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  • Currently watching this. The pilot was great, so I can see why they turned it into a real show, but I'm only a few episodes in and the writers are pretty heavy handed.


    They're struggling to connect simple events, backtracking on plot decisions they were hinting at earlier. A suspicious substitute teacher turns into a... guidance counselor? Many smaller events like this hint at writers flailing around without a plan of action.

    Also, it's shockingly slow. I was hoping that it would get better, but other reviewers are saying that this is just going to spin wildly out of control, and I'm not surprised. Seems like a precursor to The Vampire Diaries, which took the same general themes (vampires=aliens, teen drama) but pulled them into exciting, gripping story lines. Frankly, I feel like I'm waiting for the story to ignite, but I have a feeling it's going to resolve in a drawn out chase scene where the characters are running so they won't get caught in the massive plot holes that are always half-a-step behind them.

    I'm a master at suspending disbelief, but Roswell is crashing, and I'm going to have to bail.

  • Teen angst masquerading as scifi.

    I watched Roswell for two reasons. One I usually try and give all scifi/fantasy shows a chance because I'm always feel like I am searching for something to replace the void left by Buffy, Angel, and Firefly/. Two, it comes from the same time and network that gave us Buffy and Angel (amoung other great WB shows). But I just don't get it. I mean human/alien hybrids. It's not that I don't understand it but they way the show is constructed it is really unbelieveable, at least in my eyes. Especially because they seem to lead such human like lives. I understand that Max, Michael, and Isabelle (excuse the spelling if I got the names wrong) have been on earth for awhile but they seem a little to human to me. And underneath all the scifi stuff this is one of the shows filled with all the teenage angst stuff that I do not like and I'm not talking about the kind of teenage stuff that you can find on Dawson's Creek or Everwood (the good kind). I don't like teen angst in the least, especially when they try and cover it up with a scifi plot. The only thing I do like about this show is Max and Liz, they have a really natural chemistry and are quite cute together but that can not be expected to carry a show. However, I could see where if you liked that sort of thing you could get easily addicted to this show. I watched a couple episodes to see if there was any improvement but needless to say I wasn't impressed. The only reason I could keep going was Max and Liz, they were interesting on screen together.
  • Not that cool.

    This interesting story of extraterrestrial alienation is a fascinating metaphor of teen angst -- a topic that has often been treated in movies and on TV, but here it is offered with new and insightful perspective.

    The show is a way to symbolize common human fears in an imaginative parable. Issues that are woven into the story line include not knowing who you are, the experience of being a foster child, keeping secrets from parents and other authority figures, the danger of making close personal connections with others, and the isolation of being in or from one's own strange world.

    ROSWELL is a clever idea with a fresh, interesting young cast. The show is an imaginative cross between, on the one hand, The X-Files and The Fugitive, and, on the other, the odd perspective of ALF and Third Rock From The Sun. This is an excellent show in a time when too many shows are carbon-copies or silly assembly-line junk. I give the show an A+.
  • Two (alien) boys and a girl trying to find their place in the universe. It could have been great

    Teen drama love, interesting characters, a deeply embedded cultural myth about to be solved and aliens.

    Roswell seemed to have it all to become a classic show; starting with the adolescent stories and growing into more mature themes, dragging their audiences along, growing together.

    The show started very well, the main plot seemed very interesting, the acting was good and the stories made the viewers stick around to find along Max, Isabel and Michael about their origins.

    Romance was also featured along the science fiction and it made Roswell a very attractive series to different kinds of viewers.

    Sadly, something happened to the writing. I can't tell what, it changed, the story stopped making sense, the continuity was strange; facts from previous episodes seemed to have no meaning for the next ones, there were plot holes and inconsistencies that finished the series appeal. Viewers lost interest, as I did.

    I am sorry that I wasn't sorry to see Roswell go.
  • Potentially a beautiful show which unfortunately was bad developped.

    Roswell was a beautiful tv show, specially in his first season, but it got worse since the beginning of the second one and even worse with the third.
    What made this show good was the well-written sci-fi plot which worked as a frame of a quite original teen drama: a group of teen aliens with some special powers trying to live a normal life in the high school with friends and home with their families while they must face enemies who want to catch them in order to study or kill them.
    Roswell started great with the pilot - probably the best episode of all the three seasons - and went on being very good over the whole first season: both the sci-fi plot and the development of main characters' relationships were very interesting and quite original, so when you finished watching an episode you couldn't wait for the following.
    Though since the beginning of the second season all the new alien stories weren't so intriguing, often well started but always bad developped. The show lost his originality and started to get boring.
    In the third season many episodes make you ask yourself why are you watching this show yet. Probably the answer to this question is that Roswell started so well that you become fond of the characters and you want to know how their stories end.
  • i have never seen this show

    i have never seen this show. so why do i rate it so well, you ask? all i have ever heard is good things about it. i think i have seen that it replays on some network but i cannot remember which. hopefully someday i will stumble across it and get hooked.
  • Roswell is about three aliens living on earth. They survived the Roswell crash and now live in the town. They appear to be humans, and are now teenagers and going to high school.

    I found this series to be very interesting in it's take on aliens. It was definitely a unique take to make them teenagers. At times I found it soppy and over the top, but most of the scientific alien origin storylines were quite interesting.
    However, the series is nothing like real life on my home planet of Montrag'qe. It was hard to believe that the aliens were able to appear to be humans. It was also strange that they had such human tendencies. When my planet was under attack from the Zoptricians, our Queen found the planet of Earth to move us to. It was easy to find a forest for us to live in, which is a lot like our habitat. I was the first Montrag'qen to be moved here, as I was found guilty of a crime (which I do not wish to disclose). However, I was not able to be killed as my mother is a famous war hero. So the solution of sending me here to test the atmosphere was approved. Luckily, the atmosphere was okay, and I found a large forest in Australia to live in. Anyway, I have sampled a lot of aliens shows and find this to be one of the most amusing. Prinktak.
  • This is an okay show to watch .... not my favorite though

    This was a good TV show it was only on air for three seasons it was kinda like watching a really long movie rather than actually watching a TV show if your into UFO kinda things you would probably love this show .... I myself personally do not believe in anything UFO I think its all bogus but this was an good show to watch its worth watching once .....
  • not bad

    i jus finidhed watching entire season 1 and cant wait 4 season 2!! i still like sliders show better i think but i thivk i may like these equally now :D l o lo l ol o l o l ol o l o l o l o l o lo l o l o l ol o l o l ol o l o l ll o l o l ol o l o l o l o l ol o l o l o lo l o l o lo l o l ol o l o l
  • but was mostly an enjoyable experience.

    I think Roswell came at the wrong time. There was nothing wrong with it per se but the fact it had to compete with brilliant television such as Buffy made the fact it wasn't that good more obvious. I enjoyed watching it but there was never anything I could really relate to. Max and Liz annoyed me, Tess and Izzie I could have done without on the whole, and the only character I did like (Maria) they never did anything good with. The one thing that did stand out to me with Roswell was the wonderful episode where Max from the future comes back to present day Roswell and has to convince Liz to help him break younger Max's heart. It was beautiful at the end where they danced. I think it was the one time I actually enjoyed the Liz/Max relationship! All in all, Roswell wasn't bad but could have definitely done with a bit of 'fine tuning'.
  • roswell is hiding a serect. is there aliens in roswell?.

    it took me a few episodes, but then i could'nt get enought of it. i was drawn to liz and max and there great chemistry and i really liked isabel she was very protective of her brother max and also of michael. i started to feel threaten by the arrival of tess. but soon found out that her and max had a history. then she left with there unborn baby only to return. and then when found out liz had some alien power and zapped tess arcoss the room when she return. to try and make a amends tess got herself killed to save her baby and to try and throw off the goverment who were hunting the others. i was happy with the way they ended this show. it was one of best scif show that i really enjoyed.
  • quite slow and not very interesting

    quite slow and not very interesting the episodes are not detailed are sometimes even rushed up it is mildly interesting but not worth the time it doesnt get you to the edge of ur seat it is quite hard to understand what is going on its boring in many ways
  • Season 2 started bad

    Loved season 1. Had to skip through horrible high school drama scenes. Loved how you had to figure out who characters were and sherif came around. Good cast except for max. Disappointed how the sheriff can't control his own deputies in small town after helping. Makes no sense after first season. Horrible script writing in 2nd season. Love the idea for show though. Wish it would be redone as is with better writing or older characters.
  • The idea was pretty cool, but they changed it into a Mills&Boon tvshow.

    I like it at the beginning. It was quite funny, I loved KMichale and Maria getting to each others' pants in this very annoying way... But later they changed it into a harlequine. The episodes were crazy, they Killed Alex... No idea why.
    The one character I stayed truly connected to was Isabel. She was the grown-up. She was to model. I liked that.
  • the roswell crash of 1947... what was up with that? it turns out some alien human royalty was sent to earth in a bid to save their race!!!

    i loved this show but i understand why it was cancelled. it was convoluted (much like my writing!) and unsure of itself. things weren't explained correctly and there were internal issues too apparently. the thing is, it was actually good. when i look back at it, i find myself finding new things out everytime i see an episode which explains more stuff; which makes more sense. that re-watchableness (i am aware that is not a word) makes the show specia to me. indeed the aliens were selfish, killing humans with little care on occasion, and the lives of the humans they were involved with were ruined but in a weird way, that is the reality of life and even if it is told with alien doubles and shapeshifters... well, does it matter. if you don't get my jist from all these ramblings, this was a good show. watch it - NOW!!!!
  • Great! this show has everything in it.

    i love this show. it has romance, drama, sci fi and teen angst. a complicated mixture. the characters are great and i must admit i cried a bit when alex died. he was such a good character- a bit geeky, that humour that only geeks can have and he so sweet and devoted to izzy. the on-off romance between liz/max always kept me watching the show and i thought it was such a good plot twist when max got tess pregnant. maria/michael was another great relationship if only because of the way the could hate each other one minute then be crazy about each other the next. the sly little comments they would make at each other when they were fighting always had me laughing. kyle had a few good one liners aswell. i must admit though that i thought that izzy getting married kinda annoyed me. i loved the way the show focused on the normal humans that were affected too because it showed another point of view other than how hard it is to be an alien living on another planet. the royalty thing knida annoyed me a bit.
  • Pretty good show. I didn't watch it from the every begining, but I ended up liking the show a lot.I also hated that damn luv triangle to. Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr. I was like please stay with one another or break up for good.It was getting old fast.

    I will admit I got hooked on this show. It was cool and pretty good sci fi show. And I should mention Katherine Heigal is really hot. Anyone watches Grey's Anatomy? She still banging hot. And for Roswell, toward the end of the series the writers were so confused on how to end the damn thing. I mean it was every where, the plot and all. It's too bad that it started going down hill fast. That's what happens when the writers don't write ahead of time and think before they just write anything.
  • I joke that Roswell is like Dawson's Creek meets the X-Files.

    I never watched the show when it was aired on the WB. I came across it recently when I was home sick. Now I can't get enough. I really like the realationship between Michael and Maria. They are too funny. I actually preferred them over Max and Liz. I have all three seasons on dvd and try to watch a few episodes whenever I have the chance. I have not seen most of season 3 (yet) but I have seen the last episode and I have to admitt that they wrapped up the show pretty well. However I think a fourth season would have been great.
  • Guy loves the girl but she doesn’t notice him until he saves her life.

    This show to this day still has the best opening to any series that I have ever seen. All the characters are strong but with their own weaknesses. The first season is still the best with the focus on Max and Liz. Due to the competing shows at the time the creators went to a more science fiction idea in the second season but they were still able to pull it off. With the knowledge that the series was over the writers/creators went back to the roots and took the story back to the characters which made me extremely happy. Each character brings a different element to the group and I think that it is this combination of characters and personalities that kept me coming back for more. The science fiction of the story also helped in snagging my attention and some of the powers that these “kids” show are out of this world, no pun intended, cool. Each of these characters grows by leaps and bounds by the end of the series and to anyone who has seen it there is much more for these people to experience and grow from. Unfortunately we will not be able to join them on their quest. But still take a look and Enjoy!
  • If only we'd cut out the first episodes of season 3 - It may have been on the air for a long time...

    I used to love Roswell. As a Sci-Fi/Drama fan (as you can gather from my profile) I was able to connect to the show, and watch it with great interest, even in the "not-so-good" episodes.

    I recently came to own the second (and best, in my opinion) season on DVD, and it reminded me why I loved that show so much, so I decided to share it.

    The first season began with what you can call a short exposition to the over-all environment of the show - those first few episodes were necessary in my opinion, or else - I think people would have lost interest in the show.

    Not so long after that, the very thrilling storylines began rolling - what I liked about the show was the fact that there were almost never filler-episodes, and they always managed to find a way to connect each story to the other.
    Other than that, the fact that it all took place in a high-school scenery, only enhanced my interest in the show - I believe it was due to fact that I myself was an high-school student at that time, but it was also nice to see two different television world combined - the "high-school-teen-drama" world and the "geeky-sci-fi" world.

    By season 2, the show eveloped to a real thriller. And so we got many surprising twists and turns (Deaths, Relationships etc...). that was, in my opinion - the show's climex.

    Season 3, or at least most of season 3 - was pretty disappoiting. There was no major guide-line to the show, and all we got were filler-episodes (But at least there was one interesting storyline to end the show).

    Overall - I don't think the show fullfield it's full potential after season 2, and maybe, if it was given the chance - It could have gone further. But I can understand why it was cancelled after season 3.

    So to sum up - If you don't know the show - own the [first two] DVD's. You won't regret it (even if you're not into that genre).
  • Too bad it's gone

    I bought the entire series on DVD.
    I Liked the first season very much, it was different than anything I'd ever seen.
    The second season was ever better.
    It reminded me of the way I liked the first season, Max & Liz, Michael & Maria and also Alex & Isabel.
    It was so good to see the sheriff on their side, trying to keep their secret as well.
    Then, with te start of season 3 in bothered me a bit.
    The season why I loved season 1 and 2 was no longer there.
    The whole "trying to find out about our kids" stuff was annoying and Isabel & Jesse's relationship didn't do it for me.
    There were some silly episodes, but at least this season ended well, with a real ending that didn't keep us wondering.
  • I liked the Sci-Fi aspect of the show and my favorite character was Michael, a great Canadian Actor!GO CANADA!

    Great characters, great story, love to follow the actors that were seen here first. With all the lousey shows on Tv, can\'t believe this was cut. Liz and Max had a stalled relationship that could have developed if the show had continued. I liked the Sci-Fi aspect of the show and my favorite character was Michael, a great Canadian Actor!GO CANADA!
  • There's truth to every rumor!!

    That's what this show implies; There's truth to every rumor!! There's a rumer about alien / humans living in Roswell!! Is it really a rumor?!

    It's all about some teenage alien/human hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico who are trying to survive as humans and hide their alien sides, but till when?! They just can't hide it forever!!

    It's a very good show.

    Yousef Hani

  • Max, Isabel and Michael are aliens that try so hard to hide there secret that it eventually starts unraveling!

    This was a really great show and i loved watching this show! I wish it came on everyday but it only comes on scifi but at certain times so i dont know! The thing i like about this show is the mysteries i like how there are so many mysteries to these characters!
  • Roswell is about 4 hybrids that live on Earth in secrecy with their friends trying to find a way home and find out more about themselves. A really good story and a show people should watch if they are into alien based shows.

    Roswell is a really well made show about 4 aliens who were genetically engineered with mixed human and alien DNA. They kept their secrets hidden from everybody until one day, one event changed everything. After that they were constantly trying to fix what happened with the help of their friends who found out. Each hybrid has his own powers they can use. As the show progresses, they find out more about where they came from and why they were sent to Earth. Roswell was a show that got better every season and whos ideas never got boring. The show shouldnt have been cancelled.
  • In 1947, a spaceship allegedly crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico; there was a huge government coverup and now Roswell is known as the home of little green men. The crash was really a weather balloon. Right?

    Roswell begins with the introduction of Liz Parker, a high school student who accidentally gets shot at her job. Then Max Evans, one of her classmates, goes up to her and saves her from dying. Later, learns that Max, his sister Isabel, and their friend Michael Guerin are survivors of the Roswell crash. The show spans three seasons. Following the aliens search for their origins. Helping them in their quest is Liz, her friends Maria, Alex and Kyle, and the local sheriff who discovers the truth. Mixed with science fiction, teenage drama and the process of growing up, Roswell is a great show for those who like the idea of not being alone in the universe. So, if you like aliens, drive into Roswell and learn the truth.
  • First, I thought this looked a bit stupid. Another teenage show. But then I saw these great characters, and...

    This show, I don't know why, is one of my very favourites. For a long time, I couldn't stop begging for the dvd to appear on the shelves of my dvd-store. I still don't understand why I got hooked up. For these lonely characters? The alien story? the love story? The outsiders part? Or maybe because, between Liz and Max, there was such electricity that you could feel your skin tremble for pleasure.
    I still can't get out of this show, I keep watching it, again and again. Funny, beautiful, sad, thrilling... you take your pick. This is all of it!
  • great scifi show

    in the first season the characters developed and we get to know evryone. Brendan Fehr as Michael Guerin is my favourite character on the show, this because Max and Isabel can convide in each other and Michael is a bitt off a loner.
    For some reason the story of Max, Isabelle, and Micheal, mixed in with the story of Maria, Liz, and Kyle just drew me in and never stopped.
    This is one of the few shows out there worth watching.This show has an incredible cast and writers that continue to keep the show looking is a shame that the show stopped.
  • Awesome show, ended before it should have!!

    This show is awesome, it is one of my favorite shows and the only show I like about aliens. You must see this show, you are missing out if you don't. From season one to season three the whole show is great. I miss Alex after season two but the show stills rocks and keeps going. I guess what they say is true, all good things must come to an end. To early and end but it was great while it lasted.
  • Roswell was a great show... and ends really quickly. What a pity!

    A lot of people hated Roswell and I am asking why?
    Roswell was one of the best show on the wb and maybe one of my best.

    I started to watch this serie 5 years ago on M6, it was the serie premiere and everybody watched it.
    I was with a good friend in a slumber party and we really enjoy the show. My friend fall in love with max and I fall in love with the show!

    The story was great, the roswell crash with some aliens which survived. Max, Isabel and Michael.
    The set took place in Roswell, New Mexico and brings his part of supernatural.
    Max and Isabel had superpowers, Isabel could enter in the dreams, Max saved some lives and Michael had the power of destroy everything he touched.
    Of course Roswell was a kind of soap with love stories, Max and Liz, Michael and Maria and Isabel and Alex. I supposed the show was more for girls than for boys but the storyline was great in each episode.
    Unfortunately at the end of the serie, nobody would like to act in the show and the season 3 was really bad... except some episodes like the season finale.
    I always remembered it for everything it gave me, a wonderful show about the best thing ever. The Roswell case.
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