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  • Roswell, a teen drama about 4 aliens growing up in modern day Roswell New Mexico. This show ended before its time, and very rapidly.

    This late 90's television show ended way before its time. It is a show about 4 aliens growing up in modern Roswell New Mexico. They crash landed on Earth in 1947 and where hidden away in the mountains. Growing inside incubation chambers, the fab four emerge in the 80's unsure of where they are and what to do. As they emerge they seem to look like normal american children, but as they grow older they realize there is a lot more to them than just a unique heritage. They each have powers, and destiny's. As they chase their destiny, the FBI's special unit finds out about them, and starts a hunt. Now just trying to survive, and maintain what little normalcy they have left, and protect the one's they have grown to love it becomes an epic battle. In this show, like a lot of the 80's shows I used to watch, every episode has a hidden message for today's youth. I love shows that actually have a plot, and this is one of the best in my opinion. The alien squad are Max, Isabelle, Michael, and Tess. They also have a small group of friends they totally trust, and they are Liz, Maria, Alex, Kyle, and Kyle's father Jim. So if you are into teen dramas or just good old fashioned scifi, you won't waste your time with "Roswell".
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