keep my interest, and Max... aside from the fact that the writers seem to think that the only things that are needed to make a character interesting are special abilities and a love interest, Max is wooden, passionless, and the main emotion I get from him is discomfort. I think this is due to inexperience on the part of the actor, since Max clearly isn't written that way, and his performance actually reminds me of David Boreanaz's (sp?) in the first season of BtVS - wooden and uncomfortable. The difference is that Angel *wasn't* the driving force in the first season of Buffy (he was just "Cryptic Guy"), while Max *is* meant to be the driving force in Roswell, and he just isn't cutting it. In fact, it's kind of painful to watch him on the screen. He just kind of sucks the life out of the show.

    Again, I assume this is due to inexperience on the part of the actor, and if I watched more than 8 episodes, I'd see improvement, much like I did with DB... but unlike the situation with Angel on the first season of Buffy, Max *isn't* a minor character, and the other characters, while interesting, just aren't enough to hold me through until he improves.
  • There has to be a movie or something!!!

    Since I need to say more, in 100 words I'll start. Roswell is unique, willing to go where any other sci-fi show has yet to wander. I loved watching how each episode would always have suspense yet drama and mystery at the same time. The actors were terrific and I'm glad to see that a lot of them are at least successful for the most part after this series. I always wondered why this show was never a ratings grabber. It had a great loyal audience and is definitely one of the more well-written shows so is it the fact that its supernatural tones make it less attractive? I really hope the movie that is being petitioned for at works, that would be great!
  • the only show i would wanna watch over and over again!

    this show is my favorite ever.. too bad it ended too soon. this was the only show that i looked forward to watching.. this show made me laugh and cry.. i became obsessed since the beginning of the show.. after watching the series, i bought all three seasons.. i watched all three in 3 days.. one season each day.. thats how preoccupied and obsessed i was with ROSWELL.. brendan fehr, who plays michael guerin, and majandra delfino, who plays maria deluca, are my favorite couple! i could watch them over and over again and never get tired of them.. i watch videos on youtube and get hooked! i love ROSWELL!!
  • A good alien drama

    This show had a good theme and nice characters to play around with. The alien hybrids and their human companions work together to survive. Conflicts arise from misunderstanding and ignorance. This show seem like a metaphor in today\'s multicltural society. Set the reaction to modern society aside and you get yourself a sci drama using the back drop of a high school setting. This is not a simple campy flick, something is happening in this show. This show is a very watchable show, it\'s not too serious but not too lame either. This a pretty good show, with a sci fi theme but a down to earth setting.
  • I watched a scifi show?

    i still dont know why i love roswell. i mean i have no interest in aliens or scifi shows and yet it drew me in. maybe cause at some point we all feel like aliens, out of place. everything was brilliant and timeless. the acting, the stories. it kept me interested from start to finish and over and over again. definately underappreciated.
  • i have never seen this show

    i have never seen this show. so why do i rate it so well, you ask? all i have ever heard is good things about it. i think i have seen that it replays on some network but i cannot remember which. hopefully someday i will stumble across it and get hooked.
  • oh my, i love this show, it's the best ever!

    i started watching this show, and i tried to convince myself that i wasn't hooked, but i found myself coming back for more. my cousin and i would watch as many episodes as we could in one day and we'd never get sick of this show. i love it so much, and i wish that they could bring it back, but that would be kind of awkward now, especially since all of the characters are a lot older than when it first started. this show is fabulous and the episodes are always amusing to watch. they are always different and they always get into some sort of jam.
  • A great original and addictive show! Flawless!!!

    WOW! thats the only word for this show! WOW! it is so fantastic why was it cancelled???!!! it had the best storylines, the best cahracters and special effects to die for! The relationships are just fantastic with Max and Liz leading who wouldnt want them to be together??! They are perfect for each other! Maria, the fun loving humourous best friend! More!! I want MORE!!! Please bring it back!!!!
  • Roswell was the story of a young girl by the name of Liz parker who discover her fellow student max Evans is an alien.She was shot and max healed her!There love survived many obstacles in the three years of school.Romeo and Juliet said to resemble there l

    Roswell was one of the shows that was very popular with Scifi fans. It was a guilty pleasure to watch! Every week a new and intresting story would happen! From the death of alex. From Maria short singing career. From max and Liz's love tringale! Roswell brought hope to us would could find max and liz's love! Roswell brought us to believe that there just might me life out there! It showed us of the royal 4! The king and his bride 2 be. His sister the princess and the kings second in comand.Roswell opened eyes to fans seeing how people live diffent from humans. How destiny could be changed!
  • This is an okay show to watch .... not my favorite though

    This was a good TV show it was only on air for three seasons it was kinda like watching a really long movie rather than actually watching a TV show if your into UFO kinda things you would probably love this show .... I myself personally do not believe in anything UFO I think its all bogus but this was an good show to watch its worth watching once .....
  • The Roswell series has been the best, i love the story and the actors, its just perfect. One of the best shows there is!!!

    Roswell is very good sci-fi show about aliens whos half human, the show is about their problems and truth.
    First 2 seasons were more about finding their way home and lot of different action. 1 and 2 season were abou staying alive at the end of the second season the spaceship leaves with one alien (bad) and leaves other on planet earth. Season 3 is more about fun and comedy but it still it has action, when the 3 season nears to the end the pressure goes up and it gets very interesting, I am really sorry they made only 3 seasons but Roswell is one of my personal favorites and I am very sorry that it ended. I really think it is one show worth seeing!
  • Too bad it's gone

    I bought the entire series on DVD.
    I Liked the first season very much, it was different than anything I'd ever seen.
    The second season was ever better.
    It reminded me of the way I liked the first season, Max & Liz, Michael & Maria and also Alex & Isabel.
    It was so good to see the sheriff on their side, trying to keep their secret as well.
    Then, with te start of season 3 in bothered me a bit.
    The season why I loved season 1 and 2 was no longer there.
    The whole "trying to find out about our kids" stuff was annoying and Isabel & Jesse's relationship didn't do it for me.
    There were some silly episodes, but at least this season ended well, with a real ending that didn't keep us wondering.
  • A tv show about 3 aliens /humans who try to blend in as humans on Earth at the same time discovering who they are as aliens!

    I loved this Tv show so much espicially season 1 since its the one I have really concetrated on so far I havent seen season 2 or 3 but I think they are good aswell but the reason I love season 1 is because of Tess and the way they introduced her was great because we didnt have a clue if she was good or bad but hey it was a brilliant way to bring in a new character.
  • In the words of Michael Guerin: "It feels so wrong, but it feels so good."

    Season 1
    The show started of well enough, even if it looked more like the cliche highschool opera, it had plenty of color added to it by the alien angle. My biggest problem with season 1 is that all the characters are pretty one dimensional: Liz is the good girl, Max is the good guy, Kyle is the jock and so on and so forth. Each character had a very specific role to play which might make the show comfortable to watch, but in the end doesn't bring much in the way of originality. Still, I like a little angst and a little spice and the couple Michael/Maria had plenty of that.
    Season 2
    This is by far my favourite season, a time when the characters really came into their own. The dialogues were clever, touching and the situations were at times dramatic! This season also had some of the funniest one liners, my favourite being: "What do you think alien crystals go for on Ebay". What good work they had done in season 2, the writers demolished it with the finale, making Tess seem like the ultimate evil, after spending most of the season making us like her. And like her I did, damnit!
    Season 3
    "What the f@#$ is going on?" is the question I had been asking myself for most of season 3. The plots in the last season were... they were just bad. Especially the whole body switching plot. That was pointless, badly done, and unintentionally funny. Isabelle and Jesse made a terrible couple, and she took advantage of him more then once. Liz freaked out over having superpowers... and what does this genius do? Go into a new environment away from the people exactly like her. lame.
    Now the season finale was well intentioned but again, like most of season 3, I find it severly lacking. It felt rushed, cheap and not to mention predictable.

    In the end, I enjoy watching seasons 1 and 2 from time to time, because they characters are interesting and relatively easy to relate to, but they act totally insufferable in the last season, which in my opinion should not have existed.
  • I like it so much!

    It is so wonderful! Actor (Max) is handsome and the actress (LiZ) act so realistic.
    The following is some of their scripts:

    Memorable Quotes from
    "Roswell" (1999)
    Michael: I'm not completely emotionally retarded. I have feelings.

    Max: It's not that I dislike you.
    Tess: You don't have to spare my feelings. Nasedo taught me not to get wrapped up in... this. It's not really who I am. I'm not human. Neither are you.
    Max: It's the only life I've ever known.
    Tess: That's not true. You lived another life, Max... a life completely different from this one... a life when you loved me.
    Max: I don't remember that.
    Tess: I do.

    Kyle: What do you suppose alien crystals are going for on EBay?

    Max: Gotta feed the monkey.

    Max: I'll have an Alien Blast.
    Liz: [under her breath] Me too.

    Maria: Oh my god, its just not kissing that goes on in the eraser room. The Eraser room does two things: Cleans erasers and takes our innocence. Do you know what I mean by "takes our innocence", Liz? The Eraser room has taken some of the best of us...
  • A Story of three aliens who survived the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. All they want is to fit in without being judged, but no one can be trusted.

    It starts off with a girl writing in her journal. An experimental way to spin off a new series, but obviously it worked, giving Roswell three seasons. It's different that they took something historical, along with a great book series and produced a hit television show. I have never seen such depth and emotion in such a short-lived show. The characters deal with real issues leaving us with some drama, but maintaining the sci-fi aspect with the curiousity of aliens walking among us, outsiders. This show is a milestone for combining science fiction with teenage issues.
  • I liked the Sci-Fi aspect of the show and my favorite character was Michael, a great Canadian Actor!GO CANADA!

    Great characters, great story, love to follow the actors that were seen here first. With all the lousey shows on Tv, can\'t believe this was cut. Liz and Max had a stalled relationship that could have developed if the show had continued. I liked the Sci-Fi aspect of the show and my favorite character was Michael, a great Canadian Actor!GO CANADA!
  • quite slow and not very interesting

    quite slow and not very interesting the episodes are not detailed are sometimes even rushed up it is mildly interesting but not worth the time it doesnt get you to the edge of ur seat it is quite hard to understand what is going on its boring in many ways
  • In 1947, a spaceship allegedly crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico; there was a huge government coverup and now Roswell is known as the home of little green men. The crash was really a weather balloon. Right?

    Roswell begins with the introduction of Liz Parker, a high school student who accidentally gets shot at her job. Then Max Evans, one of her classmates, goes up to her and saves her from dying. Later, learns that Max, his sister Isabel, and their friend Michael Guerin are survivors of the Roswell crash. The show spans three seasons. Following the aliens search for their origins. Helping them in their quest is Liz, her friends Maria, Alex and Kyle, and the local sheriff who discovers the truth. Mixed with science fiction, teenage drama and the process of growing up, Roswell is a great show for those who like the idea of not being alone in the universe. So, if you like aliens, drive into Roswell and learn the truth.
  • Pretty good show. I didn't watch it from the every begining, but I ended up liking the show a lot.I also hated that damn luv triangle to. Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr. I was like please stay with one another or break up for good.It was getting old fast.

    I will admit I got hooked on this show. It was cool and pretty good sci fi show. And I should mention Katherine Heigal is really hot. Anyone watches Grey's Anatomy? She still banging hot. And for Roswell, toward the end of the series the writers were so confused on how to end the damn thing. I mean it was every where, the plot and all. It's too bad that it started going down hill fast. That's what happens when the writers don't write ahead of time and think before they just write anything.
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