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  • I'll never forget Roswell.

    This show really should have lasted longer. Never have I loved a television couple more than I loved the relationship between Max and Liz. In fact, the bonds between ALL the characters on this show are the reason I tuned in week after week. The chemistry between Appleby and Behr is undeniable and their tragic, epic love affair rivaled that of other primetime supercouples. Even Buffy and Angel couldn't compare to Max and Liz. Has anything ever been romantic than the moment Max healed Liz? Has anything ever been more poignant than the day Michael decided that life with Maria was more important than going home to Antar? Has anything been more tragic than the look on Max's face when he finally understood the depth of Tess' betrayal? Has anyone ever felt more bereft and alone than Izzie did when she lost Alex, only moments after finally finding him? Has any family ever experienced the heartbreak that the Valenti's felt after losing Tess?

    The answer is yes. Yes, we have all felt betrayed, bereft, heartbroken, alone. And we have all, in some form or another, experienced joy, love, sacrifice... and that's what made Roswell so brilliant. Because it brought these emotions into our homes each week, and the actors portrayed them with truth and eloquence. Acting is about truth and writing is about life. Roswell may have been a show about aliens, but it was an exercise in humanity.
  • I really miss this show!

    Roswell was one of my all-time favorite shows. The first season was the best of the three, mainly because they didn't use too much sci fi. Instead, they focused more on developing the characters. The relationships between all of them were fabulous. My favorite pair was Max and Liz. I absolutely adore the episode "Blind Date," where Max finally professes his love for Liz.

    I enjoyed the second season (and third) because I like Sci Fi, but a lot of my friends got annoyed...especially with the "Hybrid Chronicles." Looking back, this pretty much killed the show. They lost lots of viewers, and the WB didn't renew them. They were lucky to get a third season from UPN.

    We all know how once the audience likes a particular couple together (Liz & Max or Michael & Maria), the producers will do whatever they can to throw a wrench in, to create drama. I think if they had done this less, Roswell wouldn't have been least for a couple more seasons. That said, I still really loved the show. I have the DVDs of the first two seasons, and plan to buy the third once it comes out.
  • Reunion: Movie

    watched this show when it aired own the series love watching it every once in a while i think it would be awesome for them to do a 10 or 15 year reunion movie where it shows whats happened over the past time maybe even an end of the hunting.......or an invasion??
  • Best series ever?

    This may well be the best tv series that only a few poeple ever saw. It was on WB and UPN when they were just getting started and they both had small coverage. If you liked Lost, you will love Roswell. The writing is simply the best. The plot is well thought thru and stays on point. The writing is a great example of how you can keep people interested while not bogging it down by too much dragging things out. (My only issue with some of Lost). The first season is on Hulu so you can try it out, but be warned, you will get hooked!
  • I know it has its faults and people often judge it unfairly (particularly those people who claim to love Smallville but hate Roswell)but what I have for this show is just utter love, no other way to describe it.

    This is, and always will be my all time favourite show. So much so that when watching 'Smallville' for the pleasure of seeing Jensen Ackles flash his beautiful smile I feel like I am cheating on 'Roswell'. Yes it is far from perfect, but I think its flaws are also one of my favourite things about it.
    The characterisation is just spectacular, I blame the character of Alex for my unbelievably weird love for Colin Hanks (a pleasure that living in the UK also doesn't come cheap thanks to Colin's obsession with making small independent movies which never get released in this country lol) and it is the bonds between the characters that also just draws me into this world. The relationship between Max, Michael and Isabel, and then the later addition of Tess. And looking at how much these character change and develop once the humans enter their world. Watching the development of the relationships throughout all three seasons is amazing, especially because each one is just so individual. Michael's utter change from feeling like he doesn't belong anywhere on the earth, to deciding he has to stay on earth because he can't leave Maria. Max and Liz's struggle to overcome his role and destiny to be together, Izzy's reluctance to admit how she really feels about Alex until it is too late, a mistake she doesn't let happen when it comes to Jesse. Kyle's bond with Tess and the utter realisation that it was all a farce on her side when he discovers what she did, what she forced him to help her do. Valenti's bond with all the teens - whether it be his son, humans, or aliens he will give up everyhting for them. The sweet and gentle friendship between Alex, Maria and Liz, and the later friendship between Izzy and Kyle, a bond merged out of grief, resentment at Max, and the realsiation that Tess betrayed them in similar ways. It really is just a great story to follow, with tragic losses, great rewards, and a few laughs, some of which include strips and nipples, being buired underground and singing American Pie, Buddha and seeing what happens to aliens if they get drunk!
  • I stumbled upon this show looking for something new after I realised that Buffy & Angel weren't coming back and I was immediately hooked. It's a show that is so unique that you can't compare it to anything. This is one of the few shows out there worth wat

    I stumbled upon this show looking for something new after I realised that Buffy & Angel weren't coming back and I was immediately hooked. It's a show that is so unique that you can't compare it to anything. This is one of the few shows out there worth watching.This show has an incredible cast and writers that continue to keep the show looking fresh. This show was far ahead of it's time and it's a real shame that it was cancelled after only 3 years but those 3 years were some of the best TV episodes I have every seen.
  • Season 1 was the heart & soul of the Roswell story & i watch the season 1 like 4 times. and after the season 1 it just lost the story & just keeps getting boring.

    Season 1 was the heart & soul of the Roswell story & i watch the season 1 like 4 times.
    and after the season 1 it just lost the story & just keeps getting boring.

    The is my personal ratings for Roswell. Season 1 i will give 10 points, Season 2 like 8 points & Season 3 like 6 points, but the final Episode was great they End the season with a very good & happy ending but they never get to their home world & free their people.

    On season 2 future max told Liz that he & Tess must be together to insure their survival but later on Tess has nothing to do with the story.
  • My favorite show of all time, and I don't bestow that title lightly.

    I shouldn't be admitting this, but when Roswell originally aired it took my wife ten episodes to get me to watch. Once I did, I was kicking myself I hadn't been on board from day one, and not just because she insisted on gloating each and every day after. Up until about halfway through the second season, there is no show that captured and so completely engrossed me as this one. Seriously, if the show were a woman, I would have married her immediately and remained faithful for fifty glorious years, finally dying holding her hand like a scene from "The Notebook". I really did fall in love with every aspect of Roswell, from the often crazy and always kooky sci fi story lines, to the perfect music that seemed to settle around each scene, framing it and raising it to another level.(Any show that has Sarah Mclachlan's "Fear", Dave Mathews Band's "Crash Into Me", and of course Dido's "Here With Me" all in the first episode already has me hooked) But what set the show apart was the romance - the quick but so incredibly intense looks shared between characters each and every episode or the flashes of a thousand years spent together each time they kissed or even brushed against one another. The writers skillfully took full advantage of the concept that half the characters were aliens to amp up the love stories, while also often amping up the angst in the process. There is a Romeo and Juliet feel to the relationship between alien Max and human Liz right from the beginning. As the story progresses it's impossible not to enjoy watching them fall in love even as they face obstacle after obstacle. The second human/alien couple, Michael and Maria, have personalities that clash in all the best possible ways and allow the writers to explore completely different but just as rewarding character development as a result. The two couples could not be more different, but compliment one another for exactly this reason. When you add in the remaining family and friends, you have a group of people you can't help but both identify with and care about, even as your watch them care for each other. I really do love this show with all my heart. If I were Bill Gates rich I would immediately reassemble the cast and start filming tomorrow, although I would insist upon rewriting the story beginning with where my favorite episode, "The End of the World", leaves off, and where in my estimation the show got away from some of what made it so wonderful. Needless to say, my wife continues to taunt that it was she who discovered this series, as well as Veronica Mars. I suppose I shouldn't complain, but ought to instead be excited to find out what she's picked for me this season. As always I will be watching dutifully, grasping everywhere for some semblance of the elements that made me fall so hard for Roswell.
  • Best TV Show Ever?

    Roswell, being a fantastic and cleverly understood TV show, is definately up there in my top ten shows. Along with Charmed and Buffy, it is a classic supernatural series, which shows classic paranormal characters dealing with their everyday problems but also struggling with their other-wordly duties. The cast are extraordinary actors and actresses, with the potential to move away from Roswell onto bigger and better things. The pilot episode just had fans instantly hooked, and tuning in week after week to see the amazing turnouts and events that filled the show. The series had a spectacular final episode which left the fans longing for more, but glad the characters lived [pause] happily ever after.
  • This is one of the best shows ever! Just watch and see it for yourself. Great characters, interesting story, amazing scenes. Just try! I did and I just loved it.

    This is one of the best shows ever!
    I just finished watching Roswell and I needed to come here, so say something.
    Most people can look at this show and think "oh another alien tv show", Roswell is more than that.

    It is about fears, joys, honesty, survival, relationships, future, finding your path, discover your past and so on...
    What I like the most about this show is the fact that I get emotional, I like their feelings and that's one of the things I like in TV show or movies, I want to be moved. I show that doesn't make you cry or smile or even scream is not my type of show. I need to feel something to like it and this show gave me that. Right now I sad because it's over but it was great, I had a great time re-watching some of the episodes and seeing others for the first time, this time nothing escaped. I also liked the way they made the special effects, they were good, simple, effective, nothing like those normal big non realistic effects we use to see.

    I'm happy and sad at the same time, I'm glad I saw this show again and I'll see it again someday but I'm sad it's over, I'm always sad when something I like is over.

    Just to rap this up, you should see this show. Not because it's just a TV show but because you are going to love it, the funny moments, the sad ones, the intense ones and you can see the chemistry between the characters. The story doesn't stop evolving and there are always new discoveries to be made. Just watch and see it for yourself.
  • Make The Movie!

    They seriously need to go ahead with the one time plans to make a movie that centers around two of the books from after the end of the series, I bought season 3 right when it came out and i still want more! Great show! Anyone out there thinking about checking it out, do it! Now!
  • Roswell was a great show that should have been brought back for a 4 season!

    I remember seeing the promo for the pilot and thinking, aliens? thats gonna be stupid. But luckily for me the WB aired an encore episode. The scene where liz sees into max's soul was all I needed. I think what drew me in and kept me was the intense love they shared and how many times they faught for it. It was truely touching. Roswell was an excellent show and just like all the fans, I was digusted to learn that it had been cancelled, I really did feel like it had "many miles to go before it slept."
  • This show really had some moments.

    Despite it being a ridiculous sci-fi show, it was a great cast and they had something. I just bought the box set and its great. It has also made some major stars, Katherine Heigel is amazing and Emille De Raven is just so wonderful.Jason Behr really made that show so watchable. I believe he was responsible for the chemistry that was intense between him and Liz. I know it has become a cult classic and most people who did watch the show actually liked it. I hope most people can see the efforts put into the show by the actors. Its one of the better shows the WB pumped out.
  • More then a SF series, and more then a Teen-Drama.

    Roswell is about the supposed crashing of a UFO, but was it really not a UFO?

    Max (Jason Behr), Isabel (Katherine Heigl), Michael (Brendan Fehr) and Tess (Emilie de Ravin) were 4 of the people in that UFO, they grew up in pods untill they were about 6 years old, now 10 years later Liz (Shiri Appleby) got shot by accident when 2 men fighting, Max who had been in love for years ran upto her and healed her. Then the questions began, where was the bullet, why was there a bullethole in her uniform, and why did she had a silver handprint on her body. Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler) heard all his life from his father about aliens that had killed people and left a silver handprint on their body, all those years he, and everyone else didn't believe him, but now he began to believe.

    Most teen-dramas rely on storylines that we all have seen already, and get tiring pretty soon, Roswell is something different, they aren't your average teenager, these are teenagers that were with the question, who are we, why are we here, and while looking for the answers they also tryed to live another life, a normal life.
    Some episodes are more about Science Fiction while others are more about Drama, together they give you a good show that doesn't get boring, and keeps you wondering about things.

    This show can be compared to some degree to Smallville (the teenage years of Clark Kent/Superman) which started to air a year after Roswell, but this series goes beyond Smallville, the storyline is better, the main problem of Smallville is that they are limited with what they can do because it's a prequel, while Roswell ofcourse doesn't have that problem.

    Even though Roswell became a real cult hit the show was still cancelled after it's 3rd season, ofcourse i wished there had been more seasons, but the thing that has, and still does, bugs me most is the fact that the show was cancelled right before the last episode, leaving the writers to make a good ending in 1 episode, which also originally was supposed to be a 2 hour episode, but was after shooting cut to a 1 hour episode because the WB changed their mind on the 2 hour episode, which hopefully will be on the season 3 DVD box which will be out on August 9th.
    On this day fans all over the world are still fighting for a Roswell movie, wether it will succeed or not remains the question, but i truely hope it will.

    This show is mainly targeted for ages 13-29, but can also ofcourse be watched by people older then that, if you like these types of shows then i really do recommend to check this show out, the show is currently airing re-runs in the US on SciFi.
  • new show

    we need some new shows do a reuion show and tv episodes of roswell please thanks
  • #1 Show i have ever watched

    I watched Roswell couple of years ago and that time i did not watch it so regularly. Recently i watched it and i finished all the episodes within a week :). i love Roswell and everyone in it. Max and Liz specially. If there was a fourth o fifth o sixth season Im sure ill be ready to watch it. God.. i wish roswell didnt end with only three seasons.
    All the stories are linked so perfectly. i love the love story of max and lix. They are like the most romantic couple i have ever seen. BEST SHOW EVER..
  • Science Fiction with a wonderful plot

    This show is about Science Fiction with some Drama and when you watch one episode you fall in love with the characters: Max (Jason Behr), Isabel (Katherine Heigl), Michael (Brendan Fehr) and Tess (Emilie de Ravin). They came from the space crashing of a UFO. They have secret powers and live like normal people but looking for answers and trying to understand who they are, why they are here on the Earth Planet.
    The plot is so amazing that you can't be bored and keeps you wondering about the next episode.
    The show also had an unforgettable soundtrack.
    It's a show that is so unique that you can't compare it to anything. It's a pity just have 3 seasons.
  • Maybe they should make a movie.

    For those who aren't with the program here, Roswell follows Max (Jason Behr), Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and Michael (Brendan Fehr), three teens in Roswell, New Mexico who are aliens originating from the infamous UFO crash of 1947. They are about as much in the dark about their origins as anyone else. Their secret starts leaking out when Max heals a girl he likes from a gunshot wound after an incident in a diner. These three and a select group of trusted friends then embark on an adventure of discovery and secret-keeping. There's also romance. Lots of it. This is almost like sci-fi for chicks. That's very sexist of me, but I know it conveys a sense of this series to some of you.

    Despite some extreme soap elements, Roswell was a well-crafted series and some of the more fully defined teen characters in the whole of the Dawson's era of shows.
  • A tv show about 3 aliens /humans who try to blend in as humans on Earth at the same time discovering who they are as aliens!

    I loved this Tv show so much espicially season 1 since its the one I have really concetrated on so far I havent seen season 2 or 3 but I think they are good aswell but the reason I love season 1 is because of Tess and the way they introduced her was great because we didnt have a clue if she was good or bad but hey it was a brilliant way to bring in a new character.
  • Netflix + Roswell = Bliss!

    I just discovered Roswell on Netflix. I am grateful to take the risk and watch this TV show. I got hooked immediately!! I'm just sad the series has been done over 10 years ago. I agree with everyone that wants a reunion show/special/movie. That would be awesome!
  • How did I miss it!

    I found this show on Netflix, I Love It. I was in college when this show was running. I have no clue why I never watched it. I sure hate it's been gone 13 years now. I have watched them over and over. I really wish Liz and Max had another movie or something together.

  • Great show!

    I did not discover Roswell until it was already off the air. Gotta love those DVD's! I think the fact this show only got three seasons is an absolute tragedy and just goes to prove their are TV shows that do not get near as much time as they should. Think about it: This show basically launched the careers of Katherine Heigl & Sheri Appleby. Both actresses I enjoy very much. Love Katherine & Sheri in just about everything I have seen them in! This show had wonderful writing & great acting. It had a great mix of action/sci-fi & romance. It's just a shame that it never found an audience big enough to keep it on the air b/c it was a great show! One of my all time favorites!
  • Who has not felt like an alien among us??

    Roswell with it's cutting edge music and first class cast had to be the best sci-fi drama since The X files . Although it was allegedly for teen viewers I found it to be addictive . Call it an old mans guilty pleasure , like the book Among us was to the King of Antar . An inventive twist on the tired story of the Roswell incident . I absolutely love it to this day . I have the disc set and close every day with my fix!!! Hope I'm not alone in this crush . Lets hope Terminater pans out it's my last best hope for a break in the Sci-Fi monotony that is television CES73
  • Roswell is about 4 aliens (Max,Isabel,Michael,Tess) on Earth and came to circumstances where humans got involved - people they got linked with and loved. It's all about friendship,family,love, anger,death,responsibility,and trust with sci-fi complexity.

    As I watched the first episode of Roswell, I really got so interested as to what happens next. I loved each and every episode in each season, except for the last episode of Season 3 (Graduation)... I don't like the fact that Roswell ended here. There's gotta be more as the characters were just about to start a new chapter of their lives. At this point, it should become more interesting. Unfortunately, there is no next episode nor new season. Roswell's story should be continued with its original cast of characters. This would become more exciting since it last aired on 2002 and we're now in 2008. Many people loved Roswell, just as much as I did and which I still do. Bring it back... Bring Roswell back...
  • I didn't see this show when it came out. Didn't even know about it. I rented all 3 seasons about a week ago and would go to sleep everynight at 5:00am to wake at 7:30am to go to work. It's a great show that should have been longer.

    This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. The characters were so real! I believe that if it is brung back it would be much more succesful than it was when it premiered. You have a great show on your hands and should take advantage of it. It ended as if it were unfinished. If there is a movie being made or even the show being continued they should bring the same characters back. There was still war going on at antar. How they not help! Bring it back! It is to good to end there. This show is way better then lots of shows on now that have been on for 5,6 or even 7 or more seasons. Bring it back! It gives faith to us all!
  • I loved every minute and it left me feeling closure.

    I love Roswell. I love the twists and turns the show would take. I love everything about it. You know, I have a thing where I tend to like TV shows that are off the air, more than I sometimes like those that are still on the air. I remember watching all the Roswell's and enjoying them and then they started releasing the seasons on DVD. I got season 1 one Christmas and started watching it. My husband came in and asked me what I was watching. I told him and he looked interested so I started over and before we were at the end of season 1, he just had to have season 2. And, just to be on the safe side, we got season 3 right away too. Roswell is the type of show that you can come back to time and again and still love it like the first time.
  • This show only had three seasons then it ended it follows at the beginning three alien hybrids and it follows them throughout their human life their family, life drama, life choices etc. its a really good show i really got hooked its definately Fabulous..

    Bring this show back!!!!haha i loved this show it was really well plotted and kept me hooked from beginning to end it was too bad the show had to end it was definately one of my favorite shows it was really really good I mean the way they did its kind of different from all the alien crap that people write about and make movies out of they actually show Alien hybrids being humans and not weird looking creatures which in my opinion is not what they look like its just a fictional stereotype it follows them through their good times, rough times, drama, and life choices... it was absolutely fabulous!
  • When i first started watching this show it was the most and still is the most amazing show i've seen in my 18 years of my life time let alone i was 16 or 17 when i watched it. anyways i hope somehow it will manage to become active again and getupandrunnin

    When i first started watching this show it was the most and still is the most amazing show i've seen in my 18 years of my life time let alone i was 16 or 17 when i watched it. anyways i hope somehow it will manage to become active again and getupandrunnin
  • nice show. one of the best ive seen

    the show in it self is really good. but what i missed was the ending of the show. its a alright ending but its not the best ending ive seen. i hope they are going to make some momre seasons of the show but it dont look like it.

    the show is good made but they draged it to much in the end, and it became a little boring. you get the felling that they havent put the same in it as in the first 2 seasons.

    i loved the show, and other that liked it as much as me hope you want a nother season of the show.
  • I discovered Roswell years after the show ended. Little did I know what I was missing out on!

    I am the product of the WB Generation. Growing up there where only two channels on my TV: The WB, and ABC. But 90% of the time it was always the WB. My love affair with Television began on March 17th, 1997 when "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" premiered on TV. I remember being nine years old and sitting on the coutch with popcorn stoked that I was allowed to stay up til 10pm to watch the show. From there I expanded into "Charmed," "Dawson's Creek," "Popular," and so on. But one show that for some reason of another that I never watched was "Roswell." A couple of years ago when the first season DVD came out, I bought it without thinking twice.

    That was when I was introduced into this magical world. For some reason the story of Max, Isabelle, and Micheal, mixed in with the story of Maria, Liz, and Kyle just drew me in and never stopped. Over the course of the 5 weeks it took me to watch the entire series (you have to love ebay), Roswell easly became my favorite show, I just wish I would have been there with Tabasco Bottles in hands in 2002 when UPN cancelled the show to show my support, but now atleast I can support the Cause in a different way. look at it! sign the petition! get the movie made!
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