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  • The idea was pretty cool, but they changed it into a Mills&Boon tvshow.

    I like it at the beginning. It was quite funny, I loved KMichale and Maria getting to each others' pants in this very annoying way... But later they changed it into a harlequine. The episodes were crazy, they Killed Alex... No idea why.
    The one character I stayed truly connected to was Isabel. She was the grown-up. She was to model. I liked that.
  • Drama/action/sci-fi A cool, original show about the famous crash we all know and love to talk about. It combines two great fiction & daily life.

    I absolutely loved this show! I watch re-runs on Sci-fi whenever I can. It is a shame that it didn\\\'t stay on longer. The actors on this show were terrific as well, especially to be as young as they were. I cannot wait to buy all the dvd\\\'s, now that I know they have been released. I was looking for them a while back and nobody had them. I give the show 2 big thumbs way up!!
  • There's truth to every rumor!!

    That's what this show implies; There's truth to every rumor!! There's a rumer about alien / humans living in Roswell!! Is it really a rumor?!

    It's all about some teenage alien/human hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico who are trying to survive as humans and hide their alien sides, but till when?! They just can't hide it forever!!

    It's a very good show.

    Yousef Hani

  • Awesome show, ended before it should have!!

    This show is awesome, it is one of my favorite shows and the only show I like about aliens. You must see this show, you are missing out if you don't. From season one to season three the whole show is great. I miss Alex after season two but the show stills rocks and keeps going. I guess what they say is true, all good things must come to an end. To early and end but it was great while it lasted.
  • Any show that I still watch three and a half years after it last aired is definitely a winner in my book....


    Roswell is one of those rare shows that (in spite of their brilliance) never really took off.

    In large part, I blame the WB. They managed to shuffle it around, preempt it constantly, and generally make it impossible for the show to achieve continuity. By halfway through the second season, the gaps were so long that every episode began with a three minute MajandraVision flashback just to help you remember the first half of the season....

    I also blame UPN, the network where good shows go to die. Between Buffy and Roswell, they seem to have a real track record of giving imported shows a season or two to wrap up, then shooting them in the head.

    But most of all, I blame the Nielsen ratings (and the networks' almost myopic dependency on them for a sense of direction) for thoroughly missing the mark. It seems like almost every person to whom I have ever mentioned Roswell loved the show.

    Most of those who didn't had never -heard- of Roswell. Most of those have since seen reruns of it and now love the show, too. For example, my parents didn't even -have- a WB affiliate until after this show was dropped, and they couldn't exactly jump into the third season on UPN without seeing the first two. They now have seen the entire run on Sci-Fi.

    There's just something fundamentally wrong with the universe when a TV show that works as well as Roswell did and develops such a following gets cancelled because of bad ratings. Of course, then again, the original Star Trek had bad ratings, too. Look how that turned out. (Please ignore "Enterprise" for the purposes of this argument. Thanks.)

    I'd love to see Roswell return in movie form. I could also see it spin off a movie/series about the -other- royal family or a third group of kids from their planet or... whatever. Maybe a prequel about things on their planet prior to their departure. Or a sequel after they rode off into the sunset and took up residence elsewhere. Did Liz's parents burn the diary? Did FBI agents steal it before they had the chance? Did the Roswell kids run into trouble in their new home? Did they ever return to their families? Did they ever return to their planet? Did they ever reveal their existence to the public? Did they somehow bring the people of Earth and their home planet together in a way that turned their whole existence into a giant metaphor?

    There are so many interesting directions the show could have taken had it been allowed to do so. Truly, it was a show taken before its time. Any show that I still watch three and a half years after it last aired is definitely a winner in my book. That said, I'd really like to see some new story lines. It seems like there's so much more to tell....

    So if you're listening, Fox, I have only one thing to say.... If you print it, they will come. Make the movie. You won't be sorry.
  • I loved this show. I miss it!

    Roswell is one of my all-time favorites. It was the first show in my whole life that I *had* to watch when it aired. We were introduced to a cast of fresh, young actors who captured the spirit of their characters perfectly.

    I'm not much into science fiction *or* teen drama, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this show whole-heartedly. The show was just as much about the complicated relationships between the teen aliens and their families as it was about the 'ships and conspiracies. That element is what kept the show interesting. It came from all angles and that's good.

    Sadly, this show was cancelled after only three seasons. Thankfully the last episode wrapped up the story neatly. You can catch the reruns on SciFi or DVD.

    i absolutely loved roswell and still do that show was spectacular. the story line, the cast, the chemistry was amazing. Sadly the show was cancelled it broke my heart deeply. Please, if anyone knows more about Roswell the movie the people were trying to make please give me some feedback at my account here also if you know anything about max and liz fanfiction don't hesitate.the 3rd season i heard it's out and i want to buy all 3 seasons. i used to have the episodes on recording VHS and now,i want them on DVD. Roswell ROCKS! Nothing could ever ever ever compare.

    p.s. keep in touch
  • there needs to be more seasons

    roswell was a truly great show.that it ended after a mere 3 seasons is terribly disappointing.
    to whom would i have to speak to get this show back on the road? please bring this show back.this was a unique cast and show, it was one of a kind. the way it ended was just not a complete ending and so the show should continue with them on the road.
  • Great story about aliens on earth and living like humans just trying to get along.

    I loved this show when it was on, infact i still love it, i own all the episodes of it and to this day i still watch them. This is ne show i think they should bring back! I was defiantly one of those hardcore fans, that when it came up for canceling it or renewing it I would call WB or UPN depending on what station it was on at the time, leave messages and send in Tabasco sauce. I would do it all again to get it back!
  • This show is truly brilliant

    I stumbled upon this show during late night reruns so i started off watching season three and omg brilliant instantly addicted, so when the highly anticipated DVD\'s cam out my awes friends brought them 4 me and efinatly mony well spent this series started perfectly the pilot ep was great and it only got better. The characters are great Max+Liz are perfect for eachother and Michael+Maria have so much chemistry even if it does put the \"thin line between love and hate\" theory into practice. Theres not much else to say except this show is F@$@% awesome even the DVDs \"A little something extra for the fans\" was the best montage i have seen u will neva get bored with it.
  • love it.

    Roswell is my absolute favourite show. i love buffy and angel and now there finished and so is Roswell. Please Make a Movie of Roswell or make more episodes cause i reallllllllllly missssss it. Also make a movie of buffy. These shows are great and they are so original and romantic. i've seen the first episode of Roswell 100 imes or more. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • One of the best shows ever created!

    It's unfortunate that one of the best shows ever created, and adored by so many fans nationwide, was cancelled after only three seasons! Even more tragic was the attempted cancellation after both the first and second seasons! Congratulations to all those fans out there with enough wit to send in so many bottles of Tabasco sauce and give us another two seasons of this fabulous show!
    This show was so fantastic, and so well-thought out that it didn't even use any filler episodes. All episodes add just that much more to the main show storyline.
    The acting was outstanding and heartfelt. And the action was stupendous!
    If anybody is smart, they will make a movie or spin off of this show, because it's got a lot of support!
  • I love it


    I would like to see another season. Give us more it can't just stop.I have liked every showing of Roswell. I do have fav. and this show is at the top of the list. I'm waiting to hear if it continues.I know there has to be more to this show.
  • SUmmary is about my review absolutly love this show please bring it back

    I was inlove with this show since the 1st episode, LIz an Max very much reminded me of my boyfriend at the time just graduating high school an the sexsual tension between us was much like theirs I ended up having my baby a month after the show ended an was lost no roswell i was crushed I love all shows not reality tv hate it, if i wanted to be depressed or laugh at something I could sick back an take a look around me. Anyway for what it\'s worth I would absolutly love it if roswell came back on but really I\'d never get enough of the cast and show.
    PEace Tara
  • This show has completely changed me as a person - for good. I'm a TV-holic and have seen alot of tv shows. This one has really gotten to me. I can't get over the way the emotions are played out in it, and with good storylines too. An excellent series!!!!!

    When I first heard of the series, and its plotline, I thought it was going to be stupid. But looks were deceiving. One afternoon there was nothing to watch, so I decided to give it a try - and fell inlove. It projected emotions to me, that I could actually feel them. The acting was soooooooooo amazing, the writing was excellent and just the atmosphere it created made me feel as if I was there. I know this part is going to sound stupid. I really want to meet aliens one day. I really became emotionally involved with the programme that I saw everything from an alien's point of view. I even had dreams of being an alien and running away from the FBI. It just really caught my eye. Not even Desperate Housewives was able to do that. At times I even wish I could be there to help them, or to warn them of who's the enemy. I guess that when I watch the show, it's my hour of escaping to another world where my own problems don't seem at the slightest bit terrible. This is a show I'd watch any day, no matter what anyone says. It's a show I could never hate. It's a show that deserved much more credibility, alot more publicity and to stay on our screens. It has touched my heart!!!!
  • best series ever

    my absolute favourite show in the whole world and should come back, i was very dissapointed when it finished and would be over the moon if it came back. i am a very gd fan of roswell and the series just kept on getting better and better same as the books.
  • One of the 2 best shows ever made!

    "Roswell", which aired on The WB for two seasons, and UPN for one, is a show about alein/human hybrids who try to cope with their "differentness" on earth. "Roswell" starred Shiri Appleby (Swimfan), Jason Behr (The Grudge), Kathrine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy), Collin Hanks (Orange County), Emile de Ravin (LOST), and many more talented actors and actresses. Over the years, "Roswell" became a critically acclaimed Sci-Fi/Drama which was usually said to be like the teen generation of "The X-Files. "Roswell? is one of the 2 best shows ever made, along with "Veronica Mars". It has just what every good show should have.... a little bit of sci-fi, a little bit of drama, a little soapy, and a tad bit of suspense. Since "Roswell" premiered in Fall of 1999 on The WB, and has become a huge cult favorite. Fearing cancellation at the end of season one, fans sent in little bottles of tabasco sauce (has to do with the show). The fans also poured The WB with fan mail and letters BEGGING for "Roswell" to stay on air. Sometimes called "My So-Called Alien", because the drama reminded the critics of the classic teen drama starring Claire Danes, "My So-Called Life". "Roswell" was a very liked show by critics and viewers alike. As the end of season two was nearing, "Roswell" was once again fearing cancellation, the fans once again did their stuff, but sadly The WB cancelled it. On a lighter note, UPN was showing interest in picking up "Roswell", after just announcing that they were going to also pick up The WB's "Buffy The Vampire Slayer", starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. Later, UPN decided that they would pick up "Roswell", placing it behind "Buffy" on Tuesday nights. Having "Buffy" as a lead-in was great! UPN ordered a full season of 22 episodes in just a few months. After getting lower ratings as the season went on, UPN downgraded the episode order from 22 episodes to 20 episodes. UPN was still thinking of a possible second season on the network (fourth season in all), if the ratings increased. UPN was trying to promote the show as much as possible and fans were encouraging other people to watch it too, but it wasn't enough. UPN once again downgraded the epsiode order from 20 episodes to 18 episodes. UPN decided that this season would be its last, four episodes before airing. The executive producers made sure to resolve all of the plot twists and mysteries. "Roswell" had a good run, although, I wish it would have gone on longer, a lot longer. In all "Roswell" lasted 61 episodes.
  • The best show ever

    when i first saw it I loved it but never knew what day or time. Now I have rented all the series and I love this. They need to continue this show. I would love to see where the journeys take them and does max ever see his son again.
  • one of my favs

    roswell new mexico, a place where anything could happen, maria is hot, liz is cute, max is cool, michael is too, isabell should show more skin, tess should have been shown from the beginning and this show has really good christmas episodes i mean wow they gave me chills when i saw them
  • One OF The BEst Shows Ever Made In My Eyes!

    This show is awesome! I personally love it and anticipate every show. It is really sad that they take good shows off the sir and replace them with sorry ones. I am now taking part of trying to help save ROSWELL and hopefully get the producers to take notice and start making a movie or at least continuing the episodes maybe episodes 4, 5 and 6 would be nice they stopped at three....


    Here a cool website if anybody is interested in helping..

  • By a lot of aspect, Roswell is the best teenage show ever (equality to Buffy of course) and even years after when I watch it on DVD I become emitional as the first times I saw it.

    Roswell is one the model of the teenage show that mixed science fiction and problems of teenage life (Buffy was the first and now a lot have following with more or less sucess). The Season One is really perfect with the ambiance and the exploration of every side the difficult moment for young people to know themself, find love...There is the unresistible physical attraction between Micheal and Maria, the soul mate relation of Max and Liz that was upset with the arrival of Tess or the fears to show what we are with the relation of Isabel and Alex...Almost that there is the metaphore of the physical transformation of teenager and aliens and the change in the relation with parents. In the season one the science fiction is not the main theme(the powers are essentiels or every episode used) but in the second this theme is more exploited (like when you seem lose the control of your body when you grow up) and in the third season the relation becomes the main theme again with this the parallele with the end of teenager's life and begining of adlut's one. The serie remender again and again somepart of my life that is the sign of a good show for me...
  • Roswell was clearly un-appreciated and is clearly one of the best shows ever, with all the crap that is on TV now Roswell was cut down way to soon!!! Bring it back and give the Roswell fans closier , there should have been more series or at least a

    Roswell is clearly one of the best shows ever and was cut down to soon and with all the crappy shows on TV now it clearly should of been longer I mean Charmed has been on for like what 7 years it's an ok show at best but Roswell... #1
  • personally i used to watch buffy charmed angel and all them but out of the lot i loved roswell it was gr8 i luv brendon fehr !!!

    i wish you could bring it back more than anything in the world we have them all on dvd and i watch them over and over again . i cried when it stopped after i screamed and ran out the door shouting , however if there is any possible way of bringing it back please do !!!
  • Roswell was a great show... and ends really quickly. What a pity!

    A lot of people hated Roswell and I am asking why?
    Roswell was one of the best show on the wb and maybe one of my best.

    I started to watch this serie 5 years ago on M6, it was the serie premiere and everybody watched it.
    I was with a good friend in a slumber party and we really enjoy the show. My friend fall in love with max and I fall in love with the show!

    The story was great, the roswell crash with some aliens which survived. Max, Isabel and Michael.
    The set took place in Roswell, New Mexico and brings his part of supernatural.
    Max and Isabel had superpowers, Isabel could enter in the dreams, Max saved some lives and Michael had the power of destroy everything he touched.
    Of course Roswell was a kind of soap with love stories, Max and Liz, Michael and Maria and Isabel and Alex. I supposed the show was more for girls than for boys but the storyline was great in each episode.
    Unfortunately at the end of the serie, nobody would like to act in the show and the season 3 was really bad... except some episodes like the season finale.
    I always remembered it for everything it gave me, a wonderful show about the best thing ever. The Roswell case.
  • the roswell crash of 1947... what was up with that? it turns out some alien human royalty was sent to earth in a bid to save their race!!!

    i loved this show but i understand why it was cancelled. it was convoluted (much like my writing!) and unsure of itself. things weren't explained correctly and there were internal issues too apparently. the thing is, it was actually good. when i look back at it, i find myself finding new things out everytime i see an episode which explains more stuff; which makes more sense. that re-watchableness (i am aware that is not a word) makes the show specia to me. indeed the aliens were selfish, killing humans with little care on occasion, and the lives of the humans they were involved with were ruined but in a weird way, that is the reality of life and even if it is told with alien doubles and shapeshifters... well, does it matter. if you don't get my jist from all these ramblings, this was a good show. watch it - NOW!!!!
  • This show changed my life.

    This is the greatest show of all time, and believe me I've seen some greats. It can't be compared to anything. One of the things that make this emotional rollercoaster/edge of your seat thriller great is that you plug into it. It's a show for everyone, you relate and you live you life with them. This show makes you feel and care, what happens to them becomes almost as important as what happens to you in your own life. Top episodes: the Pilot, Heat Wave, Destiny, End of the World (EOTW), Viva Las Vegas, the Departure, and season 3 was just one of those seaasons, though season one wins as the top season of all time. I could go on and on... this show is so amazing that there are still tons of sites dedicated to it, fanfic still being written, fans buying $70 crappy books written about what happens next. This show will live on in the lives of people forever.
  • The most amazing story of aliens and humans. A story about love, trust and friendship.

    That's my favorite show and I think that more than a sci-fi or a teen show it's an amazing story of friendship, emotion and love. A beautiful story about relations about aliens and humans. I hope that one day someone make a new season because ROSWELL can not end. Roswell it's simply the best.
  • Now on dvd I just rewatched the first season in its entirity and I was reminded how much I used to love this show.

    I know this show will never return nore will it ever leave. I began by watching the first season though do to my own stupidity never even made it to the end of season one. Now on dvd I just rewatched the first season in its entirity and I was reminded how much I used to love this show.

    Being of sci-fi origins in content and filled with great characters I cannot believe I gave this up back in the day.

    Must See TV!!!!

    Protest reality TV it sucks!
  • An edge-of-your-seat, nail biting thrill ride with drama, intrigue, romance and a little comedy on the side. One of the most original ideas ever-aliens are among us thanks to that infamous Roswell landing. Once you start watching you CANNOT stop!

    This show rocked! I still mourn its passing, it was a stroke of genius. The actors were amazing, the plots even better and they never should have stopped. Clearly the WB and UPN are missing something in their intelligence quota, the Roswell-loyal are out there! I must admit I had a bit of a crush on "Max" and "Michael", can you blame me? I'll bet most of the viewers had a crush on someone, how could you not? That was one good looking cast!
  • Roswell is about 3 aliens from the 1947 crash. They are trying to lead normal lives. They cant let any1 know their secret. Until the girl Max is in love with is shot. He heals her. He risks his life a lot in these 3 seasons.

    This is the best show ever! I hav watched it for like 5 years! I am the #1 Fan! Everyone should watch Roswell! I hav all 3 seasons on DVD and watch it when ever it is on TV! Also, I love Jason Behr! He is the best guy ever! Oh my God! Some of my favorite episodes are Pilot, Viva Las Vegas, A Roswell Christmas carol, samuel rising, michael the guys and the snapple caper, graduation, Missing, Into the woods, Blind Date, The whit room, Summer of 47\\\',and Heart of Mine.My favorite season was the 1st and my favorite character was Max. I really hope they make a movie, that is my dream!
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