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  • Great!

    Roswell is a show I always new it existed, but never watched for a really long time. 9 years after it aired I watched it. So as you can guess, I will discuss some plot in here, so be warned.

    Let's start with the first season. Season one is the 'innocent' one. Innocent love and everything, you know. Everything starts of with a lot of action: Liz gets shot. All characters are introduced quick, but on a complex level. I think that was brilliantly done. Not many shows can present so many deep characters in their first episode. So we start out with the alien trio and the two girls.
    Like during the entire show, there are some things I don't understand and/or do not make sense to me. Well and of course there are things I don't understand.
    I will get to that later, so let's go on with the seasons.
    Season two got more complex with the fourth alien. Everything gets more mature now: sex, moving on, getting away from the first love. It is also a pretty tough season with the dead people and so.
    Then the third season: I know it was on a different network and everything, but I have my trouble with it. The first half of the season, suddenly involves all the parents, or at least some of them. That was a big change. We only knew Maria's mother – well she was in the plot, but now we suddenly have so many parents involved – it is almost disturbing. Then the season changes pretty abrupt and builds up the show down. In the pretty short season things are a bit rushed in the second half and leave many open questions.

    So let's get on to the discussion of the series.
    The first season was really focused on Liz and Max: that kind of intense but still innocent relationship. Shiri Appleby is so sweet in that season, brilliantly played as well. The highlight of that relationship is clearly the cleverly plotted episode Sexual Healing. I know many people don't like that episode, but I feel sorry for these. People who despite sex and have no understanding of erotic.

    The second season is more complex with Max ending up more alone every day, but always can rely on his mate Tess. Surprisingly she is the stable factor, even though nobody really likes her. Well then she even ends up pregnant. A very nice storyline.
    Her leaving was really a shock for me.

    Well the third season is really difficult in my eyes. The first half, our heroes are constantly bothered by some adults – their own parents. Then suddenly the season changes into something completely different. Suddenly all are on the run. That second half looks a bit rushed and not complete and especially not completely thought through.
    What I really liked though, how the parents storyline picked up the pregnancy thing. That was a brilliant turn.

    So let's get to the persons again. Max the always tortured soul is played nice, but I often missed that last bit of royalty he should have had. Sometimes he's more like a dog to Liz than anything else – but hey, when you could be the dog of such a marvellous women, why not?!

    Michael a character I never really understood. Tortured in a very own way. I don't understand why he didn't have the strongest powers at the beginning. I mean we the New York kids learned them faster, because they needed them to survive – he too, so I don't understand. Under pressure you find them faster.

    Isabelle the smartest of them all and a pure control freak. She really had the hardest time ever. I mean she was never asked, but she had the brains to answer everything. She was in the middle of the impulsive Michael and the always demanding Max. She was always alone. Well till Jesse came along. She needed something to break out and so she did. Why she left him behind is still a mystery to me. He has proven not to be a liability, so I don't understand why she left him behind. The only guess I have is – she needed to torture herself – especially for her own past and to make up her weak position in the group.

    Kyle the good guy – he never got the girl. Maybe he'll get Isabelle in the future. I hope for him. The Buddhist thing and his sarcastic comments were just brilliant – and his protection of Tess. When she returned home and asked for milk for the baby, he did my favourite quote of the entire series: Don't you breast feed (to Tess). Hilarious!

    Liz, the main character – basically. She's super hot and super sweet. You just have to fall in love with her. She sure is the dream girl, especially since she is so smart as well.

    Maria was the character I really hated. She always got on my nerves. Always!

    The old Valenti – he's maybe the only real good guy in the story. The question I asked myself: what will he do, when he starts changing? He lost everything and he will be all alone when he has changed. He's the person I really feel sorry for.

    Alex was the person I think the show didn't really need. Well he was only good for one thing: I believe he was the absolute only love for Isabelle. Jesse was just an excuse.

    Jesse was another character I didn't really like – but since he turned out to be a good guy I was sad, to see him rejected just like that.

    Tess – well what about her. That's actually a really good question. On one hand, she gave Max everything he ever could wish for – on the other hand, she betrayed everyone. Everyone. On the other hand again, she went into death for all the others. She did good and she did really bad. A good character though.

    So now let's get to things I had my problems with.
    In season one Katherine Heigl just looks way to adult compared to all the others. She somehow doesn't fit in.

    In the last episodes the secret unit is back. The problem is: they are not really organized anymore – but their business is information. But that something you can't get decentralised. You can do a guerrilla fight separated, but a precise military organization is somehow not possible. When you go after something static, it might work, but not with a dynamic enemy. Why they were suddenly so strong – I don't understand and think it couldn't be right.

    Then things I really enjoyed:
    Liz fighting Tess.
    The Bewitched alike episode.
    Liz' love for Max.
    Liz' wedding dress.

    Unanswered questions for me:
    What happened to the Tess girl from New York? The other two somehow got destroyed or so, but what happened to her?
    Then the entire storyline about Max and Isabelle's parents at the end was way to short. So I get the impression that their mother was really freaked out by everything. But what exactly did they know in the end?

    Also why are the kids so well protected and hidden in the desert, when their UFO crashed and basically got destroyed? It somehow doesn't really make sense to me.

    All in all a show I really enjoyed and love. Another show I missed on its original airing – but I got lucky and was able to watch it. I really enjoyed that show.