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  • More then a SF series, and more then a Teen-Drama.

    Roswell is about the supposed crashing of a UFO, but was it really not a UFO?

    Max (Jason Behr), Isabel (Katherine Heigl), Michael (Brendan Fehr) and Tess (Emilie de Ravin) were 4 of the people in that UFO, they grew up in pods untill they were about 6 years old, now 10 years later Liz (Shiri Appleby) got shot by accident when 2 men fighting, Max who had been in love for years ran upto her and healed her. Then the questions began, where was the bullet, why was there a bullethole in her uniform, and why did she had a silver handprint on her body. Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler) heard all his life from his father about aliens that had killed people and left a silver handprint on their body, all those years he, and everyone else didn't believe him, but now he began to believe.

    Most teen-dramas rely on storylines that we all have seen already, and get tiring pretty soon, Roswell is something different, they aren't your average teenager, these are teenagers that were with the question, who are we, why are we here, and while looking for the answers they also tryed to live another life, a normal life.
    Some episodes are more about Science Fiction while others are more about Drama, together they give you a good show that doesn't get boring, and keeps you wondering about things.

    This show can be compared to some degree to Smallville (the teenage years of Clark Kent/Superman) which started to air a year after Roswell, but this series goes beyond Smallville, the storyline is better, the main problem of Smallville is that they are limited with what they can do because it's a prequel, while Roswell ofcourse doesn't have that problem.

    Even though Roswell became a real cult hit the show was still cancelled after it's 3rd season, ofcourse i wished there had been more seasons, but the thing that has, and still does, bugs me most is the fact that the show was cancelled right before the last episode, leaving the writers to make a good ending in 1 episode, which also originally was supposed to be a 2 hour episode, but was after shooting cut to a 1 hour episode because the WB changed their mind on the 2 hour episode, which hopefully will be on the season 3 DVD box which will be out on August 9th.
    On this day fans all over the world are still fighting for a Roswell movie, wether it will succeed or not remains the question, but i truely hope it will.

    This show is mainly targeted for ages 13-29, but can also ofcourse be watched by people older then that, if you like these types of shows then i really do recommend to check this show out, the show is currently airing re-runs in the US on SciFi.
  • I stumbled upon this show looking for something new after I realised that Buffy & Angel weren't coming back and I was immediately hooked. It's a show that is so unique that you can't compare it to anything. This is one of the few shows out there worth wat

    I stumbled upon this show looking for something new after I realised that Buffy & Angel weren't coming back and I was immediately hooked. It's a show that is so unique that you can't compare it to anything. This is one of the few shows out there worth watching.This show has an incredible cast and writers that continue to keep the show looking fresh. This show was far ahead of it's time and it's a real shame that it was cancelled after only 3 years but those 3 years were some of the best TV episodes I have every seen.
  • I really miss this show!

    Roswell was one of my all-time favorite shows. The first season was the best of the three, mainly because they didn't use too much sci fi. Instead, they focused more on developing the characters. The relationships between all of them were fabulous. My favorite pair was Max and Liz. I absolutely adore the episode "Blind Date," where Max finally professes his love for Liz.

    I enjoyed the second season (and third) because I like Sci Fi, but a lot of my friends got annoyed...especially with the "Hybrid Chronicles." Looking back, this pretty much killed the show. They lost lots of viewers, and the WB didn't renew them. They were lucky to get a third season from UPN.

    We all know how once the audience likes a particular couple together (Liz & Max or Michael & Maria), the producers will do whatever they can to throw a wrench in, to create drama. I think if they had done this less, Roswell wouldn't have been least for a couple more seasons. That said, I still really loved the show. I have the DVDs of the first two seasons, and plan to buy the third once it comes out.
  • In high school we all felt out of place, these kids really were out of place, heck they weren't from around here (nor Czechoslovakia), they weren't even from this planet!

    So I remember when this show first came on. I loved the idea of it. Whereas the other 'supernatural' high school (at the time) Buffy the Vampire Slayer was an analogy of how high school was hell, Roswell took teenage alienation to new and more literal heights. Everyone remembers feeling out of place, hormones racing through a body you wouldn't recognize yourself as having had 3 years ago, not knowing where anything is, who you are, ect. Well imagine how much harder it is when you are actually aliens, sent here from another planet?

    Story idea is this, when the UFO crashed in Roswell in the 40's the government didn't get everything for the crash. They missed the incubation pods stored nearby in the cliffs for one, and they also missed a shapeshifting alien. Flash forward 30, 40 years and a couple of 6 year olds wander out of these incubation pods. There were 4 (Max Evans, Isabell Evans and Michael Guerin), although we don't find out about the 4th until the end of season 1 (sorry for the spoiler). They are adopted into normal human families, and all is well. They have secret powers (like healing, changing the molecular structure of things, telekinesis, you know normal super power stuff), and no one outside of them knows their secret.

    That is until Liz Parker gets accidentaly shot in The Crash Down the diner owned by her parents (although we see little of Mrs. Parker after season 1). Max Evans one of the alien boys heals her because he is sort of enamored by her and has been wanting her from afar since they were kids. Liz is dating the local sheriffs son Kyle, and the sheriff is seen as an enemy for the alien teens. Liz'a best friends Maria and Alex eventually find out the teen aliens secrets, and soon they all realize they are in danger. Not just from the US Gov't and FBI, but from warring factions of aliens who seem hell bent on reliving a war on earth that was started on their home planets. Plus there's love and romance of the very romeo and juliet kinds (only without the suicide).

    Personally Roswell is a show that I can watch over and over again. It made me laugh and cry and made me think sometimes on what it means to be truely human.

    Roswell was doomed from the get go but fans helped it get 3 season on the WB and later on UPN. I recommend this show to all Buffy and Dark Angel fans cos its along similar veins. Think X-files for teenagers.
  • this show it's real,it's fiction, it's the best show ever!! it involves a lot of problems of teenagers but involving aliens. frindship, family, love, and the unknown are the main ingredients in this show.

    i think that everyone that enjoy television as mutch as i do, have an "obligation" to see this show! i promisse you won't be disapointed...the first season it's about the quest between alien and the F.B.I, the away the humans learn about the existence of aliens and how they fall in love...the second involves a lot more aliens,a parasite,the new enimies,and the away home eventualy.the 3th it's, in my opinion, a lit bit shorter. it could've been a bit more developed. it envolves the F.B.I a lot more that the second season and the quest for max's son! resume:love aliens? love a great story about how they interact with us? don't miss the show. it's my favorite show and i think that can never be another one like this!

    p.s -the soundtrack it's fabulous! dont's miss it too!!
  • This is one of the best shows ever and I'm sorry that I missed it when it aired. Roswell has got to be the greatest show that people didn't watch or know about. I wish it could be brought back to tv as the fan base just continues to grow!

    I regret not discovering this show until it was gone. My Aunt gave me the first 2 seasons to watch on dvd & promised I would love it. She was right, after the pilot episode my husband & I were both hooked. We were caught hook, line, and sinker, that had never happened for either of us with a pilot episode!

    We are now finished with the entire first season and working our way through season 2. I want to get through it to see what happens but I don't want to get through it because I know it is over now! We are impatiently waiting for season 3 to be released onto dvd now so we can watch the rest of what we missed.

    I truely believe this show is by far one of the best shows that wasn't watched! I believe if more people knew about this show or watched it they would have been hooked as well. So far my cruel, sadistic Aunt has turned about 10 people into huge Roswell fanatics after it ended! Well 14 people if you count my 4 children.

    This show is great for people no matter what age they are. Even though the characters were teenagers I could empathize with them and become interested in what they were going through. As I said, even my children have loved watching this show. They get more excited then we do at times which is funny to watch. I have never seen any of us have such a strong reaction to a tv show before! The only compaint our children have about the show is that they can't watch every episode! There are some episodes we won't let them watch due to the mature nature of the paritcular episode.

    For those that haven't had the opportunity to watch this show during its air time, I highly suggest buying the dvd collections! Now that we have found Roswell we are going to buy the 3 seasons as soon as the 3rd one is released. Until now there has never been a show or series of dvd that we felt was worth buying, Roswell is more than worth the price to always have it!
  • This excellent show blended science fiction with drama in a very compelling way, one which many shows have been unable to match.

    This is yet another show that for some reason I didn't pick up until the end of the first season. Much like Alias, I didn't catch on to the show until the 1st season finale and I became hooked. If you look at the shows that I watch, you'll find that I lean toward serialized shows like Alias and Lost more than those dull procedurals that litter the networks. Roswell was my kind of show because it had the ongoing plot as well as science fiction, which I really like. Some episodes focused more on the sci-fi than the drama, and others vice-versa, but it all worked out to be a great show with only a few bad episodes and a lot of great ones. The best episode of the series is the episode Cry Your Name, but don't watch it or read about it until you've seen the show because it's a spoiler episode for sure.
  • Something completely different and fun!

    Far from Oscar potential performances, however, this was a fun program while it lasted. It is too bad that far-fetched shows like this do not last long; instead we have to sit and observe the crap they keep coming out with each year. This had me going each night as I watched all the episodes from the confines of my laptp in bed before sleep. Well done again with this "fun" freaky show!
  • My favourite show to bad it's over :(

    10 mom had bought the first two seasons for me for christmas, i though well i've never heard of this show but when i started watching it i was hooked!! it's one of my very favourites shows...although the 1st season was the best, only because it's starting and the characters are just being introduced! It was a awesome show and i wished that it was still on the air! and if you haven't seen the show, and you like si-fi shows your love this one! You'll just watch 3 aliens that come to Roswell and when their secret gets out everything changes!! A must see show!
  • First, I thought this looked a bit stupid. Another teenage show. But then I saw these great characters, and...

    This show, I don't know why, is one of my very favourites. For a long time, I couldn't stop begging for the dvd to appear on the shelves of my dvd-store. I still don't understand why I got hooked up. For these lonely characters? The alien story? the love story? The outsiders part? Or maybe because, between Liz and Max, there was such electricity that you could feel your skin tremble for pleasure.
    I still can't get out of this show, I keep watching it, again and again. Funny, beautiful, sad, thrilling... you take your pick. This is all of it!
  • A wonderful one-hour show about three aliens living in Roswell. It starts of with Max, who is an alien, healing a human, Liz. That is the start of lots of drama, humor and action. After Liz finds out, she tells Maria an Alex, creating a group of aliens an

    I absolutely loved this show. It\'s just as good as Buffy, Charmed and Angel. You don\'t realize you are watching sience fiction, it\'s just Dawsons Creek with Aliens and better storylines. I especially liked the interaction between Michael and Maria, the best couple in television history!! But the other characters are all great. I almost cried when the show ended, they just have to bring it back, pleeeaaase??....
  • Potentially a beautiful show which unfortunately was bad developped.

    Roswell was a beautiful tv show, specially in his first season, but it got worse since the beginning of the second one and even worse with the third.
    What made this show good was the well-written sci-fi plot which worked as a frame of a quite original teen drama: a group of teen aliens with some special powers trying to live a normal life in the high school with friends and home with their families while they must face enemies who want to catch them in order to study or kill them.
    Roswell started great with the pilot - probably the best episode of all the three seasons - and went on being very good over the whole first season: both the sci-fi plot and the development of main characters' relationships were very interesting and quite original, so when you finished watching an episode you couldn't wait for the following.
    Though since the beginning of the second season all the new alien stories weren't so intriguing, often well started but always bad developped. The show lost his originality and started to get boring.
    In the third season many episodes make you ask yourself why are you watching this show yet. Probably the answer to this question is that Roswell started so well that you become fond of the characters and you want to know how their stories end.
  • The best Show ever

    I watch this show like my life depended on it.I had to have my fix. I never missed an episode and even watch all the re-runs.The charecters had so much depth that grew with every episode. The way they tryed to hide there alien side and be human, i think every feels like they have a side to them they try to hide from others so people can relate to this show. I got them all on dvd and watch them all the time. The powers they have, the evil side of Tess and the ever burning question can they free there home planet from the skins...we will never no...
  • I discovered Roswell years after the show ended. Little did I know what I was missing out on!

    I am the product of the WB Generation. Growing up there where only two channels on my TV: The WB, and ABC. But 90% of the time it was always the WB. My love affair with Television began on March 17th, 1997 when "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" premiered on TV. I remember being nine years old and sitting on the coutch with popcorn stoked that I was allowed to stay up til 10pm to watch the show. From there I expanded into "Charmed," "Dawson's Creek," "Popular," and so on. But one show that for some reason of another that I never watched was "Roswell." A couple of years ago when the first season DVD came out, I bought it without thinking twice.

    That was when I was introduced into this magical world. For some reason the story of Max, Isabelle, and Micheal, mixed in with the story of Maria, Liz, and Kyle just drew me in and never stopped. Over the course of the 5 weeks it took me to watch the entire series (you have to love ebay), Roswell easly became my favorite show, I just wish I would have been there with Tabasco Bottles in hands in 2002 when UPN cancelled the show to show my support, but now atleast I can support the Cause in a different way. look at it! sign the petition! get the movie made!
  • about aliens

    best alien show ever wish it wasn\'t over season two was the best then season three then season one
    i love the one were alex died and liz was the only one who thought he got kill and i like the part were isabel was looking at a book about the
    school she was going to and max came over and with a school book to say she can go to a school in roswell she said no and walk off then he walk up to her and said i will tell are parents ypu on drugs and tell the treachers you cheated then isabel put the paper on fire walk off a guy said someting then she made him go flying in front off the hole school
  • Roswell is about 4 hybrids that live on Earth in secrecy with their friends trying to find a way home and find out more about themselves. A really good story and a show people should watch if they are into alien based shows.

    Roswell is a really well made show about 4 aliens who were genetically engineered with mixed human and alien DNA. They kept their secrets hidden from everybody until one day, one event changed everything. After that they were constantly trying to fix what happened with the help of their friends who found out. Each hybrid has his own powers they can use. As the show progresses, they find out more about where they came from and why they were sent to Earth. Roswell was a show that got better every season and whos ideas never got boring. The show shouldnt have been cancelled.
  • I miss it

    I don't know about you guys but i really miss it. i used to watch every episode with my sister and i think they should bring it back or at least show reruns. This programme led me into my imaginative years and i want it back. Maybe someday. Who Knows.
  • everyone should watch it.

    I remember the first time i watched Roswell. it just so happerned that it was the last episode of the show. later when the show came out on dvd i rented the seasons and watched them. i fell in love with the show. and i still like to watch all the episodes. everyone should watch it.
  • I LOVE IT!!!! I personally think it was one of the best shows made. It was alittle ahead of its time, or behind its time, i am not sure about that one yet. if it was publisized bettter, then the ratings would to gone up.

    It was a diamond in the ruff. Something that no one ever knew it was on T.V. The show has good story, yes it did not flow well in some parts, but that was just the writers trying to get the ratings up. BRING IT BACK!!!! Or make something as good, with the same depth, and the same great character development. I think this world needs another roswell. There are to many shows out there that are just stupid, or unoriginal. this was the opposite. it was very original, and not stupid at all. just watching some of the episodes in season 2, you need to be educated to even try to understand the logic. that is what humans need. the chance to watch a show, and not feel like there I.Q had just dropped 10 points.
    (that is enough of my rambling. just wanted all of yall to know that I am addiceted, and in love with this show, and always will be. it is my show!)
  • "I've always wanted to be a biochemist. You know the first time I walked into a chemistry lab, you know that sulfer smell? I knew I was home."

    So, right out of the gate I knew she was, or would be an alien, one of them, or, at the very least always with them.

    This is one of my favorite romantic love stories ever. What a unique way of creating an environment of trials and tribulations that actually exist in all young lovers' worlds.

    The fact that it is actually the exact same world of worries and warnings, fears and hopes of telling or not telling, of how who they are, or are not is the same as the gay community is faced with everyday, all the time, adds amazing poignance to the parallels portrayed. A righteous vehicle was produced for those three years that made their struggles real to all of us. Never faced with any kind of problem being, or being with gay friends I was glad to see some of my less fortunate friends get a clue by watching and learning and loving all people, no matter what. Was it Jackie Gleason or Jimmy Durante that always sang, "Thanks for the Memories," I can't remember, but anyway, Roswell, thanks for the memories that are in my heart and soul forever because of your efforts. In general, as a whole, if one really ponders and thinks, sucks. When I put in the Roswell DVDs, though, I love life like at no other time.

    Dear Editor, I know there are a whole bunch of incomplete sentences which are difficult to read through, and I am not a good speller, and an even worse grammarian who knows nothing about correct punctuation, but, please leave it the way it is, or do me the favor of just not putting it out there. I honestly won't mind if you eliminate it from public eyes, but, it is written exactly the way I want it. Thanks.
  • i cant believe i never know about this show

    I started watching roswell on sci fi a few years after it was ended and i instatly fell inlove with it. it is a new outlook at waht happened at roswell new mexico and i love it. i can not believe that i never knew that is show was on. i was disapointed when i foud out it was a canceled show. it was a great show
  • Roswell is a fun show about ordinary teenagers, growing up in Roswell, New Mexico, who just happen to be the aliens who‘s crash landing put Roswell on the map of American oddities.

    Roswell is a fun show about ordinary teenagers, growing up in Roswell, New Mexico, who just happen to be the aliens who‘s crash landing put Roswell on the map of American oddities.

    A great cast and interesting concept should have gotten this show more attention. The first two seasons were highest caliber entertainment. Season three went a bit off target, but is still worth watching and the cast was not killed off at the end.

    Jason Behr is pretty good as Max. His limited range of facial expressions (which can be really annoying in other things I’ve seen him in) actually works to his advantage here, making him look like he is trying to hide something.

    Shiri Appleby is great as Max’s gorgeous girlfriend and occasional narrator. Like Jason, she is better here (Roswell) than she has been in any projects she’s done since. She’s very good looking though.
  • this show went to soon!

    this is by far one of the more interesting show that i have ever watched. its a perfect blend of drama and sci-fi. this show was on the right track until season three rolled around and i dont know what the writers were thinking but the show went down hill. their was alot more romance and less about the original mission the show was putting out. but besides all that the show deserves my perfect 10 rating because it was original and it keep me watching until the very end. the least the could have done was keep it on for one season to finish the story out the right way.
  • It should have never been cancelled!

    I really miss this show, and I really don't think it should've been cancelled.

    In fact, it is pretty well known that The WB basically sabotaged the show in the 2nd season, if not sooner. There were so many ideas that the writers wanted to do for the season--explaination of who Serena was, and other things of the like--But The WB nixed it. It was cancelled, or well, left the WB the same week that Buffy the Vampire Slayer did, and at the end of BtVS, The WB had like a message saying how they'd miss the show and such and wished it luck on upn....Yeah, they didn't do that for Roswell, which I thought was pretty evil of them.

    Then, when Roswell got on UPN, The WB did another evil thing by putting it aganist Smallville, which took a lot of the roswell viewers and kept a lot of new viewers from checking out the show.

    So, yes, all in all, The WB royally screwed Roswell over and the show should really be brought back.

    Granted, it is probably unlikely since some of the cast has said that they don't want to do it again and that they wouldn't want to do a tv series again, or have gotten other jobs (i.e. Katherine is on Grey's Anatomy now.) But still, it would be great to see the show again.
  • Roswell was a very interesting series to watch the first year. I like the characters a lot.New characters which bring new sci-fi plots were introduced in the second season as a way to make the story richer in events.But the third year was a total waste of

    Roswell was a very interesting series to watch the first year. I like the characters a lot. We get attached to them. New characters which bring new sci-fi plots were introduced in the second season. This was an attempt to make the story richer in events. That was a good idea. The results were not always well interpreted. The show evolves between these two seasons but I was still having fun to watch.

    But the third year was a total waste of time. This is the time of the downfall of the characters, the lost of their dreams. I listen to the third season’s episodes and feel bored most the time. A lot of episodes were just repetition of the same story line. In my opinion, he should never been produced. I can understand some of the reasoning behind Season 3 plots but the episodes were just boring to watch. The finale of the show was not better – it was predictable. It is sad to see a good show declined like this.

    In all fairness, Roswell may have been produced in a time where there was not a big enough market for it. I know that the producers have to fight to keep the show on the air. It seems to me that the network has too big expectations regarding the rating of the show. So basically, Roswell is the perfect example to prove that making changes just to appear to more people can be a huge mistake. Sci-fiction shows, even when you mix with teen romance, are never to be a huge hit because sci-fi is not main stream subject. Networks do not always get it. It is said that Roswell has to pay for it.

    I encourage people to view the first 2 seasons and skip the last season. This way you will leave the show with good memories.
  • I was hooked from the first episode.

    From the first few minutes of the first episode, I knew that this would be a show that I would love - and I was right!
    The characters and the actors who played them were great, the writing was excellent and it was something I would look forward to watching every week.
    Why it had to be cancelled after only three seasons is a complete mystery to me.
    I feel that the start of the second season of Roswell lacked some of the emotion of the first season, but it picked up again quickly and it ended up finishing just as strongly as it started.
  • roswell... the shows about human-alien relationship! just like smallville... ders a gap between relationship stuffs! but max saves liz inspite of exposing his real identity! can clark kent do dat?! i dnt think so... deyr d real romeo and juliet w/ a twist

    okay... im not a big fan of sci-fi before except for smallville of course! sorry for my grammar as well.. obviously english is nt my favorite subject! nwei i want this show to be back! d concept s quite different from other shows! its popular here in jpan ryt now! i wana see more of it! i enjoyed watching season1-season3! the characters wer great! specially shiri and jason! deyr gud couple! im sad it was canceld! i like it more dan smallville now! roswell should be given another shot! i wud luv to see max and liz together avoiding the law and doing d deeds! dat wud be a great season4 for roswell! roswell rockS!
  • i was really moved on the episode when Alex dies. when max tries to heal him, but he couldn't. and then how they started to became two groups the humans (who believed that alex was murder by an alien) and the aliens who disagreed.

    I loved that show and i felt so bad when it ended. i still cant understand why they cancelled the show. i loved how they ended the last episode but i felt they could do more it shouldn't just end there. i'll be so happy if they could make more season on roswell. please please please plesae :) i know you could do it :)
  • Max, Isabel and Michael are aliens that try so hard to hide there secret that it eventually starts unraveling!

    This was a really great show and i loved watching this show! I wish it came on everyday but it only comes on scifi but at certain times so i dont know! The thing i like about this show is the mysteries i like how there are so many mysteries to these characters!
  • Aliens bond with humans in this sometimes dark, always romantic series. The main love dyad is between Max Evans and Liz Parker, bound together by a secret shared with only a few other people. They learn to depend on each other for their ultimate surviva

    This is one of the best shows that was ever on television. Of course the writing wasn't always that great, but I could never take my eyes of Jason Behr. I was caught up in the connection between Max and Liz from the very beginning. I am a huge Jason Behr fan and Roswell is where it all began. Jason Behr did an excellent job with the character of Max Evans as did Shiri Appleby with Liz Parker. I am sad that it is no longer on television with new episodes, but it will live on forver in my DVD Player.
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